Most children love to play with toys, no matter what time and place, but toys tend to take on a much more important meaning at Christmas time. And whether you’re looking for Christmas toys for your children, young relatives, or for charity, you’ll always be surrounded by toys when the world enters the Christmas season.

Collecting toys for charity at Christmas time is an annual event for countless charitable families and many church groups. At the Greyfriars Church Centre in Reading, for example, people have already started sending toys and cans for the annual Christmas collection, which are donated to needy children throughout the city. John Brown, the caretaker of the church bookstore, said

“I think it’s a brilliant idea and it’s great to see the generosity of the people of Reading who bring toys and cans to make Christmas for the children.”

If you have children of your own, Christmas can be very hectic. A good way to encourage your children to take more initiative in preparing for Christmas is to have them make their own Christmas cards and decorations. Buy special craft items for Christmas, such as blank cards, colored cards, glitter glue sticks, and Christmas stickers; stamped paper chains or homemade Christmas cookie sets will also give kids some creative fun and keep them busy while you start making Christmas pudding!

When it comes to buying toys for your kids for Christmas, it can be hard to keep up with their ever-changing tastes. However, there are some classic toys that children, especially the youngest, will always enjoy. Toddlers’ nannies, for example, always enjoy large dollhouses where they keep their collection of figures. Girls also enjoy games or toy sets that revolve around fairies; toys like the Fairy Wonderland Early Learning Center’s Christmas toy set [http://www.elc.co.uk/category-720], for example, offer a miniature fairy kingdom for girls to fantasize about.

Children, on the other hand, are often drawn to the darker sides of adventure; especially children 3-8 years old often enjoy playing with cars and garages, model trains and rockets. All children have fun with toys related to current movies, and this Christmas season “Santa Claus 3” and the cheerful cartoon of the penguins “Happy Feet” are coming out. If you are looking for educational toys that teach your child to read and write, or toys that encourage physical activity, such as trampolines, you are sure to find a wide range of toys to choose from at Christmas. Keeping your children happy and reminding those less fortunate than you are, after all, twin minds equals a fantastic Christmas and a true understanding of their spirit.


In this video, I show you how to take your old items and turn them into cute colorful things you’ll love having around your house.
You can paint your shoelaces with black, pink and blue markers. Then spray some alcohol to them and then splash some white acrylic paint using a toothbrush. They will resemble the galaxy and stars.
Alternatively, you can add some hair spray on white shoelaces and then sprinkle some glitter on top while they’re still wet.
Alternatively, you can create your own shoelaces using multiple colored embroidery threads.
Another great idea is to make your own shoelaces using ribbons.
But it’s not just shoelaces, I also show you how to repurpose candle leftovers into brand new candles. You can also give them a nice smell using essential oil.

0:07 – Amazing tricks using shoelaces
2:00 – Brilliant trick using copper coins
3:18 – How to make shoelaces using a shirt
4:35 – How to make your own candles
6:24 – DIY toothbrush container using Legos
9:14 – How to make candles using crayons
11:20 – How to decorate a boring shirt
13:30 – Colorful negative space paintings
15:08 – Amazing Zebra art tutorial

This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety, and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewer’s responsibility to use judgment, care, and precautions if one plans to replicate.

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