Geode Chocolate Easter egg – Easter DIY – geode tutorial

EXPAND THE BOX – – – learn how to turn an ordinary chocolate easter egg into an edible geode. You could also use this technique to decorate a fondant covered cake with a geode design – one of the latest trends in cake decorating. Complete with modelling chocolate recipe & instructions – see below. Happy Easter! 🐣🍫

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Making the chocolate egg:

300g chocolate buttons or melts
Chocolate egg mould of choice

1. Melt the chocolate and pour into the mould. Ensure the chocolate coats all edges.
2. Invert the mould to allow the excess chocolate to drip off.
3. Allow the chocolate to set, then coat the mould in a second layer similarly. Repeat until your half egg is the desired thickness.
4. Allow the chocolate to set fully then remove from the mould.

Modelling chocolate/ candy clay recipe:

300g candy melts or chocolate
100g golden syrup or liquid glucose (if you want to use corn syrup, use half the amount)

1. Melt the chocolate completely
2. Warm the syrup for a few seconds until runny
3. Combine the two and mix until the syrup is incorporated and the mixture starts to become grainy. Don’t overmix or the mixture will separate.
4. Wrap in plastic, flatten and chill for 10 mins until solid. Allow to return to room temperature for half an hour or so.
5. Knead well before use.

Icing glue recipe:

1/4 cup icing /powdered sugar
1 tbsp water, more or less or as required
Few drops food colour.

1. Combine all ingredients until a thick paste is formed
2. Use to glue the crushed sweets on to the chocolate egg.
3. Thin some of the icing with a little more water and paint lightly over the crushed sweets to help colour & set.
4. Allow to dry fully before continuing.

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