Christmas Gifts Homemade

35+ Best Homemade Christmas Gifts of 2020 That Anyone Can DIY

Tired of giving a gift to the same old business that was given by all people? These homemade Christmas gifts will be something you want to make a reality and feel good that you made it yourself.

DIY family photo heirloom ornaments

This cheap e-book has all of the instructions and templates you need to create all of these amazing family ornaments. Whether you choose old, scattered pictures or current portraits of their ancestors, these Christmas decorations will last a lifetime.

DIY money tree

Sometimes money is what kids want most for Christmas, but it seems like a small gift. Jazz makes up for it a bit with the homemade money tree. This tutorial will show you how to make this cute Christmas tree using card, thread, and bamboo squares.

Basket backpack

This wicker backpack looks amazing, yet is extremely easy to make at home and doesn’t require any seams or glue. With narrow belts as straps, you can recreate this wonderful DIY Christmas gift item with just a few tools and a few bookbinding screws.

DIY bath tea

Bath tea makes amazingly thoughtful gifts, especially since you can bring each recipient together. All you need is a collection of Epsom salts, dried flowers, and essential oils. You can prepare delicious tea in reusable organic bags or in glasses or test tubes.

The agate coasters

Agate coasters make the most beautiful items for the home, but these are available for purchase. Follow the directions outlined here and you’ll be able to use luxurious touches on the edges with polymer clay, paint, glaze, and liquid gold.

DIY fly sheet

If you have a sewing machine, you can make this lovely DIY flour cover in 30 minutes. The perfect gift for the winter months, these blankets can be customized to your liking for pumps, jumbo rick racks, and prejudice. This tutorial will show you how to do all three.

Bubble bath gift box

For a thoughtful Christmas gift with a personal touch, put together a charming bubble bath gift box like this tutorial. Each item should have a fun reputation so add chocolate, wine (bubbly), bath salts, candles and matches, or a few things that you know they like.

DIY Christmas light leggings

These leggings are great fun and make a great Christmas gift idea. With a simple pair of white leggings, this blog post will show you how to make those brightly colored vinyl lightbulbs and attach them to the fabric before pulling a string into each one.

Lime woven ceilings

Limestone-woven blankets are and should be everywhere – they’re soft, luxurious, and add a touch of hijab to any home. But even if you don’t know how to knit, you can make one using just yarn, fingers, and easy-to-follow instructions in this post.

Snowball bath bomb

This year is going to be a different type of snowball fight as the whole family will struggle to use this snowball bath bomb made from all white ingredients and pepper oil (or your own choice). These easy-to-make goodies are fun but well-designed stocking fillers, or even the secret Santa Claus will make presents.

DIY snow globes

These DIY snow globes are ridiculously easy to make. The idea of ​​making great crafts for kids is using just a glass, epoxy, water, glycerin, and glitter. You can create a cute and snowy scene in a Christmas tree or a wooden animal in the center.

Paint chip bookmarks

Bookmarks are invaluable gifts for indifferent readers, and many books protect against the appearance of dog ears. Follow these simple steps to make a series of color chip book markers. You can create one in their favorite color or give them a whole set of rainbows.

Homemade butter gift

Homemade groceries make beautiful personalized gifts and compound butters follow a recipe with the easiest and most effective links you can find or discover and then keep them in a beautiful jar that is individually labeled with a freely printable label.

Fabric-coated tree ornaments

If you’re looking for simple Christmas decorations to dress up the tree with this year, this DIY version is adorable. Using handcrafted shapes, fashion poses, and cardboard fabrics, you can create a range of ornaments to suit your home decor or as a gift for someone else.

DIY eye mask

These sleep masks are very easy to manufacture and very cheap. They’re great as stocking fillers for family girls or as a fun sleeve activity in the kitchen for Christmas. With simple masks and iron-on vinyl, you can personalize each one or create a suitable set for all girls.

Spa pedicure gift in a glass

Mason jars make the perfect base for so many homemade gifts, and this jar is nothing but this spa pedicure gift. Don’t choose colored foot treatments like mother-of-pearl, files, foot cream and many more and include them in the printable labels included in this post. Put in container.

DIY flip calendar

Create a truly personalized calendar for someone by following the simple steps in this guide. All dates, days and months are included in printable downloads. So all you have to do is print them out, select the 12 favorite pictures, and then combine them into what is shown in this fun tutorial.

Rudolf gift card holder

This is a great way to give away a gift card for Christmas and it creates the idea of ​​a fun craft for kids. You can make this cute Rudolph container in minutes with empty toilet paper tubes, googly eyes, fabric, tinsel, and any other festive decor you have.

DIY pine scented soy candles

How beautiful are these pine scented candles? Made at home with soy wax chips, this candle has a great green and white striped effect that feels delightful through clear glass and confuses the house with a Christmassy scent. You can even use peppermint and red for a candy cane version.

DIY french fries ornaments

Tree ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and this unusual design makes a fun gift for anyone who loves fast food. These french fries made of upholstery foam sit very nicely in a red french fries container and are combined to a Unique DIY Christmas present.

Heat pack

Winter is just around the corner and that means cold fingers and hands as well as shortness of breath make this hit pack of them and they can stay warm through them and think of you every time they get warm. It’s made with rice and some essential oil so you don’t have to worry about weird chemicals used in all natural and other heating packs.

DIY arm knit a blanket in 45 minutes

Pulling down a thick blanket when watching Christmas movies is perfect, but you don’t have to go to a store to buy them. Instead, this blog post has your perfect tutorial on how to weave a comfy blanket to keep for yourself or as a gift.

Moisturizing kitchen hand scrub

This hand scrub makes a thoughtful gift as we all need to wash our hands and the kitchen is a great place to do it, but using dish soap to do work isn’t ideal. It’s so easy to do and the color makes a great presentation when you give them that.

Family keychain

Loved ones with this family keychain will always remember you. First, it changes the image from color to black and white, and then attaches a series of keychain tabs for each family member.

DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

Coconut oil is really good for our skin, we all know that. This DIY coconut and lime sugar scrub is the perfect gift for anyone this year. It only has four ingredients so you know it doesn’t have any extra chemicals.

The hot cocoa ox

What could be nicer than drinking a delicious cup of cocoa in December after a long Christmas shopping trip? These DIY hot cocoa strainers are the perfect stocking filler for your loved ones or even added when your kids go to bed before Christmas.

DIY iPad holder

Technology has given us the ability to make new and exciting meals among the best of things, but it can be difficult to find an iPad anywhere by reading the recipe – which is why this DIY container is ideal. You can prepare delicious meals while keeping your iPad clean.

Homemade fruit gums

Satisfy your sweet teeth with these homemade gummy bears. These are all available in different colors but all have the same taste. You just add a different food coloring to get a different color. You can create as many color assortments as you want. They even include PDFs for a cute goodie goody bag tag so they end up saying goody goodie gumdrops.

EN Super Mario Bros. Box Bank

Suitable for fans of video games of all kinds, this DIY Super Mario Brothers money box will look perfect in their games. It’s easy to make and your coins are easily accessible when the lids close, which means you can switch lots anytime you need it.

Lantern vase

You may have seen similar vases in stores, even antique stores. But now you can make these as gifts and you can make different sizes and styles according to your needs. You can create a set as shown here or give it as a single candle holder.

DIY Mint Match body scrub

Cosmetics are always a great gift for someone, but when you can make something natural for a low price, there is no point in spending a lot of money on the product that you can buy in the store. With just four ingredients, this body scrub has an amazing effect on your skin.

Healing lip balm recipe

In the winter it brings lip balm so it makes a very thoughtful gift and is sure to be used for weeks or months to come. Balaam himself has to mix the right ingredients and then it is a matter of packaging for a great presentation on Christmas Day.

Soak the lime mint

Our feet deserve the best. They keep us up all day through work, leisure, and even Christmas shopping. Give them some paper when you buy that last gift by soaking these DIY feet. Made from natural ingredients, this is the indulgence your feet deserve.

Stacked Jar of Hot Chocolate Snowman

This snowman has everything you need for the perfect mug of hot cocoa in one place. The heads have marshmallows, the bodies have cocoa powder, and the base has mints for or after chocolate for the mint version.

Tipup candles

It’s a great way to take a lesson that you no longer use but make it look beautiful and use a candle as a gift. You’ll want to put it in a matching saucer and they’ll show you how to attach it to make it one piece. It makes a very simple candle that you will be happy to receive.

Coloring wooden utensils

It’s hard to know what to bring your party hostess especially when you know that she’s likely got everything the way she does. Make these hand stamped wooden utensils for your kitchen and say you made them there won’t be anything like them. They will also make a nice upholstery gift for the newlyweds.