Tutorial: How to make adorable korker hair bows for babies and toddlers – DIY at home!

This tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to make adorable korker hair bows for infants and toddlers. (And the technique can be used for child bows as well, you may just want to make a larger bow.) I show two types of korker bows – a simple korker bow on an alligator clip, and a korker bow overlaid on a regular bow to give it a little bit extra pizzazz.

You can make bows to match a favorite outfit or for the holidays. The possibilities are only limited to what ribbon you can find. My favorite bows are pink bows to match the girls outfits and bows to match Christmas outfits.

To make korker bows at home, you’ll need:
– 3-4 colors of 3/8″ ribbon
– 1-2 colors of 5/8″ ribbon
– Scissors
– Alligator Clips
– Glue Gun
– Crafting Wire
– Dowel Rods
– Clothes Pins

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