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15 Awesome Handmade Holiday Gifts With Cricut

If you are a proud cricket owner, handmade Christmas gifts are your Super Bowl. We try the thought of taking a few simple things with us and turning our magical vacation getaways into something very special. While I’m usually your resident marriage expert, today I’m going to share the 15 ideas of my favorite Christmas present on the vacation feeling that you can crash with your cricket and the wide variety of cricket on offer. This colorful creative list is sure to have something on your list for everyone!

1. Lady Out loud Christmas mug gift

Ah Christmas coffee gift, is it better? We can always use more coffee and smarter coffee cups. Tilt your stream to set this powerful gift apart from the rest!

2. Notebooks personalized with inspiration keys

Personalized notebooks are a perfect gift idea for someone on your list who loves making a list. Wrap it up with some fun pens and you’re golden!

3. Custom triple and rich jewelry bowl

This cute personal jewelry bowl is a great idea for your friends or sisters. Every girl needs a special place to keep her shiny things!

4. Creative tea towel from Persia Law

Looking for cheap cheap hostess gifts with most? Decorate with a nice tea towel and iron-on, wrap with a wooden spoon and off you go!

5. Personalized family signed by a small craft in your time

This family run sign is the perfect gift idea for your friends with a new family or a new home! Personalize their last name and family or home once it’s certain!

6. Gold decorated candles from Happy Go Lucky

Can you say fantastic! I am obsessed with the idea of ​​converting cheap candles into these show stoppers simply with show tape! A big win for your vacation budget!

7. Some turquoise handcrafted lingerie bags

Travel this holiday season or who knows? Make these adorable washing / carrying & cleaning + dirty lingerie bags so they can pack their suitcase! Free Bag Pattern and SVG Iron On Files!

8. Fake leather earrings made in the rain

Make your cricket maker work hard to make this camouflage leather earner and you will see your most fashionable friend a joke boss!

9. Damascus love monogram keychain

I call all the gorilla girls! How adorable these monogram key chains can be can be double the best gift tags ever!

10. Custom cookie jar by Day Love

For the unemployed on your list, just personalize a cookie jar for them! Even add their family names and fill in loads of homemade cookies or biscuit ingredients. A great gift for the hostess!

11. Holiday wine glass only by daring penis

Like cute Christmas wine glasses, it must be made for yourself or as a gift!

12. The gift of hot cocoa ornaments from The Quiet Grove

A cute and simple gift idea that is perfect for neighbors and co-workers to say something about what you think of them this holiday season. Delicious too!

13. Personal stockings are not a cliché

Use your Cricket Maker and CricketExpress to make comfortable stockings for your family and friends. Sewing is not very easy when cutting the cricket.

14. T-shirt decorated by Amber Oliver

Embellished t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tanks are always a good idea. These artisan AF shirts are adorable and suitable for the artisan on your list. Izpress will be your best friend this holiday season when it comes to embellishing fabrics with Iron On Design!

15. Squeeze out the custom wine with some turquoise

Hey, he’s me again! Give wine lovers on your list the gift of spill-free, glass-free shipping! Personalize with your favorite vinyl, tie them in a small bottle of your favorite wine and gift. Fast, easy, and totally affordable. Perfect for walking around the neighborhood and enjoying the Christmas lights!

Bonus # 16: Leah Griffith gift tags

Every great handmade Christmas gift needs to be tagged with equally amazing handmade Christmas tags, and Leah Griffith has you covered in these beauties!


Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas Made with Cricut

This is a sponsored conversation I wrote for cricket. Opinions and writings are all mine. I’ve created my favorite cricket home cream Christmas gift ideas. You can also create and personalize these gifts!

My favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts and I love giving gifts! I have been giving family Christmas presents since I was eight and can assure you that there have been some interesting presents in those early days. (I’m sure my siblings will agree!) I felt that the first Christmas present was in jeopardy. I cut and glued them and marked my siblings’ names on them. Oh, how I would love to have my handmade picture 8 years old!
A look at my 100 year old home
Over the years I have created quilts, stained glass, oil paintings, advent calendars, pillows, and more. I try to personalize my gifts whenever I can and I enjoy using my cricket machine. My cricket maker lets me be so creative. Today I am sharing a roundup of 25 Christmas gift ideas made with cricket. Many of them are mine!

You can personalize all of these gift ideas with your cricket machine and I love them all.

Christmas gift ideas at home

I’ve made hundreds of crepe paper flowers with my cricket machine this year. I made eleven types of flowers of different colors. Why not give a bouquet of flowers that will last forever?

I treated myself to reusable water bottles and gave them to my friends who were with me on our Waco Airbnb. I even personalized them with the names of their Instagram accounts. I used Cricket Premium Vinyl and used a drawing on the front of our house as the logo of the bottles.

A personalized tea towel is the best gift in the kitchen! You can buy stiff flour sack distilleries, and cricket can cut with iron every day in transferring any design or message. These towels look so adorable on our Airbnb. You can make your own Christmas present at home this year.

I made this adorable 3D tree to decorate the table. I got free samples in cricket design and I like how they came out.

I love Christmas music so I thought it would be fun to create a Christmas carol at our table. I picked eight lines from my favorite Christmas carols and added them to my playmates with Cricket Rose Iron-On.

I used my cricket machine to make pantry labels for this great glass ring jar. Aren’t these the best canisters?

To make this pillow I designed a Christmas tree with the family name on it and used the Cricket Iron on vinyl material.

You can personalize a share by highlighting the name. The tags for this stocking are made from Cricket Premium Vinyl.

I cut my ornaments in my cricket maker and showed my son’s wedding photos. Don’t these look great when they’re hanging on their trees?

These coasters are made with cricket hot melt ink! How great are you?

Cricket is great for creating stencils. So why not make a stencil for the pie crust? This will make a great gift for a dinner party.

The best thing about this gift is that you can make a personalized chalkboard or give a chalkboard gift as a gift and add a few stencils!

We all love bottles with labels and you can make them here for oil, vinegar or simple syrup! I made homemade vanilla this year and I do vinyl lettering for bottles too!

I made this place card for FriendsGiving and Thanksgiving this year. I used Medina fonts and cut them out of the Cricket Craft Board foil material. Wouldn’t it be great to bring a set as a hostess gift? Include only all members of your family in the set.

I made these pillow cases for my son and as a present for his fiance at the engagement party. Roman numerals were the theme of their wedding date and engagement party in Hampton, California.

I made this felt pad with my cricket machine and it’s so easy because the machine does all the cutting work!

I did one with Pointsetius!

I made these vintage style red and white 3-D ornaments out of heavy card stock. These are easy to do and I like how they turned out.