Letter H for Houses | Fun Preschool Crafts for Kids | Best Preschool Activities for Kids

Today’s craft is H for Houses!
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Teach toddlers, kids, and preschool children to learn the alphabet, ABC, letters, letter sounds, and phonics from these great preschool crafts for kids.

Get your supplies and make this houses craft and learn the letter h along with us! This colorful fun classroom activity for kids is a great craft learning video for toddlers. These letter crafts and ABC activities focus on the shape and sound of each letter to teach kids how to read. With fun activities that work for any daycare, child care, or preschool setting, these learn your letters videos are are always going to be a great activity to send home to happy parents!

00:06 – Supplies (white legal paper, construction paper – four different colors, scissors, pencil, glue-stick)
00:20 – Instructions
01:04 – Finished Letter H for Houses

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