Classic crafts woodburning kit for kids boys crafts complete with 10 projects wood trace burn paintr

This classic craft kit comes with 10 pieces of assorted wood tracing paper instructions with pictures to trace watercolor paints a paint brush glue sandpaper and a cork board it also comes with an electric powered wood burning tool. This wood burning tool has 3 prongs when it needs to be plugged in so we had difficulty using it with an extension cord. It does get very hot and adult supervision is strongly recommend.
however he was able to trace burn and painted on his own. Learning the techniques would be harder as he smaller and doesn’t have full control over the tool but he does lines and stamping just fine. He loved making signs for his room and can’t wait to make some more. This is an overall great product for boys and girls it’s an easy craft as long as they’re careful and it comes with enough for 10 projects that’s great for the cost as most kids are only geared towards girls and only include enough for one or two projects