Christmas Gifts Exchange Ideas

5 Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas for Big Families

Having a large family means having more excitement and joy throughout the vacation, but it can also make Christmas gift exchanges problematic in some ways.

It’s the holiday season and that means it’s time to celebrate traditions, family, and gifts. Having a large family means having more excitement and joy throughout the vacation, but it can also make Christmas gift exchanges problematic in some ways.

Buying gifts for every single person in the family is extremely expensive. This can make it more difficult for families to generate additional waste and carry large numbers of gifts. Focusing on having a great gift for a single family member can take your time and take advantage of opportunities for fun and social interaction on Christmas Day. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to exchange Christmas gifts with large families so that new traditions and time can be shared.

Christmas family scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunters are fun for all ages and can be a terrifying interracial activity. With a large number of people, you can create teams in advance so that each team has a mix of representative generations. Clues near a home, backyard, or park can give small gifts on the way to the location you have access or lead to larger gifts for the team to share when the Skyvenzer hunt is complete. If you need some inspiration for your Christmas-themed Skyvenger hunt, check out these Christmas puzzles and formulas.

Vacation together

Why not bring the family together for a new tradition instead of focusing on exchanging gifts so that the memories flow together? Agree to give gifts in advance and agree to give yourself a gift with an amazing experience that will allow you to be together in special situations. Whether it is camping, skiing, cruising or a comfortable country cabin shared by everyone, the time together will always be remembered.

Secret Santa Claus

This tradition is full of elements of excitement and wonder, but reduces waste, time, and waste. Just pick names from a hat to name each other family member and buy each family member. You can set the price range in advance and then each family member has to buy for just one person.

Christmas is the current game

With that in mind, you can bring a take away gift to each guest that most family members will enjoy. You can then sit down to play Christmas games with dice to make the gift exchange more exciting. In this game, each person keeps their gift, steals someone else’s gift, or gives their gift to everyone on the left or right. This will create a fun time for everyone and will add to the element of surprise when family members eventually receive their gifts. You can also try the classic Family Feud game show with this Christmas feud game.

DIY Christmas gifts

Why not create a Christmas gift challenge with a theme made for you this season? This can result in so many fun gifts being contributed that can be shared with a larger group – or you can use them as a secret Santa twist. There are many ways people can help: bake cookies, make art, play music, sing songs, weave scarves, fill jars with candy or mix well, and much more. You can also look at such options by using printouts to create Christmas dates or a boxing experience for family members. If you aren’t the most creative in the family, you can always take advantage of your family’s friendliness by committing to the random Christmas Day behavior of always being present. Everyone’s efforts will be so appreciated, creativity will be in stock, and gifts will be appreciated by everyone.


Christmas Gifts Exchange Ideas

So you are part of a secret Christmas gift exchange or would like to offer a gift exchange between your friends or colleagues. In theory, that sounds like a good idea, but where do you even start?

Do not sweat; We’re here to narrow down your options with some of our favorite Christmas gift exchange ideas.


You can’t go wrong with candles, especially during the holiday season. Not only do they smell good, they also give the house and dining table warmth, ambition and a particularly cozy atmosphere. We love this pine scented candle that smells like a fresh Christmas tree and is a rustic holiday at the same time.

Wine bottle stopper

With prices below 10 10, these wine bottle caps go well with your favorite bottle. And the message on that stopper? Absolutely priceless.

Coloring book

Adult coloring books run their course. After all, everyone could use some stress relief. Choose a coloring book with pages of fun designs and inspiring words. You can also separate and frame your art creation on perforated 8 x 10 “pages.

Storage glass

The perfect gift for a longtime friend, a souvenir jar, is sincere and very affordable; In fact, it will only take time. Make a long list of your favorite memories with your friend. (If this is someone you’ve known for many years, this list is probably long!). Write or type each reminder on small pieces of paper, fold them, and place in a large mason jar.

Travel diary

If you’re looking for a gift for an interested traveler, consider a travel journal. These gift exchange ideas include inspirational travel quotes and documents with pages for adventure.

Trinkets and kipsex

Does anyone know which teacher or grammar lover? A small porcelain bowl can serve as a small portrait and as a decorative piece or tray for edging or jewelry. Similarly, this tiny jewelry box has embossed feel and insulated tabs to tuck away a small staircase.

Gift ideas with a theme

Beer, wine and cocktails

The rules for this are very simple: anything that can be made with beer, wine or cocktails. It can be anything from a bottle of wine of your choice to a brewery for a gift card. You can even combine the gift with a wine glass and corkscrew set, beverage tray or martini shaker.


Swapping ornaments is a fun and inexpensive way to gift a character. There are tons of jewelry for every hobby and interest, and there are many retailers and small distributors that offer personalized jewelry.

Home decor

There are many ways to get home decor theme gifts for art prints and much more from frames. Even seasonal home decor like tassel garlands or holiday countdown blocks work well for this.


These three characters can be scary if you don’t consider yourself a housewife, but the possibilities are endless. Bake some homemade cookies (bonus points if they are Christmas cookies!). Create a photo collage with your favorite memories of you and the recipient. Or, follow this tutorial to sort makeup bags with tissue paper.

Whatever you decide, be sure to include it on a Christmas greeting card and fancy Christmas paper. Present present!

Buy a digital gift card

In Tarahuro? No time to go to the store looking for the perfect gift? Attach a digital gift card with a personalized Christmas card so that it can be quickly delivered to the recipient. Simply select the retailer you’d like to buy gift cards from and enter the recipient’s name and email address. For example, if you are a member of the AG, only enter the card amount. We have a checkout as a guest option for a fee of 1.99. Browse through our selection of retailers, including Sephora, Nike, Starbucks, Fandango, Target and many more!


10 Christmas Gifts Exchange Ideas

We tried exchanging some of these gifts and they are really fun! I have searched many of these ideas on the internet in forums and other sources over the years, so unfortunately I cannot cite the source of all the ideas. Hope I can do credit to the right owners because these ideas are amazing! Instead of just drawing names and buying a gift for someone, add more excitement to Christmas / when she tells you what they want. I said “Wow humbug!” I think a little more about what a person would like, but I think it makes more sense that way.

One of the best gift exchanges we’ve ever tried is the homemade gift exchange. Of course, I love tinkering and creating projects so it’s just fun! It gave me a reason to try new things and learn new skills that I hadn’t done before. So I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! You might like it!

Ideas when buying for a specific person

1. Choose your own topic

You and your family or colleagues decide on a topic for the exchange. Then everyone has to fit the theme of the gift. For example, if you choose green, all gifts must be mostly green (or related to the color green). For example, you could buy someone a green shirt or bring them the movie Green Lantern if they’re in comics.

Each gift can be related to the childhood memory that the donor receives from the recipient. For example, homemade cookies Grandma used and some new cookies or a Tom Petty T-shirt because you and your sister went to the concert together. Make sure everyone tells the memories behind the gift. That is fun.

2. Start what you want

Each person has the initials “Do you want the best for Christmas?” On a piece of paper. For example, if you want a cleaning lady, you can put the initials “CL” on a piece of paper. Everyone throws hats with their name and initials on a piece of paper. Draw names and then it’s up to you to be creative in it) try to figure out what you really want and buy it) or b) just try to find something interesting to bring with those initials. You can be really creative with this and it will be an absolute definition to see how people will come.

3. The Italian tradition of giving calls for uranium in fat

A long mug is full of gift wrapping. One for each family member with an empty box. Each person picks them up until they get the right gift.

4. Gifts for you

Everyone brings a gift to take away. The gifts are all mixed up and then passed on. Everyone opens a gift, then you have to guess who bought that gift. Since everyone in the family has a list, you can write down your guesses. Some easy, some difficult. At the beginning of the game everyone bets ড 1 for a pot, and whoever has the most accurate guess wins the pot. The good thing is that everyone goes home with a gift of their choice.

We’ve done a variety of things where we bought gifts specifically for someone but didn’t have a name on them. All gifts were wrapped in the same wrapping paper. Our rule was that you or your spouse couldn’t choose the gift because you probably knew what it contained. Everyone who opens the gift must guess who it is for. We wrote down our guesses for everyone and the most accurate person received an extra small gift. In the end, the gift was given to the right recipient.

Ideas for generic gifts

(We think it would be fun to pick a theme when giving a generic gift)

5. Craps game

  1. Sit in a circle with a present wrapped around each lap.
  2. Give the dice to a person in the circle and ask them to roll the dice and follow the directions that correspond to the number you roll. For example, if they roll a 6, everyone sends the gift to the right, one rolls an 8, and everyone moves to the left. See the full list below.
  3. Visit the circle so everyone can roll the dice twice (but many choose your choice).
  4. Before someone rolls the dice in the second round and has not yet wrapped their gift, they keep it unprepared so that all gifts are deleted at the end of the second round.
  5. As soon as the dice begin to move around the circle twice, hold the gift in your hand.

6. Play from right to left

Everyone randomly draws a gift, reads a story, and every time the right or left word is said, pass on your gift that way. You can read some stories here.

7. Exchange Christmas curls

This one is so much fun! Write the first line of the Christmas carol and put it in a bag. Put the rest of the song in any gift when guests arrive. When it’s time for an exchange, each guest draws a series of Christmas carols that must go with the rest of the song’s gift. They have to sing the song before opening the gift.

8. Gift myths

Play cash for partygoers during your party – maybe because you won different games or came first, wearing red clothes, hanging stockings, etc. Someone was auctioning and placing “crowd” bids on the items. Make sure everyone can receive the item. (Gifts guests can bring or hosts can deliver)) It is fun to open the gift for each winner to see what he or she bought. There are enough gifts so that the guests still have enough money but can bid on a few items.

9. Accept the choice of opener

This can happen entirely by accident or when men buy male gifts and women buy female gifts, so appropriate gifts are to be visited. Everyone who keeps the gift then decides who will keep it if they want it.

10. Music gift

Each person brings a gift to add to a pile. Instead of sorting their presents, people give a present while they play a Christmas carol. When the passport song ends, the person holding the gift is allowed to keep it.