Super Heroes – Arts and Craft Ideas

 Superhero Craft Ideas for Kids

Make a superhero out of any material you can imagine with our collection of superhero arts and crafts for kids!

By: Jaclyn Holtzman, Editor,

Superhero Craft Ideas

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a craft! Thank goodness for crafts kids can make or we’d all be running around with ants in our pants permanently. When the kiddos start to get restless, and you’re all out of ideas, don’t even begin to sweat. This looks like a job for AllFreeKidsCrafts, which can handle it with no problem at all. We have an endless amount of crafts and activities to keep those mini heroes busy and happy.  Especially for those days when the world seems like it’s ending…

…Have no fear, AllFreeKidsCrafts is here. That’s right. It’s your friendly neighborhood craft-man with 30+ Superhero Craft Ideas for Kids. As craft-man’s sidekick, it is your mission to save the day with some awesome superhero art projects to entertain and to amaze the citizens of Craftsville. Whenever the villain, boredom, hits, it is your job to sweep in and rescue all victims by presenting one of the great ways to create a superhero. Show the villagers how to get dressed up like a superhero, ways to eat like a superhero, and how the town can be decorated to welcome a superhero.

Table of Contents

  • Superhero Crafts for Elementary School
  • Superhero Art Projects
  • Superhero Costume Ideas
  • Superhero Food
  • 10 Fun Superhero Facts

Superhero Crafts for Elementary School

Superhero Banks from Mason Jars

Encourage your miniature hero to make these superhero crafts for elementary school as they explore the constant struggle between good and evil. They can cozy up with a Spider-Man pillow at night to acquire Spidey Sense in their dreams, or they can build their very own Batmobile out of duct tape! With these superhero crafts for kids, your child’s imagination is guaranteed to soar higher than Superman himself! You’ll be sure to find a superhero craft for your child’s favorite superhero.

  • Fun Duct Tape Lego Batman Craft
  • Flea Market Superhero Magnets
  • Spider-Man Throw Pillow
  • Super Balloon Juggling Balls
  • Superhero Comic Book Banner
  • Amazing Spider-Man Trunk
  • Batman and Superman Decorated Boxes
  • Superhero Banks from Mason Jars
  • Comic Book Picture Frame
  • Superhero Storage Jars
  • DIY Personalized Superhero Glass
  • The Hulk Goody Bag

Superhero Art Projects

Super Hero Clothespin Dolls

Whether your little ones love to paint or color, it’s no secret that they love to create their own works of art! Among this list of superhero art projects, you’ll find toilet paper roll crafts, popsicle stick crafts, and tons of other superhero arts and crafts your little ones will love.

  • Batman and Robin Tube Toys
  • Iron Man-Inspired Paper Tube Craft
  • Avengers Bookmarks
  • Comic Book Fight Words
  • Batman Lego Craft
  • Superhero Paper Tube Doll
  • Super Hero Clothespin Dolls
  • Cardboard Tube Wonder Woman DIY Superhero

Superhero Costume Ideas

Dark Knight Bathman Towel

Every superhero needs their own awesome ensemble. When the villians see how official your child’s superhero costume is, they won’t come anywhere near them. Their shield will bounce any evil that they shoot out right back at them, and it will wipe them out for good. Their personalized cape and mask will intimidate the bad guys, and with or without a battle, they’re guaranteed to win. Let your child’s imagination run wild as you work together to create these amazing superhero crafts for kids, and watch average play time become an action-packed adventure.

  • Dark Knight Bathman Towel
  • Comic Book Hero Capes
  • Captain America’s Vibranium Shield
  • Easy Superhero Capes
  • Starry Superhero Masks
  • Super Fun Superhero Capes
  • DIY Batman Wrist Cuffs
  • Superhero Paper Plate Masks
  • Easy Superhero Cape Project
  • Superhero Cuff Toilet Roll Craft
  • DIY Superhero Mask Template
  • DIY Wonder Woman Cuffs
  • How to Make a Superhero Shield
  • Incredibles Superhero Costume
  • Fantastic Felt Superhero Masks

Superhero Food


The best superhero crafts also double as a snack. After all, to fight like a superhero, you have to eat like a superhero. Eat a Spider-Man cupcake to suddenly develop the ability to shoot webs out of your wrists, or munch on Batman cookies and find yourself flying over the city stopping evil. Assemble, Avengers! in your belly, and combine the power of some of the best superheroes all together! These superhero craft ideas make crime fighting super sweet. For extra fun, bring these delicious desserts to your child’s birthday party!

  • Spiderman Webbed Cupcakes
  • Supercookies
  • Superhero Cupcakes
  • Superhero Peep Pops
  • SuperPops
  • Captain America-Inspired Edible Jar

10 Fun Superhero Facts

Think you’re Batman’s biggest fan? Do you know everything there is to know about your favorite Marvel characters? Test your knowledge with these 10 superhero fun facts:

  1. Superman was supposed to be bald, and his character was originally written as a world-dominator rather than a world-saver!
  2. The Joker has a super power too! Comic book writer Grant Morrison stated that the Joker suffers from “super sanity.” This is a heightened state of insanity that gives him an intense understanding of the world around him. Sometimes, he’s even aware of how insane he really is!
  3. Marvel Comics once needed a hero of their own! After the first edition of Captain America was released, the company needed police protection for a few weeks. The reason? Steve Rogers was shown hitting Adolf Hitler!
  4. Harley Quinn wasn’t always just the Joker’s sidekick – in one comic, she has her own team of “Quinntets” to do her bidding!
  5. Marvel’s Wolverine was originally going to be called the “Badger”
  6. …And Spider-Man was almost known as “Fly-Man!”
  7. Professor X from the X-Men was inspired by the real-life MLK; the character Magneto was inspired by Malcolm X.
  8. As for Marvel’s Dr. Doom? He was inspired by Darth Vader!
  9. Batman’s first appearance was in Detective Comics #27, which was released in May 1939. This comic is now worth about $350,000.
  10. Ever wanted to visit Gotham City? Try New Jersey! That’s where the fictitious world of Batman is supposedly located. And if Metropolis is more your speed, just zip on over toDelaware, the unofficial home of Superman and friends.