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35 of the Best Christmas Gifts You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

Amazon is basically Santa’s workshop at this point. No matter who you’re shopping for, it’s likely more than likely that Amazon’s hidden gems are waiting to be clicked, shipped, and packaged. Because Amazon has so many great options, we’ve designed your holiday season with a list of the best Amazon Christmas gifts from Marier (with no less of the hassle you should mention here). These gift ideas, which start at less than 3, cover everyone on your vacation shopping list, be it your mom, dad, significant other, child, co-worker, or best friend.

We picked up a couple of steinbies including a pair of earrings and a top notch Dutch oven. We’ve put together an exclusive gift idea for the hard-to-buy person on your list (remember: a 3D puzzle and a makeup brush cleaning mat). As you browse these gift ideas, think of your favorite pastimes, personal interests, or things you can keep talking about … your desire to make a home for yourself. Then search through these tips until you find the right fit. The main part? Everything is perfect for Amazon Prime, which means they’ll be at your door (or at your door!) Within two days. Perfect if you wait until the last minute. Title: If you want to send the gift directly to the recipient, be sure to mark the item as a gift and write a personalized message when you check out.

1 Of that, however, $ 20 prefers flexibility
Worm slippers

After a minute in the microwave, these slippers will relieve any pain while also giving off the scent of a comfortable lavender. In addition to these spotted styles, they come in classic cream, gray, and cheetah motifs.

2 If Longuia is on his list
Oversized Sherpa pullover hoodie

He’ll trade his batik creations for this quarter jeep. Choose from five neutral colors – khaki, black, gray, burgundy, or brown – and draw the original shape as it matches the shape that already gives an obsessive (read: comfortable) look.

3 Some parents will actually use it
3-in-1 charging stand

Instead of letting all of his cords and wires hang loosely, he can weave through this charging stand for a fun display. As always, his smartphone, smartwatch and Airpods can be charged at the same time.

4 Fun for the whole family
Disney Castle 3D puzzle

Once you’ve put this 216 piece puzzle together, you’ll have Cinderella Castle in your living room. Another challenge: tell them the names of all of the 100+ Disney characters scattered around the castle, from the big princesses to their little pals.

5 Encourage hosiery workers
Portable reusable drinking straw

Encourage them to have smart beverages later in the year with this reusable straw that weighs 12 ounces 30 ounces. When not in use, it fits in palm-sized straps that can be attached to your backpack or keychain.

6 Small suppression for your level
Zirconia hoop earrings

These earrings are simple and cute, just like hers. The tiny zirconia stones add just the right amount of shine to these everyday tires that Amazon reviewers consider “light and comfortable”.

7 For mom who likes to cook
Enamelled Dutch cast iron stove

Give this top-notch selection from their lodge rather than immerse yourself in Le Cruiset (save for next year?). This Dutch oven comes in all sizes up to 7 liters and looks great on the stove. It is a must have for soups, stews, and casual meals.

8 Provide a pair
Sleeping pills

Everyone – including your dad who sheds every time he goes to the couch – will benefit from this device worthy of the bedside table. Like a metronome, this little device has been tested and tested for insomnia. You can sleep naturally with the help of light and guided breathing exercises.

9 Scratch and Sparkle Unicorns Activity

In addition to scratch-and-publishing pages, this book contains many jokes, crossword puzzles, games, and other coloring pages. All 36 pages, unicorn, shiny and full of magic!

10 Comes in at 10
Personalized leather keyring

See? They can give an inexpensive personalized gift! Add 10 characters – your name, initials or a special message – to any of these black, blue, brown, cream, brown or gray key chains.

11 Star night light

You always tell them to reach for the stars and now they can be around them. When you put this night light on projector mode, it becomes the 2020 version of the dark stars that stuck on your roof when you were a kid.

12 Your girlfriend will thank you
Temperature control Smart Mug2

If the coffee is always cold before sipping, hold the temperature-controlled mug so that the drink stays hot at 145 ° C for several hours.

13 Good choice for difficult teenagers to satisfy
Metal scratches

These scrunches add a subtle shine to any simple ponytail or messy bun. All five colors are suitable for different hair types and colors, even for medium-thick hair. Critics say they can wrap it around their ponytail three times.

14 Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Even if you lack the space outside, you can grow your own plants in this window-friendly planter. This kit includes five assemblable pots, potting soil discs, wooden markers and seeds.

15 gold layered necklace

Give this multi-strand necklace the layered look it likes. Choose from 15 gold pendants such as bars, washers (pictured here), butterflies or bad eyes.

16 Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massage

Whenever he needs to feel a sense of relief, he can turn on this hand massage to feel aches and pains in the neck, back, legs or anywhere else. The work only takes 20 minutes as it pulses 3,600 times per minute.

17 Hallmark Channel Countdown from the Christmas book

Your love for Hallmark’s Christmas films is well known. That said, it’s going to be the craziest time of year, plus the most intriguing behind-the-scenes secrets, celebrity interviews, and movie-inspired recipes.

18 Hobby Rock Tumble Kit

With a little trick and water, this lobster turns any stone into a shiny gem. Adults also like it when it’s made for children. “We bought it for our 5-year-old daughter, but it’s just a gift for the whole family,” said one reviewer.

19 Screen magnifier for smartphones

Your tired eyes will thank you for this gift. When he wants to see or read something on his phone, he can just stick it in front of the magnifier to see it expand to a 12-inch screen.

20 Gingerbread house toy construction kit

Traditional gingerbread houses are fun and games … as long as they are separated, this kit will keep your kid’s imagination running throughout the season – they can create, destroy and rebuild their Play Doh creations as many times as they want.

21 PonderDome: A card game for lovers

In this family-friendly game, the person with the worst jokes (so, Dad?) Wins. When a player picks a card, everyone has a chance to win with the best (or worst) title for 90 seconds.

22 Hair gain

First came the book, then the Oscar-winning short film. Add this picture book to your child’s bookshelf to remind them that all hair types are beautiful – even with the most twists and kinks.

23 LC350 mini projector

When you plug in this projector, you can turn any blank wall into a premium screen for watching movies. The projector has two built-in speakers so they don’t need to produce good sound for a fun experience.

24 Silicone makeup brush cleaning mat

Because your makeup lover’s brushes need a friendly reminder to wash well. This cleaning mat is available in warm pink, green or blue and makes work easier as it can be carried on or immersed in a date palm.

25 Beard BB

That might sound like a joke, but this bearded bib was liked by 1,300+ Amazon shoppers for one reason: it works on bathroom mirrors, prevents shaved hair from sinking or the countertop from getting dirty.

26 Slip slip cap

Get rid of the annoying head with this satin cap. People with curly and unruly hair swear by it because after wearing it all night, the cap prevents your hair from breaking or tangling all night.

27 For the men in your life who like a clean shave: Bevel Shaving Kit

This bevel kit is the ultimate glam kit for boys. It comes with a razor, shaving brush, shaving cream, foundation oil, balm restorer, and 20 spare blades. It’s basically all it takes to see the dapper in minutes.

28 For the person who likes to stand: the lipstick stings.

Take these few glasses from The Lip Bar to wrap your mother, sister or aunt’s stockings this year. Not only will you love the vibrant color choices, but the sticky and shiny finish of the product as well. Bonus: Glosses are vegetarian and organic.

29 For a woman who can never have tote bags again: shades of brightly colored knitted tote bags

When her bag is tired and worn out, give her this new gift from Shades of Color. She will be able to put all her hands on it and still make a fashion statement.

30 For coffee lovers: BLK and Bold Mix

Give people what they want (emirate?). If you know someone in your family who makes coffee easy, grab a delicious mix of BLK and Bold. Amazon stocks several of their roasts, including Americans from Honduras and Ethiopia.

31 People who are serious about haircuts: Hairbella rain hats for them

This silk-lined rain hat keeps your children’s hands free and hair-protected when you run fast on a rainy day, play outside with the kids or mow the house. The most important thing you need to do to keep them dry is to decide how soft they feel in your hair.

32 For technology enthusiasts: 3-in-1 charging station

Friends don’t let friends go out with a half-dead iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPod, right? At least you will never get this charging station for multiple devices again after giving it away. It can charge their tablets, smartwatches and any other technology that they absolutely cannot give up.

33 For your best: overseas sweater dress

Your best friend deserves to be the best, and with 35,359 five-star ratings, this sweater dress is just the ticket. Not to mention eight different colors and patterns. Hello, new head of the winter wardrobe!

34 For those who are always planning Game Night: Sushi Go

You have a lot of exclusive and Catan settlers and you already own a cult favorite of what you like in bulk, but you have probably never heard of this card game that has a fast-paced take on the classic Go Fish. (And yes, you can do it justice if you introduce them to their new favorite game)

35. For Hayes lovers: weighted blankets

In the winter months, you may not feel calmer and more comfortable than a heavy blanket. With more than 3,500 five-star reviews on Amazon, they force them to get busy while spitting and drinking hot cocoa on Netflix (with extra marshmallows, thanks a lot).