Halloween Sensory Bin DIY Game for Kids

Looking for a fun Halloween DIY game for your kids’ party? Pick this one, if you dare! Create this spooky, ooky, but totally fun activity quickly and easily. It’s a squishy sensory bin filled with Orbeez and um, stranger things. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2Psmnzr

This do-it-yourself Halloween activity will have kids howling at the next party. And it’s so easy to put together. You’ll need a plastic bin to fill with enough Orbeez so kids can sink their hands into it. Add in the wackiest, creepiest toys you can find. We used play spiders, ping pong ball eyeballs and small pumpkins, but read on for additional ideas.

Orbeez have a way of looking like they glow, so they’re the perfect beads to use for this activity. Our mad scientists used the purple Orbeez for an eerie but fun Halloween look. But certainly orange or red or bright green Orbeez would also give off a spooky effect.

We used a handkerchief to blindfold the guesser, but they can just close their eyes if one isn’t available. But, no peeking! Kids will have so much fun digging their hands into the beads and trying to guess what they’ve found. Is the bin filled with gross-out toys or cute ones? Or a monstrous mix of both? They won’t find out unless they’re brave enough to dig in.

A sensory bin is great for kids who prefer tactile games. Items that are fun to hold and have different textures and shapes help in making the guessing game successful. A spider might take a few moments until the guesser feels its legs and figure it out. Vampire teeth and fake fingers are sure to make ‘em go, “Ewwww,” followed by lots of laughter. Halloween-themed toy rings and mini eyeglasses are fun to use, too. This is a DIY you’ll love putting together as much as kids will love playing!

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