Christmas Gift Ideas Cat Lover

2020 Cat Lovers Gift Guide: 47 Unique Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Looking for a great gift for cat lovers? No need to search anymore, we have it for you and we have sorted our guide by category based on the type of person you are buying for.

In this guide, we recommend a wide variety of gifts for every type of person. Like the traditional Tihyabhati tufted and legged cat cave or more cat cat phone cases from Lord Nimal.

There are some things in life that cat lovers will enjoy more than unique cat-themed gifts that they will actually use and enjoy every day. We have it – not everyone is ready to spread our designs on cat furniture, although we have some gifts for cat lovers. That’s why we’ve put together this list of unique gift ideas for different types of people:

For homeowners:

1. Cat pillowcase set

The ultimate goal is to create the most comfortable sleeping space. This soft pillow has a minimalist cat ear design that will go with any style. It celebrates the love of cats, but in a simple and stylish way. For a one-of-a-kind gift that will definitely be used, these pillows are ideal for homeowners by cat lovers.

2. Cat welcome mat

Most cats are not known to greet guests at the door. Give your cat a gift by greeting the guest in place of your friend’s cat known as the doorbell ring. With a cute cat face and colorful design, this is the perfect way to welcome guests at the door.

3. Cat shower curtain

A cat-themed shower curtain will bring a smile to someone’s face and add a touch of color to the bathroom. If you’re looking for a cat-themed bathroom change, start with shower curtains to make a bold statement.

4. Cat Bag Sealer

A perfect housewarming gift that won’t be overly overwhelming. They keep snacks and dry food fresh and crispy (or suitable for cat treats). You can even use the cat food bag as a seal, which Kitty will appreciate!

5. Cat measuring cup

What could be more perfect for baking enthusiasts than a measuring cup with a cat motif? These are made of porcelain and are characterized by a strong design. This unique gift is as stylish as reality. The cups of this size are very beautiful, they are the best in the exhibition where friends “abound”.

Let’s face it, cats have always been fatal. They crouch down perfectly. Use a coffee cup or glass to raise one leg for its intensity. Suitable for a cup of coffee in the morning. Enhance your starting routine with this mug.

Have a bad day with your favorite tea in your new favorite mug. This mug has a lot of cats and has two cute cats on the front. Show your fist side with this mug.

Cats are notorious for showing off their “tail” when you at least want to, but hey, call it a gift. This funny mug features a cat’s favorite pose.

6. Cat cave

It’s no secret that cats like to hide in comfortable places. This cat cave is one of our favorite objects and the perfect place for your cat to spy and relax. If you don’t see her check out the cave, it is probably busy.

For your little body

Hey, what’s a cat-themed gift guide with no gifts for cats in your life? We don’t want to brag, but we have some pure products for a four-legged friend in your life. We have a few gifts for your kitten to get you out of your sleep and all the wild time in between.

7. Cocoon bed

100% fur will keep your pet friend nice and comfortable in this cute cat bed. This is the perfect place for cats where they can fit and crate hunters like to sit. Plus, this cat bed has adorable petal details that will make your cat look like a flower.

8. Desco Cat Feeder

The cats were not told that food should be meant and should not be played. If your kitty friend has a tendency to shake them, splash them, and slide them all over the bottom, consider this raised dish and bowl of food. It will keep the noise down.

9. Stylish cat toy

Cats love to play and have a design to destroy their toys. These toys are made of high quality materials and are good for a boring day out

10. Marvin scratching post

Climb, scratch and sit on this durable scratching post! There are lots of great scratching posts to choose from, but this is one of our favorites. Cats usually like to find a place on the floor for their humans to move around. Alternatively, you can check out our guide to the best scratching posts if you want something smaller.

11. A catfish

Give your little one a perfect gift to spy on and plan while preventing unwanted lotteries on the kitchen counter.

For someone special:

Cat-themed gifts are a fun way to show off to someone you care about. If you have that special person in your life who loves cats then you should check out these adorable gifts.

12. Stylish cat shirt

A pair of t-shirts with a cat goes with almost every look and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Partying Cats (and oh, maybe you!) For the casual and cute descriptions she likes the most, this t-shirt is great for everyday wear.

13. Cat earrings

These cats are hanging by a tail! These simple designs are nifty enough to wear on earrings. You leave them for the evening, for work or just for everyday life. These silver plated earrings make a cute gift.

14. “Cat Dad” shirt

We may be biased, but we think Cat Dad is great! Do you have a cat father in your life? Treat them to a great screen-printed cat t-shirt.

There seem to be a growing number of self-proclaimed “cat fathers” and we think that’s great. If we can identify these people to talk about our own cats, that’s great. Hey, maybe take a shirt?

15. Shutterfly photo book

A certain special person would love a photo book of all of their favorite memories with their favorite pet. It’s very easy to take Instagram and phone photos to create the most beautiful photo book

Shutterfly has multiple designs to choose from, so make your choice! There is also one with a Panja print.

For anxious friends:

For a friend who likes to stand out and is not afraid to rock a cat’s sweater, his gifts are sure to impress! These are beautiful, fun and of course a little ugly. Check out some really unique cat lover gifts.

16. Eject the magnet

Start a conversation by capturing your memories with this glamorous cat butt magnet. After all, their flirtatious stories are beautiful and irresistible! Suitable for friends with a sense of humor.

14. Because … Gigi Stardust

As a gift for friends who love to decorate with cats, consider a lapel pin. Cat versions of desirable idols are always a huge hit.

15. Cat iPhone case fingering

Show off some cats with this Sasuke iPhone cover that shows the world exactly how you are feeling with the world’s double zap symbols. Who said you always have to play nice? Not that cat.

16. Cat candles

Slightly modern and a little gothic, this edgy gray cat candle melts to reveal the metallic cat skeleton. As convenient as a candle that can be drunk, this unique gift is perfect for that magical cat lover

Cat lovers everywhere at home can create a cozy atmosphere with these cat candles and wait for the second surprise.

17. Cat headphones

Ariana Grande probably stopped wearing cat ears, but that doesn’t mean they’re like last year. Just look at the cats, these lovely ears are always stylish.

This set of shiny metal ears will decorate your head like a cat’s ear headband. Comfortable and easy, and yes, just very nice.

For the office:

An office doesn’t have to be boring or stiff. Catalyze office work by getting some office supplies to add a little more fun to the desk. Cat stationery is a great way to have fun at work.

18. Doodle stress relief

This cat sketch helps unleash some embarrassing creativity and unleash a dose of oxytocin that is comparable to what would be produced when feeding a cat. So take a break from office work and scribble.

19. Coffee, tea or kitten cups

Every cat lover needs their own office mug. Hold your cat on the face with this incredibly beautiful coffee mug that shows off the face and ears of a smart cat. Be careful, this mug is so cute your office mate can steal it for you!

20. Kawai Cat Mini Planner Notebook

Help your friend keep their work life separate and organized with their own life plan. Small enough to fit in any pocket or wallet, this work planner has a clean, precise design. With the help of fun colors and a simple design, this planner can make someone’s work more fun.

21. Business card holders for cats

This simple gift can be great for a friend or colleague who has some business cards that need to be displayed. This little metallic design features a beautiful black cat peeking into the corners of the business cards. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

For travelers:

Looking for great gifts for cat lovers on the go? Don’t even look ahead! These gifts are clean for cat lovers who love to travel too. Who says you have to leave your cat at home when you go out?

22. Insta Cat Celebrity Reunion and greetings

Buy your friend a ticket to meet a famous Instagram celebrity. Many cat fairs travel around the country and you can book tickets in advance to give away.

23. The rain is going away

This compact umbrella fits very well in a backpack or handbag. Inside is an adorable cartoon cat looking out and looking for raindrops. This is a rare example of a cat getting wet and you don’t

24. Coffee has to go

Warm kits and warm coffee go together … good warm cats and coffee. This laser assisted bamboo coffee mug is the perfect way to get some coffee while running. Get in the car and know you’re awake with a hot coffee for your next destination.

25. Stay hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated. Even better water bottles are a common accessory today when it comes to looking stylish. So why not give someone who loves cats a unique idea of ​​style and a gift?

24. Cat ear and whisker backpack

There’s nothing worse than getting over your seats on a plane and putting your bag in the top buggy! This small backpack is perfect for all travel needs and can be stowed under the seat with the house.

Your friend will appreciate having a cute cat backpack to store the things you need when you travel.

25. Bookmark for the beautiful cat

There is nothing better than reading a good book on the plane. The downside is that cats don’t need to be locked up here. A cat bookmark can be sorted for these days.

This company creates hand-carved bookmarks in pure silver, engraved with the image of your choice, such as the cat of the recipient of your gift. Great gift for book lovers, travelers, and cat lovers.

For everyday cat lovers:

If you or a friend is enjoying some quiet moments of daily life this cat gifts section is for you. What could be nicer than a cat-themed object that you actually use every day? The things you use the most need a little caterpillar.

26. Cat implants

A tiny succulent can only get shutters in a tiny wool cat planter. With a neutral color palette and soft texture, this unique gift is perfect for adding a small indoor garden to any home.

This tiny felt cat face planter is handmade in Italy. A comfortable wool dress combines succulents in warmth and style.

27. Cat lights

Fairy lights are a great way to improve the atmosphere and atmosphere in a home. Make the atmosphere a little more frequent with this adorable cat string light.

These fairy lights are what every cat lover wishes for on a winter night. This is just a nice accent to decorate the house any time of the year. With a delicate accent and clever lighting, thread them on the bed or in the doorway.

28. Cat shaped tea bags

As interested tea drinkers, we strongly support the use of cat-shaped tea bags. Not only are they adorable, they also make a great cup of tea. If your tea drinker doesn’t expect to read a few pages, give them a sweet cup of tea.

Rocking the tip of a small cat’s ear is a great way to get carried away for the day. This is a unique cat gift that you don’t want to give away.

29. Purr the cat tea towel

Nobody can have enough tea towels or even a handbag. Listen! A screen printed black line of these tea towels comes from the electronic display of a cat bag.

There is nothing more convenient than cat money and now this cat gift is keeping money in your kitchen. Imagine stirring some milk and purring your comfy friend away while waiting for a little taste.

30. Soap with a cat motif

Everyone gets clean and we can bet on your friend too!

These vegan soaps with a cat motif are ideal for environmentally conscious friends and are made from natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil and organic shea and cocoa butter from fair trade. They all have a nice little cat wrap.

31. Wonder Womeow Cat T-Shirt

Her boyfriend didn’t know he needed her in life: Wonder Omo.

Follow this trend with your own Wonder Wumo T-Shirt Made in USA, one of the great superhero films of the last few years. For the cat loving superhero in your life.

32. A romba

If you can afford the price tag of over $ 700, this thing is going to change the life of every cat owner. There is no longer any fur floating around aimlessly. You can schedule automatic cleaning during the day to move into a hairless home at night.

Pro Tip: We found something brand new at half the price off Craigs List (someone won it as an award and there’s no need to do it).

For the tech savvy:

We know some of the technology lovers in our lives who are ready to sort their technology with fun cat hardware. Fortunately, there are a few more ways to organize your funky outfit. Here are some options!

33. Keep an eye on your pet

PetCube’s wireless pet monitoring system not only monitors your cat’s behavior, but also manages behavior on command. Finally, you can determine if your cat was responsible for killing your home tree (yes it is).

If you’ve ever owned a cat in your life and want to know if their cat is sleeping all day or partying all day, this unique gift will have the answer.

34. Cat Foot Fash Drive

This flash drive is shaped like an intelligent cat’s leg and doubles as a keychain. Flash drives are easily lost, but these flash drives have enough character not to be lost in a car or bag. Simply attach it to a keychain or backpack and you’re good to go.

On-the-Glow makes a great gift for Techy who can always use a new flash drive.

35. iPhone 7 case

A person’s cell phone is probably the most important technology in their body. Offer nice protection with a cat-themed phone case! This case is soft but offers 360 protection against drops.

What’s even better is that this case has cute cat ears and whiskers. If you listen carefully, you will even hear a purr.

36. Cats dominate the world for laptop bags

We all know that cats only conspire to take over the world. After all, we see them hiding from the whole house, and the reserved one is constantly following us. Remind the world of the cat plan with this world dominated laptop sleeve.

This cat gift is great for any laptop user and protects the laptop in backpacks and cases.

37. Crazy Cat iPad sleeve

Can you say Salvador Dali? This cat gift can look a little crazy with its bold patterns and bold colors. But this unique gift is great for iPad users. It works as both a protector and an iPad stand.

Plus, these cats look light and dark and are ready to make statements.

For wine lovers:

We all know at least one alcoholic who has a cat. While cats can’t drink wine, there are some special cat-themed gifts that can decorate your wine accessories. Look for a moment!

38. Hug the bottle

Okay, probably not too much wine, but if you have a friend who always puts a few bottles on the counter, these bombed wine bottle holders will keep their bottles clean.

Think about whether cats like wine.

39. Put it in!

Let’s go back to that one friend. Do you know all the wine at once? There is nothing more frustrating than being a wine orator. These adorable silicone cats keep catifying their wine bottles with wine stoppers. This unique cat gift is an easy way to show a friend that they love cats and wine.

40. Cat coaster

Enough with matching cardboard coasters that fold with every drop of drink. A dense, well-made cat coaster like the one above is sure to suit a cat lover’s style.

It can be the perfect practical gift for cats and is very suitable as a housework gift or a gift for a friend. Bright, common colors like these just go with a person’s living style. You protect your surfaces with Cat Dash and Dash.

41. More Wine Right Maya glasses

You can’t recommend a wine gift without getting a cat wine glass. After all, there’s nothing like hanging out with your cat and sipping wine while you watch your favorite movie. When your glass is empty, be sure to ask Dan Mia for more wine with your wine glass.

This fun wine glass is great for fun parties with friends or for hanging out with your furry friends.

42. Sleeping cat wine marker

This unique gift is ideal for wine drinkers who love to party with wine lovers. Use brightly colored, rolled up kits to mark the wine glasses. These cats keep people from sipping the wrong glass.

These type of cats wiggle wine glasses, so this is a plus.

Funny gift

Children of all ages surround their favorite cat. Unfortunately, some cats don’t like being carried by children! Resolve this situation by receiving some kid-friendly cat-themed gifts for the youngest person in your life.

43. Sticky Notes

Do you remember the days when you took notes with friends? This gift is perfect for older children. These sticky notes are great for storing books, writing notes, and studying. If you know a young cat lover reads books this makes a great gift for them.

44. Cats Crazy Old Maid

Cat Collection games have been a huge hit lately, and Cat Crazy Old Maid is a fun twist on an old classic. Hold the deck to play with a friend! Hey, you can’t collect every cat you see, but can you just collect cat card games?

45. Unemployed happiness

Children who love to bake will love this rolling pin that stamps the cat in the form of flour. Whether you’re making icing sheets for cakes, cookies, or cakes – this will definitely have an impact. We assure you that your van diagram is a big round circle of kids with cute treats and cats like this one.

46. Smoking Cat Pop Up Card

Happy birthday or a simple but special way to congratulate with a card. Far from simple, this card features a 3D cat pop-up design. We assure you this is not the card that goes into the trash after the party. It will certainly last a long time after the balloons leak.

47. ​​Beautiful floral cat backpack

Frida Kahlo, who met the cats, combined the flowers with this cute backpack. With this backpack, children can go to school in flower power style. It’s perfect for storing all of your school accessories and more

With a variety of different flower cat designs, this unique gift is sure to satisfy a young cat lover.

We have left the last 5 spots on our list open so we can update it with new suggestions from the comments. We hope this helps you get the perfect gift. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments (we keep updating).