Top 10 Thrill Seeking Adventures to Add to Your Travel Bucket List – Part 2

It’s part two of our top travel bucket list destinations. These are the best adventures and thrilling things to do around the world. Make sure to check out part one for ideas for adrenaline junkies.
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Bucket List Travels – 52 Adventures Around the World:

The Best Adventures in the World Part 2:
00:39 Part 1 Recap:
01:11 Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
03:08 Walk with Polar Bears
04:46 Great Barrier Reef Helmet Dive
06:55 Hot Air Balloon over the Masai Mara
10:04 Galapagos
12:26 Drive a Ferrari on a Racetrack
14:13 Amalfi Coast
15:29 Maldives
17:44 Alaska
19:55 Mount Everest Base Camp

Check out part one of our Bucket List Destinations where we take you to:
The Serengeti in Tanzania
Bhutan Himalayas
Great Wall of China
Amazon Rainforest
The Dempster Highway and Arctic Circle
Iguazu Falls in Brazil
Meteora Greece
Cappadocia Turkey
Petra, Jordan

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