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The 41 Best Gifts for Teenage Boys, According to Teenage Boys

According to teenagers, they can be a little difficult to read. They may find it difficult to speak more than one word and seldom get a full understanding of their tastes. To find great gifts that would bring a smile to those particularly tough audiences, we spoke to 15 teenagers about their seductive things. Read on to learn which gifts are best for young athletes (heated foot massage), whether an Xbox is still a good idea (of course), and who makes the best fur (Patagonia of course). And when you’re getting your teenage girls, check out our list of the best gifts for teenage and middle-aged girls too.

Game gifts for teenagers

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare

If you really want to impress a teenager in your life and they don’t have a video game console yet, the teenagers we spoke to recommend Xbox One and PlayStation. “I’m sure the PlayStation 5 is on every teenager’s list and definitely on me,” says 14-year-old actor Joe Rippo. “I love to play live with friends so getting PlayStation 5 for this year’s vacation would be epic,” he added. The pre-order period has expired (and sold out), but will be back in stock soon – there is no set date yet. Or you can always purchase an Xbox One. The latest model is a “hard drive-free” console developed with cloud games (usually all major new releases that can be purchased and downloaded online). You can also choose an Xbox One that accepts discs if you want. However, a bonus to this disc-free console is that it includes free download codes for Minecraft, Sea of ​​Thieves, and Fortnite.

PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB console

However, if you need a more instant gift or don’t want to spend extra cash, the PlayStation 4 is still available for purchase. And it will surely be appreciated.

Switch to Nintendo with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con

The Nintendo Switch became an epidemic game and was sold out. But I think it’s back today and it would make a great gift for a teenager. Seventeen year old Simi tells us that it is currently a “* Fire Emoji *” item. “As we wait for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Nintendo Switch has become the brightest console this season,” he said, adding that its compatibility makes you nostalgic Mario and Zelda games and new online multiplayer games can play “Loves Options” like this year’s favorite for social distancing, Animal Crossing.

Oculus Quest 2 Advanced All-in-One Virtual Reality Headset

No touch is more interactive – and for high tech tech, Joey is pointed at this VR headset. “This VR is at the top of my wish list this year,” he says, because it “has 50 percent more pixels than the original and is an all-in-one radio system”. The headset gives you access to the entire Quest content library, including Jurassic World Aftermath, Warhammer 40,000, The Walking Dead, and many more. So you have a lot of choice.

Magic: Godrej Core Set 2020 Deck Builder Toolkit

There are still some analog options available if you don’t want to encourage more screen time over video game routes. 13-year-old Goss played the character of Magic the Girding and said the Core Set is a great gift for anyone looking to play or like a new hobby.

Gadgets for teenagers

Occasionally UV disinfectant and wireless charger

“Better than a 2020 cell phone charger that disinfects your phone too,” asks Joey. With the epidemic still going on and special attention being paid to disinfection, it’s all a pretty good idea and our devices are one of the deepest things we own. Once you’ve placed your device – it fits most home phones – the UV light will run for three minutes. After that, it will charge your phone with its cue-enabled interface.

RazorX DLX electronic skateboard

18-year-old Matt, who had just started his freshman year, said he hoped he’d get this razor-sharp electronic skateboard. “It would be so easy and fun to walk around on campus with it,” he says. According to the company, the skateboard can reach speeds of up to 19 km / h and the battery lasts 40 minutes without interruption. Drivers control the speed with the included remote control. When the juice doesn’t run out, it doubles as a normal, old-fashioned skateboard.

Roku Streaming Stick +

We’re big fans of Roku’s smart devices that allow any TV to stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more, and teenagers too, according to Simi. “A teenager who has a television loves Roku players, whether for video games or not.” He stated that it is a great device for teenagers as it gives them easy access to all of their favorite streaming services for their TV, and allows them to do other things on their laptops and phones at the same time.

Cameo celebrity greetings

Ben, 1, told us that his friends raised money from their favorite stars together to buy each other’s camouflage colors on their birthdays. Unsurprisingly, Camo is a service that allows users to choose from hundreds of well-known personalities, each of whom records 30-second video video messages of their choosing. “You can choose from athletes, actors, reality stars, musicians and more,” said Ben. “It is just as fun for the provider as it is for the recipient because everyone is on the phone forever.” “We recommend reaching out to your best friend who you really want to receive a message from.”

Original Nutrient Bullet Nutrient Extractor Blender

Matt also keeps an eye on this compact, nutritious ball mixer. It’s a great gift for anyone with hues as it takes up very little space and comes as needed: two different blades, a 24-ounce blender jar, two 18-ounce serving cups, and a selection of IDs and storage accessories. Blender himself, Matt said, “It’s super portable and I like smoothies.”

Anker Powercore Slim 10000 PD portable charger

Goose and Sean both say that they can use a good portable charger for their phones and other devices. “I think I always get Orrov from people,” said Sean, who wants something small enough to “keep my backpack and keep it at school” whenever it is necessary. We have written about this portable charger before and it has been suggested to us by technicians and celebrities alike. It’s thin enough to fit in a pocket, and it comes with its own cord so you don’t have to worry about finding something to plug in.

Music gifts for teenagers

JBL Flip 4 waterproof portable bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are great gifts for teenagers, as Simi reminds us, “What do teenagers like more than playing meaningless music at the highest possible volume?” Shawn told us that JBL is known for making some of the best and has a lot of their classmates. He expects it to be “small enough to take with you, but very loud”. It’s also waterproof.

Yamaha 76-key touch-sensitive portable keyboard

Sean is a musician, but he says this keyboard will be a great gift for anyone – whether they are already playing or not. She has a similar model in her house and says her friends like to play with them when they come. “They want a keyboard so they can learn,” he explains. It would be good to start something like this, he said, you can experiment with different sound effects or even create electronic music.

Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones

Matt also said he’s expecting some of our wireless headphones, but that this pair was specially made by Powerbeat. “These are great for listening to music, going to the gym, or watching movies while you’re studying,” he says. Unlike Airpods, they are designed for sports and activity. Therefore, they may be a better choice for athletes who enjoy listening to music while running or exercising.

Sennheiser HD 559 headphones with an open back

For listening to music at home, more traditional full-size headphones might be a better alternative, and Gus prefers Sennheiser, known for its audiophile-approved headphones. Vellore-lined headbands and open-back ear cups should provide a very comfortable listening experience.

Gifts and accessories for teenagers

Champion Life Pullover Hoodie

“Comfortable clothing” has been mentioned by every single teenager, especially hoodies. “Hoodies are great and I can always use a little more,” said Sean. She’s a big fan of the classic Champion hoodie and wants a simple color like blue, black, or gray. Antonio went on to tell us that he didn’t get enough champion hoodies: “I’m already gray, so probably black or red.”

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Pullover Hoodie

Shawn and Matthews have named Nike one of the best casual wear brands, and we believe this hoodie is another great all-purpose option for the teen you are shopping for. It’s made from a comfortable and breathable cotton-poly blend and while many boys would like the dress to be black and gray, we think that green is almost as neutral and a bit different. This one has an athletic vintage look that many told us they liked.

Adidas Tiro 19 training pants

For a sporadic style of lounge pants, Gus prefers these Adidas training pants with the classic three stripes under the feet.

Patagonia Cinquila Snap-T floss sweater

“This sheep looks very comfortable and fresh,” said Jack. “Patagonia is also known for having clothes that are well-groomed and durable.” Given how much we’ve written about Patagonia, we can no longer agree. Stuff holds up well, and snap-t-flour is a great style for all ages.

Van old school sneakers

Sneakers were also very popular with the teenagers we spoke to. “I need more casual things,” says Jack. She chose these Van Old School sneakers as a great alternative. And if Jack’s opinion isn’t believable enough, you can easily find out that our resident cool guy, Chris Black, is a huge fan of the brand too.

Nike Air Huarache

Nike fan Matthews really likes this old Huarach in black. “You are beautiful to look at. I can’t say they look good because I haven’t worn them, but they are comfortable. “These are also available on Boulder All-Red. Another thing we like about Huaraches: They’re a great (slightly less ubiquitous) alternative to another teenage favorite, the Nike Air Force 1.

Sports gifts for teenagers

Jordan 1 Retro High Bread Toe

Of the three boys we spoke to, three shoes are high on their wish-list – especially basketball-related kicks. Seventeen year old Tomar called us and his friends “really like any Jordan” because they usually have a “great, simple design that you can wear anything”. She says she always wears her (cheaper) gray and black, but the next pair she wants are the new, ultimately sought-after “breads” – inspired by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls Black and Red – released last year. Years. “I’ve heard a lot of people say they love to play too,” he says.

Nike Kobe 4 Protro Carp Cent

Until he’s lucky enough to get his hands on these Jordans, Tomar says he will continue to play basketball on his favorite and so rare Kobe 4S. “You just feel good,” he says. “These shoes feel like running shoes, but are also more comfortable on your ankles – which is essential for gaming.”

Spikeball playset

If you think the teen is lucky enough to have a garden in their own home or near a park, Simi and friends believe that Spikeball “is the best game to play outside (or even enough space inside House to have) “. Follow a general rule: there are two teams, and each player on each team must touch the ball before returning to the net without it hitting the ground. If it doesn’t, the other team takes a point. The first 21 victories!

Therabody Theragun Elite

Tomar tells us that his mom bought a Theragun (a popular sports massager that we examined earlier), and after taking it every day, now she really wants her own. He said, “When you are in pain or when you are done with your work, put it on your muscles and it will release a lot of tension.”

Miko Shiatsu foot massager

Jack, 1, is a college tennis player and he told us this Shiatsu foot massage is high on his wish list. “As an athlete, I like massage. Whenever I can get body and leg massages, I enjoy these electric massages too and when I have them I can use them a lot at home “(bonus: it has a” heat “setting for the winter))

Gift cards for teenagers

Apple App Store and iTunes gift cards

Jack also suggests taking out an Apple Music subscription. “It’s amazing, and I use it every day. I think it would make a great gift. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for a real subscription gift. However, if you bought an iTunes gift card, the balance can be used for an Apple Music subscription A physical gift card is great, but you can also purchase an electronic version and email it on your way to a Christmas party.