Inexpensive Diy Lighting During and After Christmas! Quick and Easy Christmas Diy

This is a requested Diy video that shows how I made a Modern Chandelier Lighting using inexpensive materials for Christmas! It is a Quick and Easy Christmas Chandelier Using Christmas Ornaments that give off the lighting that becomes a lot more brighter with the help of the of the surrounding materials used in making it.

It is an Inexpensive yet suffisticated Diy that Shows Style and Elegance that is personalized on a Budget.

The key words”Cheap, Quick and Easy are words I keep in mind when Creating a Decor piece for the home.

Here are the items used:
Faux garland beads(with pyramid ends):
Garland Acrylic Gems (16ft)
Wood (1.5”x16.5”)
White paint
3 packs of icicles from the Dollar Tree
Two 4×6 frames from the Dollar Tree
Zip ties from the Dollar Tree

16×20 large photo frame
Corner Braces
Large and small self adhesive gems

Glue gun and glue sticks(I already had them at home)

This video shows hidden potentials little items can have and how to use them for decorating.

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