Christmas Gifts Expensive

The 45 Best Christmas Expensive Gifts for Everyone

The owner of some luxuries that other people make. It is able to present style and taste and, above all, exclusivity. And unfortunately, the luxurious flavors make shopping very annoying for anyone (especially during the holiday season). What does he have that he dreamed of? What does he need that you haven’t ruined when you visit his place? How can you enter this realm of luxury by completely mistaking yourself?

To ease the stress out, we’ll take you through the top of the price spectrum. Whether your idea of ​​luxury is hovering in the 200-200 sub-range or spreading out by the thousands, these are 45 ultra-luxurious, ultra-unique gift ideas for men that could be big hits or even drool. Nobody needs to know that you asked for help.

24 Karat Gold King Size Rolling Papers

The view of “Lux Life” is nothing more than a box of 24 carat gold paper. That’s a damn good vibe.

Cleanpod UVC is sterile

This sterile hand-held light is quite an upgrade for those little branded bottles.

Calvicius Lingoto caviar

Caviar eggs are washed in a bar, cut into beggars and eaten in crackers. In other words, luxury.

To meet

It doesn’t matter how luxurious his life can be: he is dehydrated. This station, which keeps the water cool all day and has it ready at the counter or desk, repairs it.

National Park dog bed

A human dog should be pumped just like him.

Silk twill pocket square with bee print

Flat his pocket square collection. (And if he doesn’t already have a pocket square collection, today is a good start)

Wettup beer diffuser

As close as the country and its best beverage manufacturers are, it can be very convenient for him to get a draft beer tap at home. Maybe he’ll give you a socially distant beer.

Embrate 9 EOD Perfume Travel Set

If it doesn’t smell that good (and it smells very good), it’s for the refined minimalism of the bottles.

Masterclass All Access Pass

He knows luxury. But does he know about photography? Or cook? Or the art of storytelling? Masterclass He can learn all of this in class all year round – from Annie Leibovitz, Gordon Ramsay and Neil Gaimon – and from everything his heart desires. Above all, the power of knowledge.

Black embroidery logo sweatshirt

It’s right in front of the sweatshirt. This will be his WFH uniform for 2020.

American Wagyu grill package

At the end of the summer, help him out with a final barbecue with American Waguie’s premium mother load: fillets, sticks, dogs and patties.

Vegetable 18 Karat Gold Necklace

And here you are, Dragon Ball can’t be Z Lux.

Solid sartorial socks 15 pack

A full sock drawer suit is the perfect gift for the guy.

Meditation mattress

All great men must meditate on their hopes and dreams. This mat prevents his bones from withstanding the pressure of this meditation time.

Levo II herb oil and butter filling machine

Herb lovers – and yes, we mean marijuana – the Levo machine dries the plant and tosses it in butter, hani or oil. After all, homemade baked goods are better than store-bought ones.

Smoke-free fireplace made of wood and charcoal

Smoking and evasion are not exactly luxurious. This violet creates a fire for outsiders who do not want to sacrifice its values

Book set “Legendary Rock”

It’s a book worthy of an aspiring rock star and Patti Smith and Bob Dylan and Crosby and Steels and Nash and Young … and deeply admired the rest

I like baroque cups of tea and sauces

A visually appealing baroque would go well with a cup of tea and his nighttime sleep with Sassar.

WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancel Headphones

We live in a world where the lack of sound is a luxury in itself and these headphones soothe everything with frustration. The new sound insulation boxes from Sony are state-of-the-art and individually adaptable.

Draw the crystal carafe and pipette

With the caliber of whiskey he buys for his bar cart, he learns the meaning of water precipitation – a very precise – almost punctually accurate water drop. The 33-year-old Scotch cannot be sunk.

Practice cube made of aluminum and leather

Of course he’s already a personal trainer and an Equinox membership, as well as a Vitamix and a room perfectly dedicated to the exercise machine. But does he have aluminum and leather dice telling him to do squats or crunches or jumping jacks? No worries.

Piot Baby Alpaca Fleece Blanket

It’s probably the largest blanket he owns. He can probably defend himself against the convention and decorate it as art on the wall.

Elite Persuasive Therapy Device

When you get into it, the ultimate luxury of life lives in a body free from pain and suffering. A professional deep tissue massager like Thergun will give it such a body.

Albert Clock

To determine when this watch is actually on display for all-time luxury. Or how much time they really have with the luxuries that they don’t have to worry about.

Authentic cooling air purifier and tower fan

Leave it to the inventors at Dyson to create a fan that looks really good and gets all toxins and dust out of the air.

Chakra Redwood and Annex Knives

He would be honored by a blade so powerful (and beautifully crafted).

High-cut sneakers

If you know you know. And if you’re the type to wear FOG high tops, then you know.

Dolce & Gabbana Electric Citrus Juicer

Smeg’s retro-style kitchen appliances meet the dolls. Tomorrow Oz has never tasted so expensive.

Bruges style derby shoes

He probably already has a nice pair of Oxfords in his closet. But probably no more stony derbies and, above all, no leather derbies with metallic accents and a clunky statement world.

Barista Express espresso machine

He probably spends that much of it on espresso every year. Why doesn’t he just like it?

Sertorial mustard yellow augmented paper

If he still accepts handwritten notes – he has achieved so much in this life, why change? “But he can at least digitize for better organization and longevity with Montblanc’s enhanced paper. The case isn’t too chaotic either.

Ambassador 80mm refractor brass telescope

Nobody really needs a brass telescope, but everyone wants to get lost under the stars. We count as two irreversible causes as one.

Leather briefcase

Una has a briefcase to cement her place as the most stylish passenger on the city’s train. When he went traveling again, that was it.

City-E canvas backpack with Google Jacquard

The St. Laurent backpack itself is modern. However, with an embedded Bluetooth tag, Google is making it smarter to make calls, skip tracks, and improve access to the Google Assistant. This is the future of fashion folks.

Majestic lion statue

Luxury with a wild side. Equipped with Swarovski crystals, this desk accessory is only required for the home office.

Entry package TS tent

Camping is the hottest (read-only) trip of 2020. The two-room tent almost gives it space to expand like its home. Needless to say, he will be the envy of the entire campsite.

Oxbridge rowing machine in cherry

Is it a loom? A musical instrument? In fact, it’s part of the exercise equipment: a rowing machine. With cherry wood surfaces, you rarely know.


What could be more luxurious than leaving the gym completely and installing a future personal training system at home?

Formula 1 chronograph 43mm watch

For the first chic watch, take something timeless.

Bullet Frontier Whiskey: The Art of Bottle Collection

Bullet’s recent collaboration with Florida-based artists Elidia and Jason Skeldon has brought art and bourbon together. Of course, the bottle you choose as a gift is the retailer’s choice. Let’s just record that we are part of Wolf Tattoo and Miami Culture.

Mr. Thom bag made of pebble leather

The flawless Italian construction combined with the incredible letter to seems to be on the horizon for a weekend.

RS # 3 wooden football table

It’s a kind of soccer game with hand-painted players that will keep him and his friends on for hours. You will literally expect a good transaction on the table.

Digital rangefinder camera M10

A good quality, super tough camera can be used for a lifetime. No photography skills required; He will only achieve this if he takes this Leica in hand.

Real thin less cooler Le Corbusier Full Collection Box

Rado is made of scratch-resistant indigo crystals and wildly hardened ceramic and is a colorful watch for every mood, every outfit and every day.

The ultimate art subscription

Don’t assume you know their taste in art. However, he was hired by the archivist Sachi and instructed to send him a new piece every month.