Christmas Gift Ideas For Dad

54 Christmas Gifts Your Dad Has No Idea He Needs, But He Really, Really Does

What a great one. Dad is really great, right? They tell all sorts of terrible jokes and only want the best for you. And they deserve the best, even after what they did (and continued to do) for you 24/7 from childhood to adulthood. With the holidays approaching soon (seriously, they have a quick peek at you!), You want to make sure they feel special with the exceedingly thoughtful gift.

We know it’s hard for dads to shop, why do they never seem to want anything ??? It’s so easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself to choose that perfect gift, but it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to be here! (* Smack. *) Whether you are near or far, you can make your day very special, even something practical … or a completely silly gift. He might use it every day or hand it out for a family game night, but still be ready to feel love when your dad opens up 54 surprise gift ideas below.

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1 A little bit of beauty
Space-heavy woven hat

Get her a cool new hat this winter – her ears will thank you!

2 A long sleeved shirt
Legendary Plate Long Sleeve Henley T-Shirt

Sometimes dad needs help in the style department – where that simple but comfortable and stylish henley comes in. Some of those old crew neck t-shirts need replacing.

3 A new pair of lovers
Logo patch gloves

Upgrade your winter outfit with a pair of Heron Preston logo gloves.

4 A fitness gadget
A Fitbyte

If he’s the type to get annoyed about “nobody wears a watch anymore”, buy him everything he does – it’s a heart rate monitor, an activity counter, and a slip tracker!

5 A handwriting pen
5-in-1 tool pen

Dad does everything, why don’t you buy him a versatile gift? This pen includes a screwdriver, smart device pen, straightener, and ruler!

6 A test project
Make your own hot sauce set

If he’s the type who likes to spice things up, he can get that real kick out of your own hot sauce set.

7 This is a suit for Snazzy earbuds
Airpods leather case with strap

A leather pouch attached to a keychain means the AirPods charging station is never too far away.

8 Personalized golf ball
Title Author 2019 Pro V1 Personalized Golf Ball

If he’s a keen golfer, a set of Titleist golf balls personalized with his name or initials will put a big smile on his face.

9 A portable kitchen table
Couch arm table

Does he have a place on the sofa that is unique to him? This portable table makes it a little more cozy and is attached to the armrest of every couch or chair.

10 A wireless charger
Wireless portable charger

If his phone’s battery is always running low, give it extra juice with this sleek portable charger.

11 A travel bag collection
Men’s Travel Travel 4-pack

For dad on the go, a set of bags that keep all of his needs separate and organized would make a great gift.

12 An old school turntable
Cruiser Deluxe record player

A dad who talks about good old music all the time would love to have one of these.

13 A new pair of shoes
Wool runners for men

He thinks it’s great that these sneakers are not only made sustainably, but also with serious comfort.

14 Some snazzy earbuds
Airpods with charging case

If he wants to be cool, he has to dig up the strings with real Airpods to keep up to date –

15 Two-tone polarized shades
Berkeley sunglasses

With UVA and UVB protected sunscreens with scratch-resistant glasses, he will enjoy more outdoors.

16 A lightweight, tactile speaker
Bluetooth stereo

If your dad is all about creating the perfect playlist for every occasion, a portable bluetooth speaker is for him. It’s even waterproof so he can take it to the beach, pool, boat, or really anywhere outside.

17 A portable cooler
Unbound Soft Cooler Pack of the 22L series

He’ll get some real miles from the backpack-cooler hybrid that he can get out of camping, tailgate, or backyard.

18 A safe cover for his computer
Laptop sleeve

If he always has a computer, consider giving him a bag in the shape of a gift that will protect him from scratches and elements.

19 New new socks
5 pack of patterned socks

Please be nice to her and give her five fun pairs of socks. Then make sure to throw away his old, shabby pair.

20 A pair of boots
XODUS covers everything

Elevate your fall and winter style with wool-lined lace-up boots.

21 A sweet coffee cup
Coffee cup “Best Dad Ever”

What could be nicer than a coffee cup that can be combined with an espresso machine? Remind him to be the best including the morning summer main booth.

22 A brand new belt to rethink
Wide sewn reversible belt

This time he replaced his trusty old belt in a place that didn’t break, right? It contrasts with brown and black skin, so it goes with what she’s wearing.

23 A travel-size shaving kit
Shaving and shower travel set

A great razor with travel-size shaving cream and a tear-resistant dope kit helps her walk.

24 A device that keeps your wine cool
Wine bottle isolator


This gunmetal-colored device will keep the bottle of Ross, White or Bubbles of your choice at the optimal temperature for a few hours.

25 A mild stainless steel manufacturer
Espresso machine

If he prefers strong coffee in the morning, invest in a high-performance espresso machine that comes with a roasting pitcher, stuffing kit, and spoon gauges. He will always use it.

26 A very practical robotic vacuum cleaner
Rumba 675 Robot Vacu

A clean freak will surely take advantage of a robot blank that is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

27 Cozy mommacassin slippers
Bad good moccasins

She doesn’t want to take off these slippers as they keep her feet warm with a glass lining. The rubber sole is also ideal for outdoors when he has to pick up the newspaper in the morning.

28 A minimal leather bracelet
Black leather bracelet

If she likes this type of delicate jewelry, a double loop and silver accent bracelet will look just right around her wrist.

29 A stain resistant reader
Waterproof Kindle Paperhite

For those lazy days, he’ll love the new Kindle, it’s waterproof too!

30 A unique new wallet
Fold leather wallet

He can keep all of these colorful accessories in tons of bogies and money bags.

31 A nice looking water bottle
Takewood bottle

This wooden water bottle is a lovely accessory to take with him from the gym to his desk and beyond.

32 A portable grill
Weber Q2200 gas grill

If he’s always bragging about his perfectly made hamburgers and ribs, why not surprise him with a portable grill that still packs a punch?

33 Sweet is a cool couple
Elias Tape Pants Pants

Your dad can do anything (or nothing) in that cool green sweat.

34 Grille tools
High-performance grill set

If he’s grilling, he can always use the upgrade in his kebab pot.

35 A distinctive sandal
Arizona sandals

A slide spread across the shape of his feet runs all summer.

36 Nice tie
Solid silk tie

Yes, bonds can be annoying gifts, but promise, he probably has a new need that is stylish and goes with whatever you do here.

37 A cute weekend bag
Signature 2.0 garments duffel bag

OK – you have to click to see your simple-looking double pocket open perfectly to reveal all of the areas of the lining that doubled as a garment bag for their suits so they don’t get unnecessarily squeezed when traveling.

38 Lux Blue headphones
Wireless over-ear headphones

Give him headphones that offer amazing sound quality and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

39 A fun game
Play baseball

If he likes Family Game Night this gift would be a total home run.

40 A Wood cearar scent
Blue D-channel

A colon with notes of cedar, sandalwood, and citrus will be his new favorite fragrance if he likes its deep, earthly scent.

41 A modern backpack
Waterproof backpack

Swap out a simple work bag that is not only weak but also waterproof and durable.

42 Red wine is a classic bottle
Cabernet Savignon

Does he always have a glass of wine with dinner? You would love this tab; You will like the price.

43 A functional fashion watch
Neutra Chronograph Brown leather watch

Give dad a classic style with a leather strap and silver accents.

44 A durable utility jacket
Driver’s coat

A trendy jacket with lots of stretches makes him look like a hip dad he thinks he already has.

45 Some encouraging water shoes
Surfwalker Pro 3.0 water shoes

If a beach or nautical vacation is a frequent occurrence for your dad, he’ll benefit from a pair of water shoes and have fun in the sun.

46 All of his trips are helpful
Lots of travel-size styler sets

Traveling is as difficult as it gets. So why not take everything she needs on the road, like cleansers, facial moisturizers, body washes, deodorants and more?

47 A sleek turtleneck
Turtleneck sweater

Give you privacy: everyone’s fancy turtleneck looks instantly stylish Your parents will appreciate the upgrade.

48 A natural decision
V. decanter

His favorite ghost looks great on a piece of glass of wood.

49 A portable digital camera
Digital camera without alpha mirror

Is he the type who loves to snap embarrassing photos of you and your siblings? He would then appreciate a Compaq camera that can be shared instantly over WiFi.

50 A uniquely patterned pajama set
Pajama set with a dark blue checked shirt and trousers for men

If he’s got all the comforts, a comfy PJ shirt and matching bottles will make his alley this far.

51 Pants that can be pulled together
Performance 5-pocket pants

A comfortable, yet stylish update to simple khaki pants makes her feel on trend.

52 A cool layering option
Quarter Jeep Performance Sweater

Every dad looks great in a quarter-zip sweatshirt.

53 Some self-care measures
Hire skin rescuers

Help her take care of her skin with this kit from Men’s Skincare Fave Jack Black. It includes travel size versions of all of the bestsellers in detergents, moisturizers, lip balms, and more. He looks energetic, even works!

54 A warm scarf
Red and blue diag scarf

Keep cool weather on the bay and make your pops extra comfy with this bold, colorful scarf.