Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Non-Toy Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

When I wrote to give away most of my children’s toys before Christmas, a lot of people are probably wondering if I am giving them replacement toys for Christmas.

The thing is here – I never want to go back to the place where I thought I had to throw away all of their toys!

We’re still planning on giving them Christmas presents … with a twist.

What can you put in the toy?

There are so many types that it’s hard to tell. After sitting down and thinking about it, I quickly came up with 30 gift ideas for children.

What we find in them now must be educational, practical, or an experience. These are the gifts my husband and I bought each other anyway. Why not children?

In fact, these more traditional Christmas gifts will make it easier for your kids to come up with ideas this year!

For example: this holiday season, instead of giving away toys from Disney employees, you’re likely to be watching Disney on Ice. Or instead of getting dragon statues, you can buy Dragon Lego sets that need to be put together.

Toy Christmas gift ideas for kids

Instead of buying toys to fill up our playroom, here are some Christmas gift ideas that are not the toys we are considering.

I thought if you want to do the same for your kids, you’ll want to see the list too!

1. Provide tickets to local games

Whether you’re watching a live Christmas performance or something more specific with your interests, seeing the live drama is a fascinating experience! You may even have a local children’s theater where you can see a performance that is only performed by children.

Not sure what is available in your area? Just google something like “tickets to events near me” or “local live theater near.

2. Money notepad

It’s so beautiful and real! Suitable for older children.

3. Vouchers for a family outing

Children love to be given opportunities to make decisions. My children manage to choose a goal that goes beyond our family. Give them a coupon that they can use to choose what to do (or choose between 3-4).

4. Books

I am a great preacher of books! Reading opens up new worlds for children in a variety of ways and is fun!

For readers I recommend the BOB book or the classic Dr. Seuss.

Recommendations for a fun book include The Book with No Picture, Moe Williams’ book, or a book from the Seuss Learning Library.

For reading books, I recommend the series The Bernstein Bears or Best Behavior.

And finally, for the first chapter book, I suggest the series The Magic Tree House, Ivy + Bin, The Ramona Collection or Stink.

5. Children’s Bible

Children love to model their parents and explore on their own. If you give them their own Bible (children’s version) they can do both!

6. Sports ball

If your child likes basketball, soccer, soccer or any other sport, give them a practical gift for their own ball.

7. Shoes

Children walk so fast with shoes! My kids love getting new shoes. Need new shoes + love getting new shoes = pretty perfect toy gift idea!

8. Jewelry

If your kids love jewelry, get them one for them this year. It has to make her day!

9. ABC puzzle

Puzzle makes a great gift for kids because it keeps and teaches them busy, calm, and engaged. Start with an ABC puzzle and then move on to other or perhaps more difficult puzzles.

10. station

Promote the development of reading and writing skills, including stationery. Help your children write to Paul time and again – they will love receiving personal mail, and you’ll love how their reading and writing improve!

11. Mini coach or reseller

Hit your baby to make a small couch or divider that folds up with a mat. This is convenient because you can use it when you are at home or watching TV with family. But it’s fun because it changes size and usage (they can shake it up!)!

12. Material

Whether it’s a guitar, keyboard, ukulele or any other instrument – it’s amazing to give your child a music gift!

13. Guitar lessons

Go a step further and give your child music lessons so they can play their new instruments! Reading and playing music will help you learn another language and develop your brain.

14. Hair bow or barrette

Do you have children who like to play with hair or have a hairstyle? Give them different colored bows or hair clips and watch the fun begin!

15. Film

I do this year after year! I’m going to give my kids a new movie that they have never seen before. We have some great favorites that we keep seeing (again!) This way!

16. Music

Whether you offer MP3s, CDs, or even a streaming subscription, kids are drawn to music. Embrace it!

17. Private backpack

Does your child need a new backpack? A personalized backpack presents a great Christmas that is not a toy! Plus, it’s much harder to lose your personalized backpack!

18. bed

Spread out some sheets or a new blanket or bed in your children’s favorite colors or letters for a toyless gift of your choice.

19. New lunch box

Have you ever seen a child get a new lunch box? Isn’t it crazy for kids to quickly lose their lunch boxes, drill their holes or stop working with the zipper? Take this opportunity to give your child a new lunch box!

20. Notre Dame

Boys and girls also enjoy fun note cards – they can get special offers to send to their friends (yes, to practice reading and writing skills!) Or pick out upcoming party party invitations. There are many possibilities with this.

21. Jewelry box

It probably appeals to girls more often than boys, but it’s a very practical (and fun) way to play jewelry off the floor or keep real jewelry safe.

22. Basketball goal G.

You can achieve the goal of getting plastic, which is great for toddlers, or opt for door rims and let the teens and teenagers go wild with shooting ranges. A great way to help kids process emotions, develop skills, and get some practice!

23. A clock

My kids don’t wear watches, but they get one every year this year! We get to a point where they keep asking what time is needed or what needs to be done at a given moment, and they are given clocks to help them keep track of the time.

24. Special club outfits (Easter, Christmas, various family shirts)

A family outing (somewhere as big as Disney) is coming? Make special family t-shirts and give them away as a Christmas present this year. Or buy a special occasion dress for Idea # 1 or some other special occasion and give it to them.

25. Piggy bank + special currency (like silver dollar or 1 dollar coin)

Start teaching kids the skills to save (and often neglect) money with a piggy bank. Save them some special coins that they don’t see every day. Did you know you can get a $ 2 bill at the bank?

26. Movie tickets

Is there a movie your family would like to see? Get movie tickets and watch this movie on the big screen while you stage popcorn! We don’t do this often, but my kids love going to the movies!

27. Diary / Diary (Here’s a guys diary for boys!)

I like it because keeping a journal or journal is a great way to work on reading and writing skills while processing emotions and telling stories. There are many options so make sure you find the one you want.

28. Experience in science

Add in some fun stem experiments to learn! A variety of different experiments with kits can help you discover one that will interest your child.

29. Pajamas

How about a nice Christmas or Holiday PJ? Or maybe your child’s favorite character? This is a simple, fun gift that kids get to dock!

30. Index of the magazine

We’ve been doing this for a couple of years and I’m already looking for this year’s magazines. My kids love to get a post with their name on and I love that once a month they get something to entertain, read and teach! The magazines we picked include National Geographic Kids, Ask, Highlights, and Ranger Rick.

31. Funny socks

I love it! Kids love to express them and fun socks are a great way to do it!

32. Personalized station

Who wouldn’t want something with their own name? Encourage your kids to write notes to people at their own personalized stations!

33.Subscribe to a preferred location (zoo, MUSEUM, children’s museum, etc.)

Are you going to a place you can buy a subscription to on a regular basis? We subscribe to our children’s museums and check out new exhibits when they come out. It’s a great activity and a fun reminder for bad weather or cold days!

Bonus: Many museums take part in partnership memberships where the inclusion of one museum restricts free access to hundreds of other museums. When we joined our local chapter on life and science we found that there are over 250 related museums worldwide that we can visit for free !!

34. Art supply kit

Does your child like to draw or paint? Get an Art Delivery Kit and see how your creativity is enriched!

35. Vouchers for the only excursion of your choice

This is one of my personal favorite gift ideas for children without toys! My children successfully spend quality time with their parents. Give them a voucher that allows them to choose an activity to go on a trip with mom or dad (or one of them all!).

36. sleeping bag

Whether at home or out of camp, kids love camping outside and sleeping in sleeping bags.

37. Calendar

It can be a calendar with kittens or a homemade calendar with family photos. Just pick something that makes sense for your child and join in. Can this toyless Christmas gift idea be useful for kids 6 to 9 years old who have long started developing an idea and how long do you want to see it until someone else’s birthday or don’t you go there? Special vacation

38. A digital camera

See the world through the eyes of your children and experience the thrill of discovering your own camera!

39. Garbage bag chair

Such a classic! As a kid, it was one of my favorite things. You can now get one that will hide your kids’ toys.

40. Something for your room

Do you need a lamp, alarm clock or shelf (for making books or Lego)? Perhaps an organizing caddy that helps control the supply of art or hobbies.

It just so happened to me that gift ideas that aren’t “toys” and encourage kids to practice are also great options! I love giving things that will help my kids stay healthy and active!


8 fitness-based Christmas gift ideas for kids

Some of the things my kids love year after year that make amazing “fitness-based gifts”:

1. Radio Flyer tricycle or unbalanced bike

Encourage your kids to go out and get some fresh air while you teach them pedaling and balance so they can learn to ride bikes!

2. Straight razor roller

Your kids may want to get up rather than sit up … get them a scooter and watch them ride!

3. swing Espin rope swing

It’s party time! Bring your friends and watch them play with this super fun rope swing for hours.

4. Jump rope

Give them a jump rope then Youtube can learn some techniques that they can practice and how to do it. Then just take a look at the sample!

5. Hula Hoop (this is an example of travel!)

I don’t think it gets any more “classic” than the hula hoop, and for good reason. It’s great fun for kids and adults too! Make it a competition to see who can hula longer.

6. Rollerblades (like it or not)

A great form of exercise, not to mention great fun!

7. Tennis racket

Tennis is a great exercise and a fun, inexpensive activity that friends can enjoy together or as a whole family group.

8. Plasma car

My kids used this toy every now and then when they were little kids and a little older. Days. I’m definitely not kidding! When they were very little, we put it in an enclosed space (inside the fence porch or garage.


The Best Gifts for Kids (Boys and Girls) in 2020

We all want the best for our children, but sometimes we can satisfy them … less than bringing joy. When it comes to gifts, we keep our brains trying to think of something else, find something that isn’t on the top, have fun, and hide in something practical. This is not an easy task. So let’s do it together and make it a gift!

We’ve put together our favorite gift ideas for kids (boys and girls) in 2020. You will surely love it. Buy your luck!

Gingo Bingo game

Bingo night has never been so nice! This award-winning game is perfect for preschoolers, readers, and beginners.

Curly + Kind of Mayan Maid Mer

This cutie is 21 “tall and will be used forever! For every doll purchased, Curl + donates 10 meals of the kinds needed in the US and around the world.

Personalized book “The Super, Incredible Big Sister”

Because taking in a new big sister is always a good idea when it comes to a new baby picture! Personalized big brother books are also available.

Glowing bath time friends

Burns while bathing! Friends float and have flexible arms and legs. After drying, a light cube will come out. Available in 5 colors.

Nice glasses holder

Maybe they stop throwing themselves on the floor in bed. Pick a few different fun face options!

Vintage countertop Snow No Maker

Children will enjoy the fear of snow as much as they like all year round. Crank them up from any old time. Of course you have to do the job – but you have to be the hero.

House of Ice cuddly toy set

The most beautiful little stuffed bears, penguins and small igloos.

Kids Global Adventure Cooking Kit

Now you can ask your kids, “What for dinner ?!” Cooking sets around the world include key ingredients, a country flag pin, collection pots and stickers, a grocery list, and a grocery pass with recipes for three family-sized meals (including vegetarian options). Perfect!

Casio keyboard

Key1 Touch-sensitive keys with 400 tones, 100 strokes and automatic switch-off.

Super fun sit-n spin

18 months or older can make their way to fun cities.

Children’s Magic Bath Fiji

Fiji set with 5 baths inside, a splash inside. Bath time is just real.

3D night light

With the remote control, this night light can scroll through 16 characters.

Pretend to be a campfire

The most beautiful campfire for children who want to use their imagination and believe. Includes Log, Fire and C’Mors. (Oh, and good fists of course)

Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty comes in different colors, Maya, glow in the dark, heat sensitive (remember hyper-colored shirts ?!) and much more. Stretch it, roll it, and bounce it. Of course, it’s some kind of toy, but the gratification of addiction and stress relief is total win

Pond life colorful tablecloth

The children’s table has just started! 10 washed markers are included, while the tablecloth itself can be washed creating an endless “cycle” of fun. Also available on the United States of America map.

Hint (retro) game

The 1986 version is fun for old families, for everyone, including this retro. Come and check out the bear room with Professor Ranch for the ranch!

Mini basketball hoop

Includes door brackets and all equipment needed to set up. Comes with a ball and a soundproof backboard. This is a slam dunk.

Connection pale and shovel

Since they are already on top of sweaters and flared jackets, you should look forward to this spring and summer. Taking the kids with you on school holidays (extremely easy to pack) is also very effective.

Canvas play tent with color set

Let them play in their own place all day and introduce themselves! It comes with paint so they can customize their new digs.

Create your own comic book

The perfect DIY gift for kids to draw, illustrate and create their own comic books. When you’re done, send it in and get it back with its professional look!

Google Ice Drawing Game for the whole family

Just put on goggles, start drawing and try to guess what your team is drawing exactly what we played with beer glasses in college, but it’s a kid-friendly version for the whole family and really fun.

Go to table tennis

Play it at home or on the street and keep the kids together for a few hours of entertainment.