Cheap Outdoor Halloween Decorations | Home Haunt Garage Sale | Pirate Themed Halloween Prop Ideas

This Halloween decoration clearance garage sale was like having a spirit halloween store right on our block. If you need some pirate themed Halloween decorations for your home haunt this haunt sale would have been a gold mine. In this video we go to a Halloween Yard Haunt Garage Sale. It was a wonderful pirate themed home haunt with six years worth or prop collecting and building just waiting for us. You will see all kinds of great halloween decor and diy halloween decoration ideas and inspirations. Join us as we plunder the pirate booty!

Making A Fairy Tale Witch Cottage Facade – Haunt Canceled!

Trick ‘r Treat Themed Halloween Yard Display

music by Cruising_for_Booty & The_Merry_Deckhands_of_Blackbeard Rise And Shine

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