Christmas Gift Ideas Diy

35+ DIY Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Easy To Create

Would you like to make handmade Christmas gifts but are running out of ideas? Maybe you want to create something practical for mom and something stylish for your best friend. While it can be difficult to think of something unique – especially if you’ve made DIY gifts in the past – you are not yourself. We have put together DIY Christmas gifts to inspire you. From cache trays to lip bamboo, we have something for everyone on your list.

When you’ve decided on a project, visit our personalized gift collection to complete your Christmas gift shopping.

1. DIY air plant pots

Go green this holiday season with wind-blown plants in small wooden pots. Wind trees are ideal for window ledges, bookcases, and office desks, and make for a bright and raised decor. They also last all year round.

2. Love vouchers

Create professional looking coupons for this year’s Christmas gifts. Personalize your vouchers from Movie Night to Bed to Bed for your special occasion. These are perfect for gifting your loved ones with personalized Christmas cards.

3. Rose hibiscus body butter whip

Whip up loads of body butter for a luxurious DIY gift. Spread scents like hibiscus, rose, lavender or mint for a relaxing aroma. Ids make small glass taps with lids for easy packaging.

4. Handmade record book

Create a stylish diary or notebook with vinyl records for the cover. Think of this DIYT for any music lover on your list, especially if they enjoy writing stories, memories, or to-do lists.

5. Comfortable sherpa blanket

Give a warm and special gift this year. A bespoke Sherpa wool blanket covers all the bases: comfort, warmth and style. There’s a blanket for everyone on your list and it’s perfect for cozy nights.

6. Woven pot holders

An ideal newbie knitting project, these knitted pot holders are great for personal and practical Christmas gifts. Go for a neutral color like gray or match the kitchen decor of the special person on your list.

7. Scented candles with rosemary and grapefruit

Brighten up the holiday season with stunning homemade candles. Choose metal containers to keep the wax in and inspire your creation with any scent like rosemary, vanilla or lemongrass.

8. Galaxy Paint Notebook

This Christmas season, give the gift of inspiration with a handpoint notebook. Mix the painted colors to get a galactic view on the front and back.

9. DIY Battleship Suites game

Give the traditional themed war game a twist by creating boards inspired by donuts. Your friends will be “A2!” And style warships are sinking.

10. Stone your garden

If you have a family member who enjoys gardening, this garden stone makes a great gift and presentation. Personalize with just a name and do it in a festive arch. This makes the garden sunny and bright outside regardless of the weather.

11. Shell and crystal chain

Do you need a gift for your mother, sister or best friend? Design your own necklaces from cartridge cases and pieces of rock crystal. Neutral colors make it compatible with many styles and outfits.

12. Dip the colored braided basket

These beautifully woven baskets make life easier for people with a busy lifestyle by storing small items like earrings and keys. Consider your basket-colored tie in a pastel or dark color scheme.

13. DIY jewelry

Design your own jewelry with custom text or initials. Give them to all the special women in your life such as their mothers, co-workers and friends.

14. Structured wooden roller coaster

Coasters are not only useful for keeping glass rings in bay, they add style to any area of ​​the home. Choose these textured wooden coasters to add beautiful glasses or your favorite bottle of wine and some of your favorite pictures.

15. DIY Clear Makeup Bag

Enhance a traditional themed cosmetic bag by adding durable waterproof stickers.

16. DIY Ducue Trinket Tray

Decorate a simple cache compartment with decoupage and lots of bright paint. Your loved one will have all the inconveniences, such as keys and jewelry, and find a way to end up in the house.

17. Neon marble tableware

Are you looking for a DIY gift for a college student or do you want to settle in their first apartment? What about those fun pintest-worthy parties that you love to throw away? If so, this neon marble tableware is a delight. You will have so much fun with it too!

18. Wax art print

There is nothing called MOM that looks like a beautifully framed picture of your children. This MOM art print is easy to create and personalize. It can be stored for generations and looks attractive on cute family photos all over the wall.

19. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Lip Scrub

Dry and chapped lips often appear in winter. Treat your family and friends to a homemade lip scrub that brightens and smooths their lips. Whichever seasoning you add, pumpkin seasoning definitely seems to be a favorite.

20. Rainbow Dead

Who can have too many toto bags, especially when they are so cute? Personalize a loom tote bag with brightly colored acrylics, taking into account the special person you’re making it for.

21. Man Pilsner

If you go beyond the concept for your brother, boyfriend, boss or boyfriend, personalized pilsner glass is the way to go. Not only does this keep their beer cool, but it also makes them feel how cool they are.

22.DIY emoji ornaments

Give your loved ones an extra smile this Christmas season – and we mean that literally. Make your own emoji ornaments with anything you can send on any text, whether it’s an angel emoji or a big bright green on their face. If you’re looking for a way to use this year’s Christmas image, consider making personalized family Christmas ornaments.

23.DIY wine cork vases

Ideal for Cabernet and Pinot lovers, these DIY vases are made from glasses and wine corks. Add the finishing touches to your gift by filling the vase with winter accents like Pinch and Barry.

24. Gold box fountain

Hand out your brush and your favorite metallic colors for that next DIY gift idea. Break A Gold Box itself doubles as a beautiful homemade gift, or you can fill it with homemade jewelry or candy for an extra dose of holiday.

25. Family stamp cutting board

Give away charcoal with the help of this beautifully shaped and personalized cutting board for family stamps. Add loved ones last name for the perfect family reunion with kids or on a quiet night out. Suitable for cheese, meat and even dessert.

26. Gem pool box

Look for a very little treasure in these DIY gemstone pull boxes as a special holiday surprise. It turns out the goodies come in really small, hand-decorated packages!

27. Rainbow Cheese Board

Light up the tables of future parties with a rainbow-style cheese board. Draw the wooden base with milk paints and make sure it has a special coating to protect it while washing.

28. DIY natural lip balm

Homemade lip balm has several great advantages: It’s all natural and has a delicious scent. Stir in your batch with a lavender, pepper, or grape scent.

29. Personalized glass

Cookies are a pleasure every day of the week. You love the pleasure of making (and eating) cookies with your own glass. You can add their favorite quotes and make their kitchen super stylish.

30. DIY Cut Wall Clock Cut

Do you have friends with soft makeup or who loves sweets? Design a clock that looks like a cake using wood, paint, and a simple clockwork.

31. DIY Gold Tattoo Ring Dish

For the idea of ​​a Christmas present that goes perfectly with homemade jewelry, tattoo a simple ring bowl with an intricate gold design. Put on a delicate pair of earrings or a simple ring before embedding a fashionista into your life.

32. DIY lawn dice game

Many home games are enjoyed for the night when this homemade Christmas present arrives. Line up the wooden blocks with simple black dots to create a large set of cubes for outdoor games on the lawn when winter melts.

33. Tooth type fancier

Whether hard cider or beer is your favorite drink, a personalized grocer will keep it cold for hours. Choose between brass, silver and black. Good news? It works as a cool flower vase when not in use.

34. Raw glass coaster

Coasters are a welcome gift in any home as they protect furniture and add style.

35. Marble easel calendar

Keep track of your days with this stylish marble easel calendar. Add a lovely family photo with a cute message. It goes perfectly with a desk, kitchen counter or living room.

36. Terrazzo disk soaps

These brightly colored homemade soaps are fun and cheerful, and add to the mood in any bathroom. Making a full batch will give you a lot of gifts for loved ones and hostesses for Christmas parties.

37. Brass Monster Leaf Earrings

For a DIY Christmas present that your friends and family can enjoy all year round, homemade jewelry is always a great option. Shape the brass wire into a palm leaf pattern to create these fun and trendy earrings for your sister, niece or girlfriend.

38. Bright personalized mouse pad

The average daily time at the computer is around nine hours. Wouldn’t the bright mouse pad make desk life happier by personalizing it and giving it away? Add funny pictures of their family or friends and they will have something to see every day. If you’re looking for a Christmas card to send your gift off, take a look at our collection of custom Christmas cards.


Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts That Don’t Suck

Are you looking for Christmas gifts that fit your budget? This is the answer to DIY Christmas gifts!

Christmas is around the corner! Read on at any retail store and I promise Christmas Islands will be full and muggy.

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If you’re panicking over Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, don’t stress the stress of DIY!

Not that smart? Do not worry! I have ideas for every ability and skill (and you can even help your kids and / or your husband). None of these ideas require crazy artistic skills and can be made from lots of rearranged items and things you already have around the house – this has just made your Christmas list a lot easier and cheaper!

I also understand that we do not have the free time and the hours to “tinker and create” the contents of our hearts. Do not worry! These ideas are not a gift that you will be sewing and quailing for a few weeks or carefully tinkering with calf-like tweezers and small brushes! These DIY ideas can be created quickly and in many ways to make gifts for multiple people on your list.

Here’s a quick tour of my favorite EASY and CHEAP DIY Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

I’ve included some edible items as well as a variety of gifts that you can make and give away to almost anyone. We’ve all had the (super uncomfortable!) Moment when someone unexpectedly gave us a gift … and we didn’t get any of them. So if you have a few extra Christmas gifts on hand, there is no throwing money out of the store or last minute shopping.

For the next year, make Christmas clearances for items like ribbons and packaging. Look for neutral colors that you can use any time of the year. Items in baskets and bags are also helpful for future Christmas presents.

Planning ahead for the next year is also helpful. I don’t say June … because really, come on who does this? Getting started on a few DIY gifts (if you have a little extra time in the fall months) can get you started.

Right now, here are the cheap DIY Christmas gift ideas that are ready, fun, and easy to do for everyone on your list. One afternoon you can get ready and complete most of your Christmas projects!

I find handmade Christmas gifts so thoughtful and meaningful and I’m sure the people on your gift list will do the same. Everyone loves a pet and adding a special touch to your children can enhance any gift. So don’t go alone. Help the whole family like Santa’s little workshop and you’ll be ending Christmas in no time!

You can click on the gift idea in the photo or below the photo. All of the links will open in a new window so you don’t have to play the “back” game.

1. Upcycled t-shirt pocket

Momaipotama’s 10-Minute Unstitched T-Shirt Tote Bag

2. Tangle free headphones

DIY confusion-free headphones with embroidered dental floss from home therapy

3. DIY green tea lip balm

DIY Green Tea Lip Balm with Biglo Tea from Great Contrast

4. Screen printed baby ones

DIY Cheap Screen Printed Baby Attachments from Instratables

5. Boho Chiku jewelry tray

Boho Chick Jewelry from the Thrift Store searches for Trey Alice’s thoughts

6. Birch art

DIY birch painting by Persia Lu

7. DIY bath bomb

DIY bath bomb from lazy woman

8. Tile photo coaster

DIY tile photo coasters from Popsagar (here’s why I love photo gifts!)

9. Gift basket!

Quick and easy gift basket ideas from busy budgets

10. Lavender coconut oil salt scrub

Homemade lavender coconut oil salt scrub from a good cause

11. Snack mix only

Just Snack Mix by Paula Deen (and Stone Rabbit)

12. Wax paper printed wooden serving board

Print Uday pictures with wax paper from The Art of Doing Staff

13. Tall thick bowl of chocolate

Ice Cube Tray pralines from Tiphero

14. Microwave-safe heat packs

Microwave-suitable heat packs from production

15. 52 things you like on deck

52 Reasons I Love You Card Game 52 Reasons I Love You

16. Homemade peppermint marshmallow

Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows Living Well costs less

17. Homemade Plaidoh

Rainbow Sparkle Pleadoh Living Well costs less at home

18. There are no superhero hats to sew

Jolly Mom doesn’t have superhero hats to sew