Christmas Gifts Games

20 Super Fun Games to Play on Christmas Eve

Do you need something to improve your Christmas Eve? We’ll cover you! Here are the best icebreakers for any type of Christmas party, guessing game, and other activity to make them memorable. Most of these Christmas games are G-rated and completely family-friendly. However, if your guests are looking for more fun at the devil, we’ve added some drink games as well. So mix up these vacation-themed spirits and get started!

Guess the rhetoric

In this Christmas game you have to guess the number of your ornaments on your Christmas tree when your guest enters the party room. The winner can take home an ornament.

Christmas Carol Pyrenchi season

Everyone knows Pyrrhenio, but this version turns it into a couple of holiday-themed dances. Teams of party players ran to play popular Christmas carols. The team has to sing their song to score more points and find out which Christmas carol was drawn.

Candy canes

This fun Christmas game is like a spoon with a candy cane. To play this game, grab some candy canes and a deck of cards and gather as many people as you can for your dining table. (All players must be able to reach the center of the table)

Christmas movie Trivia

Print out some questions about your favorite Christmas movie, then group your guests together and test your knowledge of classics like Christmas Story, Elf, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

The name is The Carol

This game, courtesy of, prompts guests to determine which Christmas classic music is mentioned. For example “A Degen 24-hour Christmas time” “12 days of Christmas”.

Throw “Snowball”

No, this is not a traditional snowball fight like the one your child might have. One of them consisted of throwing marshmallows in the faces of comrades. The team earns a point every time they catch a marshmallow (just make sure everyone washes their hands before and after the game)!

Marshmallow pile

More marshmallows! Take a couple of bags of giant marshmallows and place a coaster in the center of your table. Each guest takes turns placing the marshmallows on the coaster until they are stacked. It’s like a jingle: if a pile of marshmallows falls, the person loses.

Holiday Prep Pop Quiz

This game is perfect for that party where the guests come after the whole vacation. It clearly shows each guest how they are celebrating “finished” – each holiday-themed item (for Christmas sweaters, gift receipts, red or green socks, etc.) gives them a point when they arrive at the party

Guess who Christmas is

This party game is a great way for guests to learn more from each other. Each guest works from a list of Christmas-themed prompts – “saw a real live renderer,” “returned a gift they received last Christmas,” etc. – and needs to find someone to match other items on their list .

Christmas eve

In the most popular party games, Christmas Chard participants should act physically without talking about Christmas idioms, Christmas movie or song titles, and characters like Santa and Rudolph.

Two true and one false – Christmas version

Another popular game that is great for Christmas changes is two true and one false. For example, ask each guest to explain that these are the worst Christmas presents and they will tell a false story about the two really terrible presents they received as their third present. Whoever understands the lie gets a topic.

Win, lose or tie for Christmas

You can use a Christmas carol, movie, or Christmas item of your choice and then customize it at a win, lose, or tie for extra vacation boost.

Scatter the blind Christmas tree

Everyone receives a sheet of green construction paper. You hold it behind your back and then have to try to tear the paper into the shape of a tree. It probably doesn’t look like a suitable tree. In this game you can give points or gifts to those who are closest to the classic tree or give bonuses to those who are creative.

Paper plate Christmas scene

Similar to blindly tearing up Christmas trees, players are asked to draw a Christmas scene on a paper plate – only when it is over their heads. Points go to those who turn it off!

Christmas swap games

If you have a group bringing gifts to your event, this game is a great way to make the gift exchanges a little more exciting. Here are the directions: When your guests are in a circle, everyone has their gift, read the story here. Every time you say the word “right” everyone passes the gift right on. Every time you say the word “left” it goes left. If “crossed” is done correctly, it should lead to great confusion and great fun.

Christmas trivia

Like a trivial search with Santa Claus, this game traces the guests’ different holiday traditions and asks multiple-choice questions about famous personalities, with points being awarded for each correct answer.

Jingle in the trunk

The purpose of the game is to knock as many trembling bells as possible out of the tissue box that hangs over your head. You have to do it without using your own hands.


Give each guest a handful of bows at the start of the night. Their goal: to keep them secretly on the backs of other guests as much as possible (and to avoid “arches” themselves). When the time is up, guests add each arch to their backs. A loser with the highest record.

For adults: Christmas movie drinking games

If Trivia doesn’t have most of the edges you’re looking for, add some alcohol to it. You can make a drink for practically any movie. Stay home alone, for example: you can drink every time someone is injured, every time McCauley yells for Kulkin (and keeps drinking for the entire duration of the yell), and every time pizza and / or John Candy is up the screen are.

For adults: Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

The rules of the game, created by a woman in Fort Worth, Texas and described in Country Living, make Felix, who made it for television, fun. The moments when you expect a drink: when someone spoils a fake Christmas treat; When a newcomer participates in a tradition in an old family / town; And when a city dweller is replaced by a small town. Remember to drink too much water!


13 Fun Christmas Party Games for Family

Funny Christmas Party Games that are very simple!

Fill your party with fun and laughter with these Christmas party games. Here you can find games that are suitable for a Christmas party at home or in the office.

1. Rendy’s antler ring

  1. You will have tons of fun with this fun reindeer antler ring toss game!
  2. Wear some cool inflatable antlers and try to catch the rings your teammates dropped.

2. Huge Christmas Challenge

  1. How about a Christmas party without a Christmas challenge!
  2. The game has fun questions like “Name a toy on Misfit Toy Island”, “Give me a sentence with the word” cold “
  3. This 70 round PowerPoint game will be a hit at your Christmas party.
  4. This works well for large groups. Use it in the classroom, office, or at your family’s Christmas party.

3. Christmas Mafia (naughty list)

Have you ever played the mafia? If so, you know how games work. If not, see Ice Breaker Ideas for instructions. They explain the game well so that I don’t even try to do it.

Also, don’t kill anyone in the Christmas Mafia … Elves put beautiful things on the naughty list. Mrs. Claus puts them on the wrong list and tries to find out if Santa Claus can add them back to the nice list.

Christmas party for large groups.

5-25 players.

Teenagers will love this game too!

4. Christmas bingo

Christmas bingo! Always an easy and fun way to entertain the party crowd. You can include this as a great activity for the advent calendar. Your kids will love it.

What I really like about this bingo game is that it has 30 unique game boards so you can play it with a large group, like in a packed classroom with kids.

5. Christmas table games

  1. The Twist and Sprout game is a game of acting, buzz, and common sense.
  2. Put a box on your dining table and do a few laps after dinner every day in December.
  3. Or use it to entertain your guests at a Christmas party this year.

6. Chaos when exchanging Christmas presents

Presentation! We all love receiving Christmas presents. Okay, the white elephant gifts aren’t that great, but the fun part plays out.

Whether or not you have just great gifts at your Christmas party, you’re going to have a great time swapping them out with the mess of Christmas exchanges.

This set contains 48 cards! Put them in a bowl, choose one, and do what you say.

7. Christmas Trivia

  1. Test your Christmas knowledge with Christmas Trivia. Play as a team or individually.
  2. You can immediately ask questions and give an answer to the group that answers first.
  3. A simple game for the Christmas party at home or in the office.

8. What’s in the stockings

  1. Who hasn’t tried shaking gifts or feeling stockings to find out what’s out there?
  2. Now you have to do it with permission!
  3. You will need stockings and an item for each of your stockings. You can get started with this list of gifts for the advent calendar.
  4. Number the stockings and give each one a list to write down what they think the stockings are.

It can also be a fun way to exchange Christmas presents. Whoever is most accurate can choose stockings as a Christmas present. Then the winner of the 2nd place can choose the next one.

9. What does Rudolph think?

Choose someone to be Rudolph.

The object of this game is to help others guess how Rudolph will finish the Christmas words / phrases.

10. Present Present Da Chimney

You probably won’t be able to ride Santa Claus on your sleeve, but you can certainly deliver gifts to this chimney.

Make a chimney out of the cardboard.

  • Big box
  • Draw stones or glue on the color swatch chips

You can also use the cheap cardboard fireplace pictured above. Tap a piece of cardboard on the back or put it on the wall so you can see if the presents are going down the “chimney”.

11. Attach the “Elf” cap

Small children love “pin it” games. You will have fun wearing the hat on a kid who would like to be a Santa assistant. (This is a printable 8.5 x 11)

You can play nose pin on the snowman or pin the ribbon as a gift.

12. Christmas Carol Pie Dictionary

  1. The more you draw this game, the worse
  2. You have 30 cards with the song you draw. Choose one and draw it. Others try to guess the text. If they also know the title of the song, they will get an extra point.
  3. Get the dictionary from My Computer Is My Canvas.

13. Scavenger hunt

Give everyone a list of what to find. You can also make it easier and hunt a candy cane or a chocolate Santa scavenger. Simple life saving games!

You will love the fun printable scavenger hunt. It contains pictures of gifts that you cut and hidden. It’s in Freebiz along with other free Christmas print templates.