Top 6 Bucket List Places After Visiting Every Country

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Here’s a list of my top 6 travel experiences I’ve crossed off my bucket list:

1. Brazilian Carnival
It’s considered the largest street party in the world with up to 2 million people partying in the street at any given time throughout the celebration in Salvador! I haven’t released my full carnival video from Brazil yet which will showcase not only the crazy party aspect but also the cultural, more intimate aspects of Brazilian Carnival as well. But for now, here’s a sneak peak at the madness that is Carnival in Salvador.

2. Diving with whale sharks in Indonesia
The best diving of my life has been in Indonesia. The first life changing dives I had were in Raja Ampat, where the coral reefs are so vibrant it feels like a scene out of the cartoon The Little Mermaid. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel back to Indonesia but this time, to the Derewan Islands. You can see the full video from that adventure here:
Video captured by Emmett Sparling & Josiah Gordon:

3. Roasting marshmallows above the door to hell in Turkmenistan
The door to hell was a natural gas mining disaster which created an eternal flame in the desert outside of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. One of the strangest aspects of this place was the sound. You couldn’t quite capture it on camera but it sounds almost like the ocean, like waves crashing on the beach. Check out Fearless and Far’s videos from our trip to Turkmenistan:

4. Going INSIDE one of the biggest pyramids in Egypt
The experience of going inside a pyramid in Egypt is unparalleled. You climb down this narrow shaft into the middle of the pyramid which can be overwhelming if you’re claustrophobic. Eventually the shaft opens up to a huge burial chamber where you can still see smoke on the ceiling from when they were burying the pharaoh with torches. This was the closest I’ve felt to stepping back in time .

5. Angel falls in Venezuela
Once we arrived in the remote Cariama National Park we took a small boat up river through the mountains to the base of angel falls. We camped in the jungle overnight and made the hike to Angel Falls the next morning. Seeing this place was surreal not only because it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life but also because we were the only people there to enjoy it. Traveling to Venezuela to visit Angel Falls surpassed all my wildest expectations. Check out Fearless and Far’s videos from our trip to Venezuela:

6. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC
If you want to see mountain gorillas that means you have to go where they go. I’ve trekked through dense vegetation into the mountains in 3 different countries for the opportunity to sit with our furry cousins for an hour at a time. There are few no words that could possible encapsulate the rush of bowing your heads a 400 lb. silverback charges past you. We share more than 96% of our DNA with these gorillas, they have the same ears and fingernails as us and you can genuinely see their emotions by the expressions on their faces.

There are a ton more stories that I’ve crossed off my bucket list and you’ll be able to read about all of them in my upcoming book! Until then, don’t forget to sign up for a free preview of my book at