Shopkins Videos DIY Poppy Corn – Shopkin Season 4,cookie swirl c inspired,shopkins walmart

Shopkins Videos : Watch as I show you how I made “Real Life” Shopkins Poppy Corn! I hope you enjoy and please give a big thumbs up!

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All craft supplies (clay, paint brushes and paint) are available at Walmart and Target Stores. Look for all of your crafting supplies in the craft aisle.

Real Life Shopkins Videos:

DIY Real Life Roxy Ring —–

DIY Real Life Wanda Wafer —

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This video was inspired by “cookie swirl c”, also known as “cookie swirl”. I love cookieswirlc, and will try to make our videos as good as hers.

“Shopkin videos” are so much fun to watch, please check out my channel and subscribe if you enjoy! I will do videos with “Shopkin season 3”, and “Shopkin season 4” shopkins such as Roxy Ring!

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I always like to find Limited Edition shopkins, and ultra rare shopkins! I can’t wait until Moose Toys releases their Shopkins Season 5!!

Shopkins Unboxing Videos:

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