Christmas Gifts Alcohol

Alcohol Gifts For the Booze Hound

Holidays full of complexity are neither fun nor enjoyable. Clothes do not fit, your favorite art is not always in someone else’s taste, books are considered, but some do not have pizza. But before you go the old way of the gift card and a candle, can we suggest a gift that is guaranteed so that no tailoring is required and the crowd is always happy (even if it’s a crowd of two people)? We’ve rounded up some of the best bottles for the high-end Hostess Pleasure gift to add to the excitement of this year’s gifting season. Raise a glass to celebrate tuti and partying with keen spirits.

Diplomatic Ambassador Cass is a force to be reckoned with

Holiday-friendly notes of raisins, nutmeg and cinnamon give this rich barrel-strength rum a long-lasting finish that will transform even the most passionate whiskey sipper. Pedro Jimenez is at least twelve years old before spending two more years with Sherry Cass for a deep, complex fragrance profile in barrels made from 100% white oak potted rum.

Mejkales de Leynda Guerrero Mezcal

Get a real taste of the terrarium with this artistic bottle of regional mezcal. Mezcales de Leynda Mexico shows an incredible variety of bottled Mazkal flavors from different regions. These include isolated landscapes of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains that add a sweet papaya with hints of papaya and smoke.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Malt Whiskey

Rye has taken a giant step into the whiskey scene in recent years to freshen up this nutty, flavored malt for seasoned sippers. This ancient whiskey is 51% malt and new oak barrels and has a bourbon rim – the right idea from one of Kentucky’s most famous distillers.

Hennessy Paradise

Blended from some of the best from Hennessy Cellar, Rest Eaux-D-V, this silky wisdom contains rose petals, honey and truffle notes with a subtle touch of spice.

Runart Brut Rose

This beautiful bottle is considered to be the first rose champagne to hit the market (no less in 1764).

Farnet Branca Liqueur

For gifts for those who love to drink like a bartender and break that bottle, the herbal plant will bring you fatal recognition. Made according to a secret, signature 2 ingredient recipe, its bold aroma is a must for any bar cart, despite being used straight to drink, espresso shot style, or to add flavor to cocktails.

Real McCoy 12 year old single mixed Rome

Did you know we call a real McCoy a “Ram Runner”? It’s true; Legend has it that Bill McCoy made a name for himself with the high quality ROM he brought to the US from Barbados during the ban, and this Barbados 12 year old rum that keeps his name alive is exceptionally smooth. Warm, spicy palette.

Patron N Lalik: Series 2

What do you get when you match the top names in artwork tequila and luxury crystal games? Naturally exclusive, elegant bottles for everything to do with tequila. Each of the 299 bottles is handcrafted in French Alc সে z Lallic glass factor and individually designed, polished, engraved and signed, which makes them a real gift.

Basil Haydens Gark Rye Whiskey

Solve the dinner dilemma with both world bottles. A blend of strong Kentucky and Canadian rye whiskey with a touch of California port, the bottle delivers a strong wine drink with the back of a strong rye.

Nolet’s Reserve dry gin

Gene is the first ghost who doesn’t always seem to come when it comes to a suitable elegant reserve mix like a sip. This odorless gene with notes of saffron and verbena makes a strong case for why it should be.

Don Q Reserve 7 ROM

Give your favorite island funnel a taste of the good life with this Puerto Rican bottle made from a blend of any special reserve rum that is at least seven years old and aged in American white oak barrels. Well rounded with notes of caramel and tropical fruits and a smooth finish, this bottle proves what would be wrong to underestimate this worthy, versatile spirit.

Cuvi du Sentner from the Grand Marnia

Do you really want to wow an avid fan who has everything on his bar cart? Think outside of the usual spirits and opt for a Lux liqueur instead, like the orange liqueur, which blends with the most renowned Kuvi sages of 25 years to create a smooth drop that tastes like a cocktail.

Louis Roders Crystal Brute 2008

Help your guests drink like kings – or should we call out glasses? Crystal was originally created for Tsar Alexander II in 1877 and was the world’s first Cuvière de Prestige. The increasing age of the 2008 stage release brings depth and personality that shows why the name has become synonymous with luxury.

My Montenegro too

A touch sweet, a touch bitter, this Italian amoro, first developed in 1885, is a perfect way to add flavor to a big feast. It is an ideal for the season of enjoyment.

Avian Extra Aizaw Reserve 44

The notes of vanilla and citrus fruits are expressed by the dried fruits, eucalyptus and cinnamon in the tequila of this small batch. Over 3 years old in oak barrels, this decaying tequila is perfect for the agawan aficonado in your life.

Shaker and spoon cocktail subscription

This monthly subscription box is the gift that Adventure Mixologists will continue to receive. It contains everything you need to prepare unique and impressive cocktails. Just add alcohol. With three recipes, perfectly divided syrups, herbs and juices, more side dishes, fresh fruit and herbs, it’s an ideal gift for a kipper with an urge to explore.


A guide to the best unusual alcohol gifts for Christmas

We all like new pajamas, a chocolate orange, and a pair of comfy socks, but sometimes you really want a big bottle of something alcoholic.

There is a whole world of unusually flavored alcohol. So browse through our recommended offers and give your food or cocktail lover of your life something to try to your heart’s content.

Our best unusual alcoholic gifts

Cranes Cranberry Gin

If you’re looking for a festival-themed gin to enjoy all year round, this cranberry-flavored cranberry might be the go-to option. This gene from crane cedar and blood orange liquor manufacturers is made from high quality cranberries and handicrafts made in small quantities in Cambridgeshire.
The scent is sour and sweet and in perfect balance with a simple tonic and a time compress. If you really want to kickstart the festive festivities, pair them with a ginger ale and garnish with fresh oranges and rosemary.

‘Retro Jean Fridge’ by the Boutique-e-Jean Company

For every jeans lover, a selection of eye-catching jeans is always a good gift choice. Make it even more unique with this retro gin fridge selection jar from Master of Malt. Inside there are eight wonderful gin flavors, ranging from smoked rosemary to strawberry to balsamic.
Our favorites are the fresh yuzu gin filled with citrus fruits and, unsurprisingly, the very sweet cherry gin. Combine it with a simple tonic and your favorite outfit for the perfect end to the day.

Moore House Cocktail Company Collect your own

This exquisite cocktail set is the perfect gift for any cocktail lover or host of a dinner party. Each pre-made cocktail is neatly packaged and wrapped with an individual side dish.
We tried Negroni, Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, and Spicy Margarita. Everything was delicious and strong and we felt like we were chic cocktail bar style even though we were sitting on the sofa at home.

Wasabi vodka

For adventurous drinkers and spice lovers, this wasabi vodka is the perfect gift. This vodka is made from fresh English wasabi and brewed from Winchester. The vodka itself feels smooth and velvety, but tastes like sparkling brassica and mustard with intense but pleasant heat. We can think of it in a martini or a deadly cool Bloody Mary.

Bay Damson Liqueur

This damson liqueur is a nice gift for cocktail lovers. It comes in a beautiful bottle with illustrated labels and we can be sure that the flavors are lovely too. The liqueur is made from the King Edward potato of Devon and the bamboo vodka grown in the west. It’s packed and tasted sweet to keep it from getting too close. Delicious with bubbles.

The spirit of the Christmas pudding room

Did you hear something more festive? This spicy laced rum is a limited bottle of Rum Brain Brain with a combination of intense cinnamon, orange and sweets from Finders. The wax seal and unusual labels make it a great Christmas gift for someone who has seen everything spiritually intelligent. It’s also crispy and tastes like both apple juice and Cantrio.

Coffee oranges gin

This coffee was the first British gin to combine the South American roasted coffee beans with the sweet orange and lemon taste. This combination of flavors is inspired by founder Laura Bridge’s favorite pudding. If you think it tastes good, don’t get me wrong. You can keep this gin neat or on rocks or even in gin-based espresso martinis if you want.

The Lanic spirit of rose lye

Roses can have a marmite flavor and it’s safe to say that this Lanic liquor will split a house. It’s very fragrant and floral, but has a nice sweet finish that will add some pizza to your cocktails. It was first enjoyed by the Prussian aristocracy 200 years ago and was a favorite until the 1920s when trade routes were blocked during World War II and fresh rose petals dried out. It was re-launched in the UK with this vintage-themed bottle and makes a wonderful gift for a cocktail lover.

Empress 1908 Gene

Well, this color-changing gene may seem like a joke, but it has excellent roots. Empress 1908 Jean Inspired by the famous afternoon tea service at the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Canada, the 1908 Empress Jean was made by Victoria Distiller. Plants include juniper, grape peel, ginger, rose petals, Fairmont Empress tea, and butterfly pea flowers. As a result of a combination of attractive blue tea flowers and butterfly peas mixed with tonic or citrus, the gin changes color to pink – it took a little practice to get the color change, but it was a good party trick and the gin is delicious .

The banana peel leaves the rum

Do you remember someone to buy permanently? We recommend this funky rum. The Caribbean rum base matures for two weeks in whiskey barrels with banana peel, which gives this rum an unmistakable banana taste. It gives the rum a fantastic sweetness and switches off the heat of the soul. The bottle is soft and modern and gives her a great gift, even in the dark and stormy it tastes wonderful.

Jack Rat logger room

Lugar Rome was built in Devon’s Lime Bay and has a distinct pirate feel to it. It’s deliciously spicy and a signature blend of a small amount of Trinidad and Tobago rum that just hums and rolls on the rocks. In the barley oak barrels made of green, orange peel, cloves as well as vanilla and bourbon oak, it goes hand in hand with the selected age compensation. Absolutely delicious and the perfect gift for any rum enthusiast.

La Chouf gift package

Unusual alcohol isn’t just for spiritual lovers, there are many new and unique offerings from Beer World. This gift box from the Belgian beer brand La Choufi offers the most entertaining backstory. The brand is named after Chaufi, who is said to have been the gnomes’ life in the Ardennes, where they ran their own brewery until it was destroyed. Rumor has it that the genomes gave the founders of La Chouf their recipe and that’s how the beer company was born. The beers themselves are full of hops and fresh with a lot of taste. They are also vegetarians and vegetarians.

Chapel with Pinot Noir Gin

Wine makers do not have to feel deprived of the unusual alcohol game, this gene is actually inspired by Pinot Noir wine in its production and taste. This gin is made from the skin of a thin noir grape and mixed with juniper, coriander, dried red berries, rose buds, citrus fruits, rose hips, angelica and celestial grains. It takes a skilled genetic tester from expert Shinji Jin to spot subtle tastes, but it’s an absolutely deliciously chic gene for botanical fanatics.