Christmas Gifts Employees

35 Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Employee

When you’re the boss, finding the right gift for your co-workers can be fraught with questions: How much are you going to spend? Should you spend the same amount on each person? And if you don’t know someone well, how do you make sure they like this gift while keeping it professional?

To be clear, managers don’t have to give gifts to their employees, but it’s a great gesture if you want to – and in some offices, it’s a lot more than expected. (Although keep in mind that due to energy dynamics, managers should never expect or encourage gifts from involved employees, gifts should flow down while working.)

When you decide to buy gifts for your co-workers, how much you should spend varies in the office. If you’re an affiliate in a large law firm, you could spend hundreds of dollars on your assistant (or more). If you’re a nonprofit director it can be up to 10 per person. So get to know your office (and if you’re not sure, ask other managers what they’re doing) but keep your expenses pretty much the same for each person on your team. Don’t play what you want; People will notice that one person has the iPad and the other has the scented candle.

So are you actually going to get people? Below we’ve put together 35 ideas for each team.

For employees who are always cold

For offices that get colder in the winter, these fingerless gloves warm up on a USB port and plug in your hands to keep the fun warm – and these are fingerless so they won’t interfere with typing.

For an employee who is always hot

Give your overheated employee personal air conditioning with this 12-inch fan that fits on every desk. (This can give your other coworkers the gift of a break from fighting over the thermostat))

The employee keeps saying that he wants to bring lunch from home

Who wouldn’t want to put their lunch in this sturdy Japanese-style bento box set? Equipped with two stackable containers and a small container for sauce or dressing, it makes it easier to separate meals – and the pieces can be thrown straight into the microwave.

Desk disruption for their employees

This mini vacuum cleaner picks up cramps, debris and debris and can even be used to throw debris off any keyboard. It also comes in different colors including yes, millennial pink.

For interns

If your intern is still holding the backpack on their head during meetings, help them feel more professional with a really great padfole like this visor leather zipper. It has 12 pockets, two pen holders, a tablet case, a phone case and much more.

The person who thinks they know everything

It’s a classic trivial pursuit of steroids – with questions both more challenging and much more difficult.

For the employee who has an aromatherapy gentleman at his desk

Pink Himalayan salt is known for its healing, stress relieving, and air purifying properties. They also look very cool and look great on your loved one’s desk.

For employees who work from home

Without a coffee pot in the community office, this one-serving coffee maker will keep your remote worker stocked with coffee without having to make a whole pot.

For employees who run an office book club

This report warns of the massive fraud committed by Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos – and the final story of office inefficiency.

The employee always breathes when he is working from home

This fax fur throw feels crazy soft and comfortable and is wrapped in luxury. I have my own and everyone who comes to my house goes straight to them and then wants to buy them for themselves.

For the employee who insists on getting sick

You really should send him home, but if he’s at the office anyway, he’ll appreciate this desk-sized personal humidifier that will make winter less awful.

What the employee’s phone always dies for

This bamboo charging station can charge multiple phones and tablets at the same time.

For employees who attend every Marvel movie on the opening night

This six inch high grotto can be used for storing pens or other supplies – it can even double as a desk planter, causing the plant to emerge from its head.

Because that brings amazing baked goods for the employee

Not only is this rolling pin beautiful because it’s made of marble, but it also helps keep the dough cool and doesn’t dry out the smell of the food.

For employees who do yoga during their lunch break

This stylish and durable bag fits on two small yoga mats or can be used to carry towels and other yoga accessories.

For the most powerful coffee drinker in the office

It’s strong coffee. One reviewer called it “Europe in the 1300 Cup” and another said it was “darker than the night before Ragnarok arrived”.

For employees with tons of office space

In this kit you will need to grow four different types of bonsai trees (one is red!). Biodegradable grow pots, soil washers, organic seeds, bonsai hair clippers and step-by-step guides.

For the employee who manages March Madness in your office

This is the basketball hoop in the shape of a mug! Throw the marshmallows or other toppings through the hoop like a champ.

An employee punished by IT for streaming too much music over the WiFi in the office

These lightweight, closed-eye headphones with generous pads are designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and high enough for professional broadcasters to use.

For employees who always travel to work

This Bluetooth tracker tag ensures that your employee always knows where their luggage is – and sends a warning to their phone when the luggage is a safe distance away. The tag can be used as a phone or key tracker.

For employees who always keep everyone busy

This oral story from Sunday Night Live is interesting from the start, the details of the show, the battles with the censors, the rivalry between the stars, the gossip about the celebrity host and how the writing came about.

For employees who have just made Toastmasters

This collection of 292 great speeches in history dates back to ancient Greece and the modern language in all fields.

For employees who are always on the phone

These comfortable, stylish gloves are designed so that you can send text with them – this means your coworker won’t get frozen in winter when you go out.

For staff with a picture of a framed cat on their desk

As someone with many cats yourself, the key to a good gift for a cat lover is giving something to the kitten without giving it to its owner. A bundle of grass grows with this kit, which, oddly enough, is attracted to cats.

For an employee who can always drink tea

This bottle serves as a tea infusion, thermos for hot beverages, amniotic fluid infusion and much more. It has stainless steel filters to make both hot and cold tea with removable covers for heating.

This employee always runs from meeting to meeting

The pocket-sized high-speed charger can be charged for seven days, so your employee can easily charge their devices on the go. An iPhone can be charged about seven times before charging.

For newly promoted employees

Give your co-worker the pleasure of writing with a really great pen. It’s written beautifully, looks luxurious, and the reviewers agree they enjoy using it.

For employees with crazy long trips

The long journey seems even shorter when you get something interesting to listen to. An audible subscription gives your employees a free audiobook (they choose the title) each month – and if it turns out they already have an account, all of those credits will be added to their existing membership.

There are always movie quotes for this employee

A roku simplifies the flow of video content from the internet to a television. Here’s how you can watch movies from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other video providers. Your employee can never leave home again.

For employees with nicely furnished offices

This elegant 5-in-1 rose gold desk organizer set includes a hanging file organizer, a filing compartment, a letter sorter, a pen holder and a sticky note holder.

For the employee who sings at his desk

This beautiful, lightweight scarf has notes and is available in black, red or white.

For an employee who always listens to other people’s conversations

This treatise on the privacy of the CIA writer’s time contains many interesting details about how he was trained, how he made his cover, and the risks he took to get his job done.

So that this employee always burns popcorn in the office microwave

This other pack of popcorn spices gives you flavors of white popcorn, caramel, kettle corn, srichacha, green chilli Asiago and dill pickle to top your popcorn.

So that this employee works by bike

Swiss Army Knife to repair this bike! It has 19 tools for repairing common racing bikes, including hex wrenches, open-end wrenches and screwdrivers in several sizes, torque drivers for disc brakes and a universal chain tool made of high strength steel bound with lightweight aluminum.

You still don’t know for new employees

If you still don’t know what a coworker really is and what kind of gift they will appreciate, a gift card with a wide variety of uses is a good choice.