Panama – Embera Women Crafts

The women from the Embera village of Llano Bonito de Mogue show us the making of their traditional crafts. All color dyes are naturally extracted from plants that exist in the forest. In this subsistence farming community, the women must sell their goods in order to buy the basic staples they cannot grow, like salt, oil, or flour. Unfortunately, this particular village is very remote, and the women do not have easy access to markets for their goods. Read on to find out how you can help the villagers of Llano Bonito.

Background: During the first ever Artists for Conservation (AFC) Flag Expedition in December 2005, David spent almost one month in the Darien jungle of Panama, observing, studying, and gathering reference material on the Harpy Eagle and its habitat. A hut in the remote Embera village of Llano Bonito de Mogue was “home” for most of David’s time in Panama. Since then, David has returned several times to the village to deliver school and personal care supplies, and to help the community build new sanitation facilities. Read about these trips and find out how you can help with David’s conservation and humanitarian efforts in the “Get Involved” section of his website (

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