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28 Christmas Gifts to Make Any Baby Go Ga-Ga

From super nice teasers to super cool cruisers, we have products that will delight newborns and this holiday season.

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Holidays are always a special time to celebrate traditions (old and new), but if it’s baby’s first Christmas – well, that requires eliminating all stops. Ornaments? Check. Pictures? Check. Decoration? Check. Baby’s first Christmas present? If you’re still working on it, you’ve come to the right place. We worked hard for you and found this year is the best Christmas toy for your little one. None of these baby Christmas gifts are going to make this special milestone truly memorable.

Newborn Christmas gifts: 0 to 3 months

Vacation shopping for your little one is always fun, but baby’s first Christmas present should be extra special. From playmats to prizes, rattles and much more, these age-appropriate gifts for newborn girls and boys will keep your child serene and excited.

Plush safety blanket

If you’re considering giving your child a few Christmas stuffed animals, it’s as soft as a marshmallow right in front of the gift wrap and suitable for your little one. Will see.

Organic Knit Rotle

This cute, woven organic cotton rattle is easy for little fingers to hold and vibrate. It is therefore ideal for promoting a baby’s fine motor skills and sensations. We’re also obsessed with unique, giggling Weiner dog designs. Dolls even wear winter sweaters! Baby Christmas gifts that are adorable and developing boosters? Yes.

Development play mat

The gym at this loveware game is guaranteed to have a good time. This is because it was designed by child development experts to provide just the right activity. It is environmentally friendly thanks to the durable wood and also beautifully stylishly colored.

Modern timber grapple

Speaking of wooden toys, here’s another baby Christmas that is easy on the eyes. This multi-sensor clutch toy has a sleek, minimalist design that sets it apart from other newborn Christmas gifts. Most importantly, it is durable and absolutely attractive to interested children

Animated cuddly toy

This soft, affordable plush toy is much more than just a stuffed toy – it pops ears, peeks, and sings to keep your little one happy. This year we have a vote as a must to have baby Christmas present.

Nice, cuddly doll

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than giving a child back a Christmas present. When you give away one of the most interesting handcrafted Chadal + toys, the brand delivers the 10 baby foods needed for every heirloom quality doll that a child will love even more as they grow up. We also like that each doll comes in two sizes: a small one, a large one. If the child has siblings, consider coordinating gifts with the couple.

Charming three-piece set

Christmas presents cannot be repaired with a child? How about this: The cute set with museum motifs contains a book with a soft bun, teething rings and crinkle pages. Talk about swinging for your buck! Also, the teether is made from natural untreated wood so the baby can walk away happily without any unsafe chemicals.

Children’s Christmas gifts: 3 to 6 months

Your child begins to explore the world around them – this is how your chosen baby Christmas presents will arouse their curiosity. The baby’s sensations are delighted with musical toys, tether straps, tummy tuck accessories and much more.

Sensory toy set

Did someone say taco last night? This fun (and affordable!) Baby Christmas gift set is the food that makes parents’ dreams come true. The “Taco Tuesday” trilogy features an avocado rattle, a lemon-lime click and a multi-sensitive taco toy. It’s just perfect for an authentic presentation for a special occasion

Ratal and Tedar combo

Children this age begin to discover causes and effects. So encourage them with an enthusiastic toy that will sound when they vibrate. This Christmas gift for kids is light for easy play, very colorful and chewable for their eyes. Did we mention it won our Best 2019 award for best toy for 3 to 6 months?

Gourmet time toys

The baby can be recorded with this floor mirror in such a way that it forgets that it has time in the womb! Those neck, shoulder and upper arm muscles will one day be stronger. Reflective toys also encourage visual development.

Hilarias Veggie Tether

Tethers play around with Christmas presents for babies 3 to 6 months old because babies are on dates! But don’t settle for an old design – especially when you can buy this incredibly beautiful one. The handmade, time-shaped toy can also be used as a bath toy, and everyone is sure that the baby’s nibble will create a kick.

Colorful activity book

The bold contrasting colors of this book-playhouse hybrid will grab your child’s attention long after they’ve opened their other great Christmas toys. And fun mirrors, protected only for children, touch ribbons to play with, a ladybug teaser, and doors and windows that can be opened and closed

Kite activity toys

Let the child’s imagination fly with the flip-flop kite. Pull the clip to flap your wings and prepare for lots of giggles. With six vibrant fabrics, crushed legs, and a snug nose, this baby Christmas present is perfect for introducing fun colors, textures, and sounds to a child.

Winter Woodland activity block

Are you trivializing a wonderful winter land this Christmas? This festival activity block with woodland critics will get you there. Ethically made organic cotton pads are perfect for a baby’s first Christmas present (and as a great travel toy). The child will discover hidden sensual pleasures including a rat, squirrel, wrinkles, and a maple teether. Brown dots for eye-catching monochrome designs.

Children’s Christmas gifts: 6 to 9 months

To protect the baby’s motor skills, choose hard-working Christmas gifts for babies so they can get their hands on them, such as: B. Clutch toys, rattles, balls and sensitive activity books.

Musically fizzy toys

This cute penguin cradle will cause, turn and “play” whenever your baby hits for it. It also has a built-in bell that shakes a baby-pleasing sound. Together, the functions are sure to entertain your little one for hours.

Rock-a-Mol guitar

The best baby Christmas gifts vibrate creativity. And this adorable avocado is sure to be a guitar hit. Created with little hands on head, it contains seven songs to keep your little superstar entertained. Turn the avocado “pit” for the Tungi tune, press the lighted button and rock!

Christmas Y clasping toy

Baby Christmas gifts (at least the best of people) can be adorable in their ability to attract a child with their simplicity. And here is a prime example. This cheerful wooden caterpillar makes a quiet roaming sound and is available in festive green and red colors. What if the baby spends so much time shaking? Don’t worry: it will end up with an inhumane water-based stain.

Hedgehog accordion toy

This wooden land critic is so easy to push, pull and make music for the smallest hand. It even has moving beads that are linked to the baby’s fine motor skills. Isn’t the best Christmas toy the best?

Fun “fishball”

This Christmas gift for babies won the 2019 Best Toy Award for 6 to 9 months: Classic pull-in and pull-out design attracts kids’ attention and helps them develop their skills. You will hear their unique sound for oysters and tremors. Bonus: Since all of the reviewers fit neatly in the bowl, toys are easy to package and store.

Toys roll and stack

These baby Christmas toys look easy to dress up, but your baby has plenty of play options with three balls vibrating like mini maracas! These are divided into six halves that can be mixed and matched and connected to the roll. These can also be stacked, creating dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Splash bath toys

Looking for a Christmas present for children? Soft, 100 percent natural rubber and child-friendly color make this adorable, trendy bath toy safe to chew on. The ring design makes it easy to grip and is completely sealed so that no water can get in.

Baby Christmas gifts: 9 to 12 months

Presentations that kids can push, pull and follow are sure to be winners this year. After all, your little boy is probably running! Our selection of the best baby Christmas gifts promotes fine and gross motor skills and the sensitive development of children. They are just ordinary fun.

Baby Ball Pit

What kid doesn’t like monkeys near a ball pit? Now babies under 9 months old can become active. This soft, easy-to-clean, turtle-shaped “pit” provides plenty of support and cushioning to keep babies safe. She just fills the balls provided for the baby to roll, throw and explore. There is nothing better for a worthy Christmas present than this.

Elephant ball popper

Available: One of the best Christmas gifts of the year! This stupid guy shoots when the kid presses the button. Six different melodies are also played. Control where the balls can play – either back to the toy or across the room so your child can scoot.

Withdraw vehicle kit

These Melissa and Doug cars are one of our favorite Christmas gifts for kids to help develop babies’ motor skills. They are perfect for catching and pulling older children. Once pulled, these plush cars zoom in on the little ones “very del del”

Long-lasting stackable cups

If you’re looking for the best Christmas present for 9 to 9 year olds, check out our Best Off Baby Awards. This toy won the grand age award in 2019. Stacking cups are made of recyclable plastic, are dishwasher safe and are suitable for regular play, bathing or beach times. And cups will also help your child learn to count as they get older

Rolling helicopter toy

When the child puts pressure on the pilot of this helicopter, he flies over the ground, tries it out and inspires him to crawl. When they push the buttons on the side, they are considered fun songs and lights. Educational kids Christmas toys introduce them to colors, shades and numbers.

Fish bath toy set

Fishing for baby Christmas gift ideas can be complex. But in our experience, bath toys are always a winner. This colorful boat comes with a captain, a fish hook, four fish ready to catch and much more. Grabble parts improve hand-eye coordination and can be tapped in the boat at the end of the game. Set sail for fun while bathing!

Bubble sensitive toy

Our list of the most popular Christmas gifts for children this year is rounded off by Dimple Sensitive Toys from Fat Brain Toys. Little fingers love to explore – and they can’t resist these vibrant silicone buttons in different shapes and colors. Kids can slide these perfectly to keep them on the other side – so easy, yet impossible to pull down.