5 Awesome DIY Thanksgiving Crafts | Best DIY Video | 1 Minute Crafts

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Looking for fun and unique Thanksgiving Crafts? Here are 5 amazing thanksgiving craft ideas that you will love. Add crafts fun to this holiday and get unlimited fun and joy.

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with those you love and being thankful for the things you value in your life. Convey your gratitude with these handmade crafts.

Thanksgiving wreath:
Things needed: Cardboard, craft papers, pencil, marker, stationary knife, geometry compass, hot glue gun, satin ribbon.

Paper Turkey:
Things needed: Craft sheets, yarn, paper glass, pencil, scissors, paint, paintbrush, hot glue gun.

Thanksgiving Cards:
Things needed: Craft papers, decorative stickers, scissors, glue, geometry compass, stationary knife, pencil.

Thanksgiving Decorative Bottle:
Things needed: Glass bottle, paint, scissors, craft sheet, pencil, rope, hot glue gun, glue, cotton, yarn.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin:
Things needed: craft sheets, scissors, geometry compass, hot glue gun, pencil.

0:21 – Thanksgiving Wreath
1:22 – Paper Turkey
2:41 – Thanksgiving Cards
4:13 – Thanksgiving Decorative Bottle
5:32 – Thanksgiving Pumpkin

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Happy Thanksgiving!