How to make Jelly Bean Bracelets | DIY Bracelets with Jelly Beans | Easter Spring crafts projects

How to make Jelly Bean Bracelets | DIY Bracelets with Jelly Beans | Easter Spring crafts projects Make Easy Jelly Bean Bracelets! Watch Annie & Hope show how to make jelly bean bracelets, fun, quick, & easy, Easter and Spring DIY craft! Great gift and boredom buster. Share this video Join the JazzyGirlStuff nation, never miss a video subscribe

You may have tried the Jelly Belly “Bean Boozled” Challenge game already and here is something else really fun to do with jellybelly jelly beans. This was a really fun and easy project. We used our favorite colors JellyBelly jelly beans ( this brand has the best colors and consistency to make bracelets ), stretchy cord for jewelry and beading, and a needle. Make sure the hole on the needle is big enough to thread the stretchy cord through. Decide on a color pattern with your jelly beans. Then simply thread the jelly beans onto the needle and stretchy cord. Check to make sure it is the right length for your wrist. Tie the cord and cut off the excess. Woila! A colorful, fun to wear bracelet custom made by you! Cheap, quick, easy and so cute. A DIY girls will love to do and make this craft for Easter and Spring. Do it with a group of friends or for an Easter party! These make fun gifts to give too.

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More instructions from Artzy Creations blog: Looking for a great project to do with the kids that is pretty easy? Jelly bean bracelets are perfect as a boredom buster project that the kids will absolutely love. I do have to say that this was a super fun family project. Plus, they make great gifts for kids to give to their friends for Easter.
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Step 1: Cut the elastic cording to about 6″ in length. Keep it a little extra long since it’s much easier to trim it to length than to re-string the Jelly Beans.
Step 2: Tie a few knots in the bottom of the cording. Keep the knot an inch or so from the end. This will really help you to tie the bracelet off when you’re done. If you tie the knot right at the end and slide the jelly beans all the way to the knot, you will have a difficult time tying it off.
Step 3: Thread the cording through the needle. With younger kids, you will probably have to assist them with this, but it’s great hand eye coordination practice for them.
Step 4: Thread the jelly bean through the needle and onto the cording. My nine year old had no trouble with this part. With my four year old, I would get the jelly bean onto the needle for her and then she would slide it down onto the cording. The other thing that really helped us was to use a hard surface (like a tabletop) to help press the bottom of the needle into. You could use a thimble but we found this was just an easier way to slide the needle through the jelly beans. We also used a damp paper towel to periodically wipe the jelly bean guts off of the needle when it gunked up so it would slide through easier.
Step 5: Measure the bracelet on your child’s wrist. Once it is long enough and you have enough jelly beans to wrap around, triple knot the bracelet and trim off the excess.

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