Easy DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations – Skull Torches | WICKED MAKERS

Jaimie & Jay make DIY Skull Torches for Halloween! Simple, fast, and inexpensive diy halloween craft project that will take your Halloween decorations to the next level! 💀👻🎃

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Learn how to make a DIY skull torch using tiki torches and plastic skulls from the big box store! This project is super fun, really easy and can be done in an hour or so. Great way to up your Halloween game this year and add another level of quality and flare to your decorations.

This project uses easy to find and inexpensive materials and is a great diy halloween craft project to do with the kids.

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– Tiki Torch
– Twine
– Plastic Skull
– Hot Glue
– Wood Stain
– Paper Towels
– Piece of Paper

– Hot Glue Gun
– Scissors
– Rotary Tool or Saw (To Cut the Skull)
– Black Marker