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30 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Seniors: The Ultimate List (2020)

There are some relatives who find it quite difficult to know what is available for them for Christmas. For older relatives, it sometimes seems impossible to have all of the things they already need. However, there is always something out there that can put a smile on your face or make your life easier.

Many of the gifts we’ve put together here are sure to be well received by older relatives this Christmas season. In this guide, we want to inspire friends and family members who are interested in Christmas gift ideas for seniors. We have broken the guide into four sections for you to make your choice.

  1. First, there are some great health and beauty items out there. These devices either provide practical help for elderly relatives or are easily offended.
  2. Then there are gifts for the home. These products are designed to help elderly relatives maintain their independence in a fun way.
  3. Then there are products for the garden that still want to be green and active outside.
  4. After all, toys and games are a bit of fun. Hopefully it will help you head in the right direction.

Health and beautiful gifts for seniors

1. Jillian Shiatsu massage pillow

Massages and other related products always treat seniors who are experiencing a little more pain than before. This model is ideal for a Christmas present as it is smaller and cheaper than other high-tech options. This system uses a three-dimensional message from the deep gait to support the muscles of the neck, back, or legs. It’s convenient, easy to use, and will prove very helpful. This multifunctional ingredient means relatives can use it at their own discretion depending on their personal illness.

2. Double foot massager

This is one of the closest massagers for those who don’t like something very high or high tech like the model above. Here is a simple wooden roller that relatives can use to relieve tension and pain in their feet. It seems quite simple at first glance, but it has great speed and an ergonomic shape that can prove to be very helpful. It’s proven for arch problems and plantar fasciitis in national conditions. Lightweight and portable means it can be used anywhere. There are also helpful instructions for getting the best speed and results.

3. Sunbeam Micropolish heated lift

Many seniors will find great comfort in this heated blanket even during the Christmas season. This blanket has a soft microplash material that provides a great warm blanket with a Thermophin heating system that adapts to the temperature and body on cold evenings. In particular, these layers can be machine washed without risk of damage. It’s much safer than traditional electric blankets. There is no risk of fire from accidental overheating of material or blankets. This means more peace of mind for everyone involved.

4. Phillips Enlightenment AR

Lightweight therapy devices are of great help to seniors struggling with morning sickness or even showing symptoms of SAD. Philips is one of the most popular brands for these devices. This SAD light is also used as an alarm clock and offers a gentle sunrise simulation. The round room gradually changes color to wake up more naturally. This programmable device also has a natural sound that replaces the normal hum. This can be of great help to seniors who want to have the most enjoyable winter mornings for each adult.

5. White won’t win a machine

Some seniors may also have difficulty sleeping at night. Sleep disorders and insomnia are more common during this lifetime. Such a white sound machine can create a pleasant background noise so that they can get off at the same time every night. The choice is yours to hear the sound of ocean waves and rainforest noises, as well as the flow of ordinary white noises. The bedside device also has a timer that users can use to plan their nightly routine. With regular use, it can prove to be of great help in many diseases.

6. From Medical Folding Pedal Exercise

Some seniors may also appreciate the opportunity to use some exercise tools to help them stay fit and strong. There is no reason for them to give up their physical strength and fitness once they retire, but they may need specialized equipment to do so. These paddle practitioners bring the best elements of an exercise bike to the living room floor. The paddles have a smooth rotation, a solid base and a small monitor for data. Users can set it up in front of the TV and enjoy a great lesson of practice.

7. Adjust the pass resistance bands

After that, it doesn’t look so different for us at first. A carry case contains 5 exercise bands and attached exercise videos that users can customize online. These stiff latex bands have different resistance levels and can be used for different exercises. Some people will find that they are great as an additional tool for Pilates and yoga sessions. It should appeal to many seniors who want to pick up one of these hobbies and push their boundaries a little further. The portable nature means they are great for classroom use in community centers too.

8. Examiner

Then there is this leg activator. Because of the name, this product looks a little funnier. It is designed as a passive exercise device that improves walking and blood circulation. Regular sessions on this device can help with varicose veins and general conditioning. This compact system should be surprisingly quiet, gentle, and offer a great effortless session. In fact, it’s easier to use that the pedal machine above.

9. Health Senior Mini Exercise Ball

Some of these exercise machines and bands are great for current fitness and mobility. They help keep active seniors active. Then there are those relatives who are a little older and freer. You may have osteoporosis or other mobility problems that limit exercise options. These healthy senior guides provide people with a simple brochure and device to get started with. The ball is soft and easy to swell with a pump or a straw. Users can follow the instructions from the comfort of their chair and improve their flexibility and strength.

10. Peel the putbox

Pill boxes never seem like the most attractive Christmas gift to give to an elderly relative. Still, it can be something they really need to think about asking. Some pill organization systems are a little more elegant than others. Here are seven brightly colored bowls – a different color for the rainbow for each day of the week. They have clear sections for the times of the day and they all go very well with a portable leather wallet. This means seniors can take them on vacation and not have to worry about confusing their medications.

Home gadget gift for seniors

11. Hamilton Capel telephone connected

Older members of our family may struggle with some of the more basic tasks they face as they age. With special help, gadgets and senior-friendly technologies can help to improve the situation. This phone is a good example. This product has a traditional dial pad and large format touch screen. Captions provide an easy-to-read copy of calls. It also copies the answering machine. This is great for the hearing impaired who need a little help understanding what the callers are saying.

12. Smart Shopper SS-301 Voice Registration Grocer

Making shopping lists can also be a problem for some older relatives. It can be difficult to put everything down on a list because your handwriting was not what it used to be. Without a list that can cause memory problems, this is absolutely impossible. This speech recognition device prints a neat list and organizes items by category. The display is easy to read and users scroll through 2500 pre-installed items.

13. Kitchen glass opener for boiling hands

Another task that can be more difficult for other family members is opening cans and jars. In all honesty, we can all fight it from time to time. A stiff jam jar or water bottle is weak, quite in arthritic hands. This device is encumbered with a number of attachments. It’s designed as a 5-in-1 mode, so it should fit most glasses and bottles around the house. Just leave the device idle and packed.

14. LED lights Flameless candles

Scented candles are always great in any home. However, a flameless LED model offers the same fragrance and comfort without the risk of open flames, as there is a safety risk for elderly residents, especially those with complex care needs. This set of multi-colored candles has a remote control and smells like real wax vanilla. The hand carved top gives it a more realistic look.

15. Pyramid Books Hoggle

Reading is a popular pastime among many seniors. It’s fun to relax in bed on a rainy afternoon with a good book or a small breakfast. This year, no relative will consider buying a book and relying on a book. These high-performance products offer a large angle for the book and relieve tired, sore hands. They come in many different colors and patterns and even have a soft tassel bookmark for users to identify their place.

16. Nix XO8G digital photo frame

Photo albums are a great way to keep memories of events and holidays. A digital version makes a great gift for seniors who want to light up their living room with photos. The device rotates through images on an 8-inch widescreen display with high-resolution images. Users can scroll through the display and adjust them using the remote control. Images are uploaded via a USB port or an SD card. An easy way for grandparents to bring memories to life and show them to their friends.

17. American Lifetime Day Clock

A bold, clear photo album isn’t just a digital screen that seniors can spend most of their day on. This digital watch offers a variety of displays designed to aid seniors with some comprehension problems. There is no abbreviation for time, day, or date. Months, dates and times are legible in high contrast. It even reassures users that it is morning or evening. There is also an emergency power supply if the power supply is interrupted.

18. NIST T3017 US flame thermostat

The newest pair of this senior home device is best for those who are not concerned about the cost. There are some impressive assistive technologies out there that can prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run. A nest thermostat is a great way to make sure the home is at the right temperature and comfort this winter. It’s easy to control and you can install it yourself.

19. IROBOT Rumba 690

There are various robotic vacuums on the market right now, many of them from iRboats. The Rumba 690 is not the most modern model in the range – which makes it a little cheaper as a Christmas present. Even so, it has a lot of helpful features. Users can use this bot to create a schedule and rely on smart sensors to detect dirt and furniture. This model is compatible with Amazon and Google Assistant.

20. Pets of intelligent innovative companies

Finally, we would like to mention a very special kind of robot. This organization creates “life-giving” animals that behave like pets. These are designed to provide comfort and companionship when real pets are out of the question. These animals are great for residential homes or for people with dementia. These cats have brushable coats that can dry out and move their limbs. The sensors also provide appropriate feedback for conversations with seniors. Dogs are also available on request.

The garden is the best gift for these seniors

21. Step 2 Garden Hopper

Many seniors want to be as mobile and active as possible in the garden in retirement. The problem is, it’s not as easy as it used to be. There are lots of fun tools out there that can help make things a little easier. This grasshopper has a large storage bin for equipment and other items, and a tight seat / badge on top. The four powerful wheels allow users to move them around while working in the garden. If it wasn’t enough, there are cup holders too.

22. Direct equipment and seat from a single source

A multifunctional seat is a great idea for older gardeners for Christmas. There needs to be a balance between the time you plant roses and the time you smell them. That’s why this furnished seat is a great buy. The folding seat is comfortable and light. It comes with a removable tote or and has a number of pockets for various tools. In fact, 5 tools come with this chair that are great value for money. These are hand rakes, trowels, weed killers, planters and farmers.

23. Ezigo Weld Wade Well Wear

Pulling weeds into your hands and knees can be hard work. Weeds can be ungrateful, hard work. However, this weeding tool means users no longer need to land. There is a clever mechanism that catches and pulls the weeds, and users stand on a nail and pull the handle. This time around, Saver could prove very popular with many relatives.

24. GONICC professional camouflage scissors

At first glance, you can look at these scissors and wonder why they are great for seniors. This is a tough, sharp tool that does short work of dead heads and trims. The main difference is that they require less force. The process doesn’t require too many balls and the handle has a secure grip. It is much better for any senior citizen struggling with severe problems or arthritis.

25. Jenner’s garden enjoys

This next tool can come as a little surprise to some seniors, or it can be a source of tons of entertainment. It all depends on the recipient. The gloves in this garden have finger attached claws that make them look a bit like a wolf outside of the garden. These nails help the user dig into the ground when planting and reduce the need for tools. They’re also pretty tough with waterproof and puncture resistance.

26. Scholar Booster Bird Feeder

Another reason more seniors love their gardens is because of the wildlife that lives there. Feeding birds is another outdoor recreation that really helps people relax and bring joy. There are many different bird feeders, but it’s great for those who want to put the bird first. This bird feeder has a weight driven cover that activates when the squirrel jumps into the bird feeder. With this resistance, 4 feeding holes, and a 2.4 pound capacity, the birds should be well fed.

27. Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

An alternative to feeding birds is a gift from a window bird keeper. These products are transparent and stick to the window with suction cups. Users simply fill the tray with seeds and wait for the birds to arrive. It may take a while for the birds to be attracted, but users can enjoy a bright view from a living room window. This model is weatherproof, strong and easy to refill. It should offer up close bird face year round.

28. Vivomo Antique Outdoor Garden Birdboth

The birds also want a place where they can take a bath and fetch some water. The decorated bird has a dual purpose as a Christmas present for seniors. The provision of this bathing area has practical aspects. Then there are the decorative, decorative aspects of lighting a garden. There are many designs in all shapes, sizes and materials. It is a poly resin, so it is not expensive and should be durable. It has a very nice burnt, antique look.

29. GradeRect Weed Bird Classic nest box

Your elderly relatives may also want to provide a better home for all of those shepherd friends who visit. Knowing that you’ve built a home for the outdoors can be very rewarding. Many seniors will therefore love to open up their park to wildlife and see their daily life. A bird box is a great gift here. These houses are not very expensive and easy to install. This cedar model provides the perfect living space for small garden birds and can be secured to keep predators out.

30. Age-proof garden: 101 practical ideas and projects

After all, some seasoned gardeners may need inspiration now to try new projects. Some may want to return to the garden but are unsure of their abilities. This book shows that anyone of any age can enjoy the garden. It offers a multitude of tips for creating a beautiful garden in a manageable way – be it with flowers, vegetables or herbs. There are also helpful photos.