36 Bucket List Experiences In India | Top Things To Do In India | India Travel | Tripoto

Each Indian state and union territory offers a unique experience for travellers. These are the best experiences to try in every Indian state and union territory. Check them out and add them to your bucket list.

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Script: Namita Mittal
Narration: Saumia Bhatnagar
Editing: Manu Bharadwaj
Produced by: Tripoto Travels

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00:00 – Things To Do In India
00:27 – Andaman and Nicobar Islands
00:52 – Andhra Pradesh
01:22 – Arunachal Pradesh
01:47 – Assam
02:27 – Bihar
02:42 – Chandigarh
03:08 – Chhattisgarh
03:36 – Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu
04:02 – Delhi
04:22 – Goa
04:47 – Gujarat
05:16 – Haryana
05:42 – Himachal Pradesh
06:14 – Jammu and Kashmir
06:33 – Jharkhand
07:05 – Karnataka
07:38 – Kerala
08:06 – Ladakh
08:31 – Lakshadweep
08:53 – Madhya Pradesh
09:22 – Maharashtra
09:54 – Manipur
10:25 – Meghalaya
11:06 – Mizoram
11:43 – Nagaland
12:08 – Odisha
12:49 – Puducherry
13:08 – Punjab
13:41 – Rajasthan
14:11 – Sikkim
14:35 – Tamil Nadu
15:04 – Telangana
15:45 – Tripura
16:17 – Uttar Pradesh
16:47 – Uttarakhand
17:16 – West Bengal