Christmas Gifts Jokes

Hilarious Christmas Gag Gifts That Will Make Them ROFL

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that make you laugh. Check out our list of fun joke gifts that will make your day even brighter

Bacon bandage

Cover your cuts and scraps with bandages that mimic your favorite breakfast. These bacon pads are similar to traditional sterile tape but are more fun. Each bandage is three inches long and up to three-quarters of an inch wide. The bandages are supplied in 15 packs of reusable printed cans.

Butt station

Are you looking for a way to add a smile to your boring office cubicle? This ridiculous gift includes pens, ribbons, and sticky notes or business cards. It is available in three different colors.

Batman Snugi

Your favorite superhero – stay warm this winter with this Batman cover! This comfortable blanket measures 71 x 48 inches and has a convenient arm slot. It fits snugly over many smogy blankets, contours your body, and looks more like a garment than a blanket. Fun for Batman fans of all ages!

Toilet cup

If the idea of ​​drinking your morning coffee from a toilet puts a smile on your face then the toilet cup is for you. The toilet bowl holds your drink and the handle leads to the bottom of the toilet tank. The toilet cup holds 12 ounces of liquid.

Emergency clown nose

Now you can bring the incredible healing power of humor to any occasion with an emergency clown nose. A couple of things bring joy to a clown-like situation. This smiling red nose can be worn to create your smile in any situation. Emergency Clown Nose is also effective in situations where people around you need to panic

Creative Crossing Contamination Generator

Are you struggling to put the perfect curse phrase together? Creative Curse Generator lets you create the perfect curse for any occasion. Mix up creative words to express exactly how you feel

Animal Butt Magnet

Animal butt magnets are fun on any magnetic surface. This plastic half-letter is fun for children and adults of all ages. Piston magnets come in packs of six with various creatures. Each step in an inch or two.

Bokchandra Survival Guide

Do you want help surviving the upcoming zombie apocalypse? This book can help. It has all the tips and tricks you need to start attacking zombies. Nothing you know at the moment prepared you for a zombie attack, but the Jumbo Survival Guide is sure to be the most dangerous time in history to help you with it.

The best gag gift for dog lovers – bike to bike tees

Specific designs of the available species include Black Lab, Boston Terrier, Corgi, Gold Recovery, French Bulldog, Beagle, English Bulldog, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Jack Russell, Shih Tzu, Husky, Dutch, Rottweiler, and Rottweiler.

Official bullshit * button

Who doesn’t know at least a few people who are full of shit? The next time they shut up and you spot something smelly, hit the official bullshit * button. It warns everyone in the area of ​​the jokes that are being spoken from your friend’s mouth. The button works especially well in office cubes.

Passive aggressive notes

Do you love reading notes from angry people who make it for a lifetime without a psychotic break? This book is for you. It’s filled with dozens of bites that will make notes laugh.

Emergency underwear

Are you afraid that you will not wear clean lingerie in an emergency? Are you facing a catastrophe that leaves you feeling less than fresh? Aspiring panties are the solution to all panty-related problems. These come in a handy bag that fits in your pocket, wallet or glove buggy.

Happy man bottle cap

Nobody is happier with your wine bottle than Happy Man! With this tool you can keep the best wine fresh and fruity in the glasses. The lucky man is made of solid red plastic and the rubber on the wine bottle spout ensures a tight fit with black rubber rings.

Giant solid can holder

Show your brutal strength while keeping your drinks ice cold! The Giant Fist Can Holder is the perfect styrefoam cooler. At your next party, impress your friends with your inability to impress them!

Camera lens cup

Is everyone sipping their drink from the camera lens? Now you can. The camera lens mug is ideal for photography fans and those who like kulki mugs. The mug holds 15 ounces of liquid and is suitable for hot and cold drinks.

knock notes

Has the WTF ever happened to the banknote industry? Save time speaking with these nifty notepads by tapping. The benefit of check boxes is to get to the point of undesirable straightness. This fun gift is sure to get the answers you need

Fancy socks “Bring me some wine”

You will really bless your cotton socks when you start picking up the wine left, right and center. With the original Bring Me Some Wine socks, you can just put your feet up and let them speak. Ideal joke gift for the wine lover of your life.

Rainbow motion sensor toilet night light

There are a ton of things in the night that push the night up, including the horrific midnight toilet run. Light up your throne with a rainbow and remove your bubble with a gentle touch of your favorite color. A very useful and yet entertaining gift idea that saves countless arguments the next morning.

Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Mothers are the best, period. Show your mom in your life that you appreciate her with this ridiculously related adult coloring book. The pages are in the form of beautiful but spiritual artwork that inspired maternal passions that she will revere in bright colors long after the gift season is over.

Inflatable magical unicorn horn for cats

Give the gift of magic to the cat lover in your life. From pussy to pony, these gentle flamehorns transform their beloved kulini into a regal, mythical figure that fits their normal survival life. The 5.25 inch tall cat (unicorn) will also feel comfortable with its new look.

Prepare and brew your bath

Aristotle once said that the secret of the joke is to surprise. Perfect gift wrap with good bath and mixing. Tear up the paper to see what your loved ones hear about the most ridiculous product in their hands. It was an expensive joke just to look

Books and pictures of screaming goats

Ask everyone to smile like a baby with a screaming goat again. This stupid Billy takes pride in the branches of the tree and screams every time he’s knocked down. In addition to being crazy fun (which it really is), this gift is informative and comes with an illustrated guide to goat information.

Bigmouth Inc. The genocide of the large garden genome

They know and like and see how this garden brings their garden to life (and death) in a fantastic way with the Grade Garden genomic genocide and give this garden gag to that green thumb. T-Rex has knowledge of wisdom and knowledge that humans can stop their evil anger.

Atriments Split Cam innovation camera

Merge two images and use a split camera to create a very irrational, very funny and sometimes very annoying final image. Be creative with the merging as Split Cam can create some crazy cooling effects and is a fun gift to give to your family photographer.

Prank Pack Nap Sack

Take a nap. One of the simplest joys in life to enjoy anytime with a nap. Of course, this is not a real product. Just a decoration box that confuses and surprises the recipient. A smiling, simple soul that is sure to keep the whole family hysterical.

Archie McPhee Gramp Things I Bother About Notebooks

Who thinks of the word gramp? Think of someone Buy them now. One gram notebook set three is the perfect joke gift for the moans of your life. Title: The things that bother me, the daily frustration and the fresh freshness it has to fill at all times.

Developed tadpole

Observe the life cycle of a frog from a tadpole to a full-grown adult frog with a tadpole idle. Give this gift to a loved one and watch Happ with joy as they discover that it needs to be turned into this animal’s life. Comes with an illustrated blister card.

Bigmouth Ink Grenade “Take a Number” mug

Don’t pull on your gift pin until you see this giant Take a Number mug from Bigmouth Inc. The number tab of this grenade-shaped cup has its own ring tension. It makes a great kid’s gift for anyone who works or handles complaints.

Bigmouth Inc. Inflatable Pool Party Drink Floats

Pool at the party and sip these three-pack inflatable bird-inspired funky drinks from Bigmouth Inc. Be like your boss. Beer Put your beer head on the water and enjoy a big cold without going to the pool side (or three).

Bigmouth Inc. Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron Ron

Dress with grill sergeant BBQ apron. This fun joke gift is perfect for the BBQ fanatic in your life and gives them the chance to become the best garden chef this summer. Equipped with multiple pockets and camouflage, they certainly will not go home on the way to defeat.

Giant bottle

Isn’t a normal bottle just enough to guide you through a tragic event? The giant piston contains an intense 64 ounce liquid. It’s just like a normal bottle, but more than twice the size. The bottle makes a great gift and is perfect for family gatherings during the holiday season.

Beardsky ski mask

The Beardsky ski mask offers a ridiculous way to stay warm during your trips along the way. It measures six inches long and has compatible flaps so it fits all sizes. The mask is made of hot wool and a predatory neoprene face and chin piece. It’s waterproof and gives any ski comombom a ridiculous flair.

Turn signal fluid

If you know a car lover whose knowledge doesn’t match his passion, play a jerk on him with this flasher fluid. Take the empty bottle to a garage and ask for a refill – then you will blush with embarrassment at the answer.

Racing grandma

Who would have thought that Grandma could go so fast? Fun fillers for kids and adults compete against each other at the dining room table – after stuffing yourself with your turkey – to see if Grandma has her sights on a finish line and who’s shaking after walking over the buzzer.

Turkey in a nutshell

If mom puts pressure on the turkey every year, make her smile with this ridiculous flower – the vinyl bird has already dried so it doesn’t matter how long it stays in the oven. Make sure it is the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table

Edible insect pouches with mixed edible beetles

So your partner is going to eat “something”, right? Dare to try these edible beetles from Newport Jerky. They can jump on grasshoppers, crickets, and silkworms – and if they watch their weight, they’ll be happy to know the bugs are being cooked instead of boiled.

Total Vision Table Games Ribbon Golfing

If your husband, father or partner has a passion for golf, give him this ribbon golf game so he can practice anywhere – including the bathroom. The knee-length club fits green grass around the toilet and is the perfect size for its “King of Golf” swing on a porcelain throne.

Outreach yodelling cucumber

Not sure which Christmas partner will get? Surprise them with the gift they always wanted (but didn’t know): a yodelling ritual. Press the button to hear this ritual yodel until the face is green and take the people in the ear to the mountains of Switzerland.

Portable pizza bag

Pizza lovers are delighted! With the help of this portable pizza bag, the flour can be carried around to ensure that lovers are never hungry. The zip-lock bag can hold a slice of standard pizza (or a large slice of New York or Chicago style pizza that might hold a bite in it).

Older moments are fun gag tin memory mints

Can your friend or co-worker often just be called an “older moment”? With this can of Memory Mint they will never forget (even if they forgot what they told you). They are especially powerful in helping you lose memory loss in your 50s.

ArtCreativity Squart We Pp Boy Set

You see, these plastic figures have no bladder controls – when their shorts are pulled down, the debris we boys “pee” without warning. Take your family or co-workers who look like they had an accident after swelling in the water.’s coloring book for adults

Coloring books aren’t just for kids; When adults paint the designs in this 37-page book, they can sit back and relax. And what will help Americans move the problem forward if they keep their marked pens … landscapes? Animals maybe? This is definitely Walmart’s type.

Forum novelties grow a friend novelty

Do you have a single friend looking for a winter friend? Your wish for someone for Christmas can only come true by expanding this toy for a friend’s novelty. Once submerged in water, this 2 inch drop grows to 12 inches. There are perfect people.

Freebird Mullet Wig School Cap

If your partner needs help growing mulberries, this is a gift for him. The Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap from Mullet on the Go features a delicious black shoulder length lock attached to a skull cap with stars and stripes. (It’s also the perfect accessory when a gun stops to watch the band do homage to N ‘Roses))

Chia Pete Donald Trump

Donald Trump is known for his thick hair; Now your friends or colleagues can grow crops on his head with this decorative ceramic. The gift of innovation along with the handcrafted planter comes with a packet of chia seeds and instructions on how to achieve full growth in just 1-2 weeks.

Zombie hateful stuff

Don’t hate zombies too much. This hardcover book is full of pictures of all the things zombies hate. It’s the perfect gift for those who love zombies but don’t really enjoy reading books.