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DIY Christmas Gifts – 30+ Gifts To Make And Give For The Holiday

Looking for the best DIY Christmas present you can? When I was looking for the best handmade gift ideas on Pinterest over the holidays, I didn’t like all of the ideas I found while searching. Instead, I went to my favorite DIY blogs to find the best ideas for the best presentations for Christmas. I’ve put together a list of the 50 best gifts to give for X-Month and I wanted to share it with you. At DIY JOY we love Christmas more than any other time of the year because many of you love doing things for your friends and family, just like you. We’ve spent years finding Pinterest, Google, and the best DIY websites for the best DIY gifts on X-Mass, from last minute DIY gifts for mom to dad gifts for mom, DIY gifts for her and DIY gifts for her. , Quick Gifts To Knit We’ve also created a huge list of DIY Christmas gift ideas. For those you need to give a gift for, we’ve got it covered for you. From thoughtful, one-of-a-kind handcrafted creations that will get you thinking over the years about useful and practical things to use DIY glass gifts with interior accessories, we need to create something for everyone on your Christmas list.

30+ DIY Christmas gift ideas

1. DIY extracts at home

If you never make your own homemade extract, try it out for yourself, then give it to your family and friends as well. When I needed a quick gift idea for my mom last year, I put it together for her Christmas presence and she thanked me more than ever. That’s what moms do, my idea, but man, if you try some recipes made with these homemade extracts, you will definitely make them. This thoughtful gift is easy and cheap to conjure up. It’s one of a kind and it can certainly be used to print a little recipe book that will give you some excerpts and you have a great DIY Christmas present to think of.

2. Painted mason jar succulent planter

If you are looking for DIY Christmas gifts to give to all of those special people and to do a lot, this cute mason jar succulent planter should be seriously considered. These hand-painted mason jars are an easy DIY gift and can be made in a variety of colors. Use chalk paint and do one in less than an hour. Make lots at a time and have them ready for quick last minute Christmas gift ideas. I did this when I had to give something to the neighbors on vacation last year. To get them again this year to give presents to the children of all of their teachers at school.

3. 10 minute photo Kipsack ornament

I keep seeing adorable Christmas decorations when I go into the Christmas season. Another fun thing about our trees is the photo ornaments that we already have in our house. As always, when I take on a craft project it should be easy and these ornaments are just that. You put them together and hang them on your tree in minutes! Follow this blog as easily as it shows you how to do it.

4. DIY peppermint mason jar candle

Making homemade mason jar candles is so much fun, and these peppermint candles are great Christmas gifts too! I think handmade gifts are the best! It makes sense when you can give something special to friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors in your home. They are really great for burning the holiday season in your home.

5. DIY Instagram photo box

With this simple project, you can pack your favorite photos together with your favorite Instagram photos and pack them in this cute Instagram photo box. It is a reflection of creative gift giving. Paper Match + Glitter + Think of your lucky mugs. Doing your trade has never been so fun. Check out the full tutorial from Style Me Pretty to learn more.

6. DIY desk organizer

Are you tidying up your space on a budget? As we work from home more and more, we value the idea of ​​an organized desk more and more. This is where the best DIY desk organizers come in and make a great Christmas present. Keep all of your paperwork and desk supplies handy with this DIY desk organizer. Create a homework station with wood using this step-by-step guide to sugar and cloth.

7. Hanging yarn cuckoo clock wall

Use yarn and copper tubing to make wall hangings. This is a functional watch too! Although this DIY project may seem scary at first, I think I can try it out after seeing how beautiful it looks. It really is perfect for the holiday season. It’s always Christmas time with this festive cuckoo clock!

8. Mystery Creddy bracelet

This is the easiest way to learn how to make a Mystery Bride bracelet. The secret behind the bracelet is that the point is made without any loose edges. It’s on my list of curious things to try but never found the time to start. What a great tutorial! It doesn’t seem as difficult as it looks so I definitely make it through on the weekends. And a great Christmas gift idea!

9. Modern tablet or cookbook stand

A tablet holder or iPad holder is a must if you want to cook from recipes online. Create a DIY breadboard tablet holder using this simple tutorial from HGTV Build. This cookbook stand is designed to hold most cookbooks as well as a tablet. However, the size and angle can be adjusted to suit individual needs and tastes. You can even personalize it and it will make a great handmade Christmas gift.

10. Zippard clutch

This tutorial, which includes step-by-step instructions from Girl Inspired, will walk you through how to create super stylish, zippered lined bags. It’s always nice to be able to quickly sew a small clutch bag – they’re such a gift for everyone! Perfect for makeup, to keep receipts or coupons – anything! I made these pouches forever as they look complicated, but I think I’ll go through them now.

11. Christmas potpourri gift

12. 5 minute DIY gold dipped mug

13. Hot apple cider and cinnamon spice

14. Paint kitchen utensils

15.DIY Rudolf coasters

16. Patterned candles under 10 minutes

17.DIY No sewing flamingo lumbar pillow

17. Ordinary tote bag

18.DIY painted vases

19. Containers of paint wrapped in thread

20. DIY arch picture frame

21. DIY snow globes

22. Mason jar picture frame vase

23. Christmas tea tree

24. Classic ticket-to-board

25. DIY homemade heating pad

26. Gift ideas of flavored salt

27. 10 minute DIY lip balm

28. Ceiling scarf

29.DIY table mugs

30. Mittens belt sweater

31. Gift basket with hot chocolate

32. Hanging Christmas tree wall

33.DIY wooden hexagon coasters

34. Santa Claus deals with kissing bags