Check out cool hacks you should try this summer! Do you love tattoos? If you are afraid of making a permanent tattoo, we will show you how to make permanent tattoos. You will find a lot of tutorials on how to make henna tattoos without an effort. Henna tattoos look stunning but firstly you should practice on a sheet of paper. Remember that palm tends to take the color very quickly and the tattoo looks a bit lighter. The best thing is that if you made a mistake or if the picture doesn’t look so good, you can quickly correct a mistake. Check out easy tutorials on how to create cute henna leaves using a comb and cool spiral pattern that looks awesome! Moreover, you can make fake freckles with henna. Henna now is widely used for brows. Eyebrow henna has a lot of benefits like the fact that it’s a natural product and safe for health, it stays well on the skin and stays on eyebrows for three weeks. Watch the tutorial!
Sunburn is a real disaster as it causes a lot of discomforts and very harmful for your skin. Try to avoid this situation and always use a sunscreen. But if it happened to you, take an ice tray and pour aloe vera, freeze. And apply aloe ice cubes for pain relieve and to moisturize and heal your skin. Take a Ziplock bag and put your phone inside. It’s a perfect way to save your phone from sand and water when you are relaxing at the beach.
Have you ever tries to make swimsuit by yourself? Watch the crazy lifehack where you can find a cool way to turn your old leggings into a swimsuit. Check out more clothing lifehacks and revamp your boring t-shirts and make something fancy!

00:09 Henna lifehacks
01:01 Henna eyebrows
01:22 Permanent henna tattoos
03:11 Brilliant beach lifehacks
05:35 Summer wardrobe ideas

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