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Jewelry: The Perfect Christmas Gifts

Nothing beats jewelry when it comes to memorable gifts, especially on occasions like Christmas. There’s no better time than the last month of the year to let those who are closest to you know what you mean. Make her feel very special this year with a precious Christmas gift for jewelry. But what’s best for each of your close family members and friends? Here are some creative tips.

Tech partnered with Bling for your Uppi relatives

For on-trend devices, have a gadget or tech accessory tailored for the higher mobile person of your life, such as a sports car. B. your best friend or dear siblings, diamonds or precious stones. With the uniqueness of wearing a real piece of jewelry, you will surely appreciate the modern possibilities of smartphones, watches or bands. Consider embedding their birthdays in the gadget of their choice for a really personal touch.

Plant like mother queen

He may not have a use for a crown or a hoop, but why isn’t his wrist wrapped in a beautiful diamond bracelet? Go for something uninterrupted yet sophisticated that he can wear with confidence on special occasions. You can customize the bracelet to match your favorite jewelry such as your wedding ring or engagement ring.

Dapper’s father

Your dad will look extra chic and tasteful with a pair of jeweled cufflinks. Go for a classic design that she can wear with most of her long sleeved shirts and many other outfits suitable for different occasions. You can also offer a set of cufflinks with matching jewelry tie pins for the complete Christmas decoration package! Custom rings for men are another trend to look for as a Christmas gift.

Hypoallergenic for small ears

Make sure you choose hypoallergenic ingredients for that special little person in your life as children have sensitive and chapped skin. For example, tiny jewelry earrings made from hypoallergenic precious metals such as platinum or titanium are a great gift for little girls. Open people become discouraged because they can damage their ears while playing.

With this new infographic from Brilliant, you’ll get more Christmas decoration gift ideas for close family members and friends with details on customizable pieces to give away. There is definitely something shiny and beautiful to show how much you appreciate keeping her in your life, from teenagers to grandparents.


5 Stunning Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for Family

Holidays are in the air. Before you know it, the lights will be on, carols will be sung and the shopping season will start on holidays! The time will soon come here and the loved ones will collect and exchange gifts. The start of your Christmas shopping is never too early. Great gift ideas include candles, accessories, pajamas, electronics, clothing, and shoes. But why not include Christmas decorations in the Bling Jewelers Christmas collections? We have Christmas tree pins, snowflake necklaces, Christmas fees, snowman earrings, and other types of Christmas decorations.

1. Carved jewelry

Think outside the box this year. How can you surprise someone with personalized / engraved jewelry? Our website features 600 and its engraving options. We offer silver-plated, gold-plated, stainless steel, titanium and sterling silver models at affordable prices.

Some of the engraving options include our name tagged Bolo bracelet. This adjustable bolo bracelet in sterling silver is simple but stylish. Engrave a sweet message or even someone’s name.

We got great carved pieces for him. Check out our Common Mens Wide Engraved Square Signet Ring 925 Sterling Silver. This modern but classic ring made of 925 Sterling silver makes a great gift. It is made on 5mm smooth tape for a comfortable fit and brightens the flat surface. Make a preliminary engraving for a personal touch.

2. Pendant necklace

Give away a simple, delicate gift with a pendant necklace this Christmas season. Our collection includes pendants, chakras, fragile styles, Christmas chains and much more. Pendants make great holiday ornaments for Mrs Christmas, or jewelry for girlfriend Christmas, or any holiday in that regard.

Our Angel Heart Wings Pendant Pendant Necklace is a consideration for someone special.

The angel wing pendant has a charm in a charm and is made of polished and oxidized 925 sterling silver. After opening the wings, a silver heart charm shows a “My Angel” message written on a small silver disc.

We have some stylish pendants for that special guy in your life. Our Army Dog Tag Latkan necklace, a great choice that he will surely appreciate.

This necklace looks chic, cool, and effortless. It is a must have in every jewelry wardrobe and looks great on the top or bottom.

3. Earrings

Earrings are the most popular gift. Our collection includes both men’s and women’s styles and our Christmas earrings are great choices for gifts this season.

Check out these Christmas tree earrings. A must for everyone who wants to feel festive all season long. These stud earrings have stunning red and green accents made of dense zirconia and look stunning.

Our Marquis Winter CZ sterling silver snowflake lever earrings, another stunning pair to give away this season.

These CZ accent drops with snowflakes are characterized by a shiny arrangement or a tent and round, dense zircon. They definitely add style and glamor to any look.

For those whose ears are not pierced, we’ve got you covered. Our Ruby Red Teardrop clip makes a statement about Christmas earrings.

These CZ dangle like snowflakes and carry a holiday vibe. These look stunning all year round, whatever the occasion.

Other options on our website include sterling silver Christmas earrings, Christmas bow earrings, Christmas earrings, Christmas stud earrings, and more.

4. Christmas bracelet

Our Christmas bracelets are perfect for the Christmas season and contribute to stylish celebrations. Glamorous bracelet pieces with bling motifs and tennis bracelets offer an exquisite, modern cuff style.

Our reindeer pearl leather Christmas tree bracelet is perfect for the sociable, Christmassy person in your life. The bracelet is a great bracelet with a starter charm and includes glass and enamel details for lamp work, traditional themed holiday symbols, a Christmas tree, candy cane, reindeer and much more.

Another favorite is the Christmas Santa Slayh Gem Charm bracelet. This bracelet is fun and fashionable. It has a jerky sterling silver enamel sleeve that is filled with brightly colored gifts.

5. Christmas theme rings

Give gifts with Christmas motif rings this season too. In our ring collection you will find subtle, expressive, classic and unique styles.

Our vintage style wide CZ loop ring is sure to grab attention. This classic zirconia arch ring is adorned with wide CZ stones that adorn the design of the entire arch and extend halfway on either side of the band.

For men, check out our stainless steel CZ Christian Greek Key Cross Ring. This ring is a great way to wear religious jewelry while also looking stylish. Our stainless steel cross ring features a design with two rows of paving stones on either side of a row with a Greek key pattern.


How To Pick The Perfect Jewelry Gift For Her This Christmas

It is a known fact that the best gifts come in small packages.

Fashion trends will come and go, many of us associate precious memories with jewelry, making it a special gift for gifts and acceptance.

That being said, knowing what someone needs to buy, whether it’s your other half or a good friend. But fear not, we have put together this guide to help you with this process.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a piece of jewelry, but luckily, most can be solved with a little bit of detective work.

First of all, you want to decide what type of jewelry you want to buy. Does he wear rings, does he have an ear hole, or does he wear a necklace every day, regardless of the occasion?

If you see this person regularly, you will notice the type of pieces they will wear later, and if you stick with them, check the contents of their jewelry box for further clues.

Alternatively, you can also take a look at their Instagram feed and use them as your preferred visual guide.

Next the metallic type. The most popular metallic types are yellow gold, silver, and rose gold. While many women don’t care which one you choose, others have the color they like.

Again, this is something that your ideas should take from the types of jewelry that are already in your collection.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what type of jewelry to buy and what color it is, get into the details.


If you want to buy a necklace for a woman in your life, you have to decide what to do, what more is in the statement or what it says

Another problem to consider is the length of the chain. If she wears short dresses, she will likely prefer the 16th or 18th chain.

However, if most of his pieces are long, he may prefer a 20-inch or 22-inch chain. It should be noted that the length of the standard chain chain is 18 inches

If you want to choose something more personal, do a search for her birthday to find out which stone goes this month and buy a necklace adorned with these colorful gemstones.


There are a variety of styles in the region, from teardrop to stud earrings to hoop earrings and statement earrings.

If you really don’t know what to do, we recommend investing in a pair of shiny rivets – diamonds or other – that he can wear any day of the week.


Any item that any woman can use for a lifetime, a simple bracelet, is a classic and versatile piece.

Depending on their tastes, you can look for more sculptural options, but if you’re not sure, a simple bangle is guaranteed to make a woman very happy.


Here is a word of caution, the ability to bring wedding bells within sight of a ring box. So if you bought a girlfriend with no intention of suggesting, be careful.

Rings are one of the most strategic pieces to give away as you need to know the size of his finger. The best thing to do is borrow one from his collection for the day and take it to a shop where the size is checked.

However, if that is not possible, check the exchange / return policy of the store where you are buying the ring. Some even offer ring sizing services, which means they can resize them for free within days of purchase.