Christmas Gifts Kindergarten

50 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Students That Won’t Break the Bank

“It is time to give, and as a teacher you are probably willing to give a lot more than you can afford.” We know that every teacher’s budget is very low, which is why we created this great, easy, and affordable student gift idea.

Our mix has lots of free printable, some DIY, and some Amazon listings for bulk purchase. It doesn’t matter if you have five or 205 students. These ideas won’t break the bank.

1. Read bookmarks

Ware Teachers has a lot of great bookmarks that you can save and print for free. Be sure to layer them so they hold up.

2. Microwave popcorn

We like the idea of ​​giving away a bag of microwave popcorn and it’s even better when you can love the bag here.

3. Holiday pens

We like these brightly colored cranes that we can make from old or broken crayons.

4. Play flour at home

You can’t go wrong with giving away game meal and we especially like this homemade peppermint game meal recipe. It’s also good to make this no-cook recipe with your students in class.

5. Miniature cooling glasses

Have you seen our cool glasses? This is a great test, and they can make a great student gift too. Just Get Small Pots To Save Money!

6. Snowman soup

Snowman soup is suitable for all ages and can be combined quite cheaply. After all, we have a free printout with a label (see image above).

7. Personalized water bottle

Your students would love to have their own personalized water bottle to keep them hydrated. You can use stick-on letters to decorate cheap bottles, or use colorful snipers.

8. Snow slim

We like the idea because there’s no time for this Snow Slim recipe and index card. After you’ve made the snow slime, wrap it nice and neat in a small jar.

9. Painted rocks

There are so many cute options for painted stone. For WeAreTeachers we have a video on how to create some videos together. But pintest will be your best friend if you are looking for other creative ideas.

10. Candy cane stick

Yes, they are fragrant candy cane sticks with peppermint ink. This tub comes with 36 pens and holds less than 1 1 each.

11. Stress ball

You can find many options for stress balls on Amazon. These globes are just a few of our favorites. A pack of 24 costs around 17, which isn’t bad for a classroom gift.

12. Feedgate sticks

Another good fidget classroom gift room if you want to make the fidgets above (or if you want to buy some cool fidgets).

13. Floating ice

You can’t take a day off to have a good ol ‘ice cream party. It’s the perfect gift for any group of college students, and it’s affordable because you can buy it in bulk!

14. Marshmallow Pops

If you’re a fun teacher then give this reindeer marshmallow a try. If you have a lot of students this is perfect because you can do a lot of them.

15. Classroom Coupons

They can’t be “free” than printable classroom vouchers. We have 15 different coupons so you can give away whatever works for your students.

16. Game board

This is a fun gift idea. We have a full set of themed game boards for free download – for reading, arithmetic, science, etc.! Just buy lots of dice (from the dollar store) and add a game or instructions. Then you have the gift to give to the students.

17. DIY games

Here is another idea to continue the game theme. A simple deck of cards can be a good gift. Otherwise, collect some rocks and try creating this tic-tac-toe game project.

18. Children’s books

Giving a child a book is always a good idea. Some teachers tell us that they bought a lot of books, which is a lot, so that they can give the same book to all of their students. Others told us that they were very lucky to find gently used books in their thrift stores. For more book search ideas, see this article.

19. Read and scratch challenge cards

Read this and challenge your students with scratch-off sheets during the winter break. This is great for printable bookmarks.

20. Animal bookmarks

We like bookmarks so we still had to throw in a mix. You can get 30 animal bookmarks at great prices on Amazon.

21. Hot chocolate

This will be one of the easiest and cheapest gifts you can give. If you want to be a little bit more, you can combine it with a candy cane too. Like these 50 large boxes, buy in bulk on Amazon.

22. Personalized art

A teacher from our Ware Teachers Helpline group on Facebook gave us a great idea. He wrote adjectives for each of his students. He then converts them to words and applies them to clipboards with a pause in mode. Your students love the daily reminders of the great things their classmates think of them.

23. Educational games

One of our wise teachers said he bought gifts in the classroom – the children could open them, which is fun. He bought gifts like puzzles, games, master labs, etc. so that everyone could enjoy them year after year.

24. Custom classroom games

Here is another board game. Take a regular game that your students can learn and adapt it to your classroom. Who said that? Makes a great game; You can use it for seasonal themes or align with the curriculum.

25. Tick Tack behaves

These fun (and fun) candies make an easy gift for any group. The labels you see here are readily available.

26. Kawai pushes

These are so popular with children of all ages. You can get 45 squishies in this pack. Your students choose a selection or you can choose them with a special note for them.

27. Snowman chewing gum

Most teachers don’t allow gums in the classroom. So if you give each student their own backpack, they need to know that this is a special occasion. This makes you a very popular teacher! And if you can make gum packs beautiful, that’s even better.

28. Retractable pen

With these retractable pens in six colored inks, the old is new again. They make great gifts and are affordable when you buy them in bulk.

29. Kindness poster

Have you seen our classroom friendliness poster? They also make great gifts for kids. Layer them first to keep them long term. Then let the students choose their favorite to go home. You may also want to add a message. Sometimes it is enough just to listen to positive things.

30. Personalized pencil

Pencils are always a must in the classroom, and you can personalize them by printing on clean duct tape. Check out the video above to see how we did it.

31. Pencil candy

Stick with the pencil topic. It’s fun if you allow chocolates or candy in your classroom on occasion.

32. Take a poster

Here’s another phrase from Ware Teachers. We have four options including testimonials, positive thinking, kindness and humor.

33. Emoji bookmarks

Yes, more bookmarks! These are such great gift ideas and they are so beautiful.

34. DIY ornaments

These are the ornaments that you can make for your students. Or they can help you create. For pre-cut pieces of wood.

35. Scrabble name

It can be an ornament or just a nameplate that students can use anywhere. If you are in need of bulk scrabble characters, this is good news! They are available from Amazon.

36. Blow balloon

If you give gifts like balloons to your students, your money will go much higher. Even better, students will blow them up in class for a set amount of time and let them use them. (Started at the end of class so you can send them home at the end of the day!).

37. Lego-inspired jerseys

Ask your friends to keep food glasses with children. These little glasses are absolute jewels. Learn how to create goals out of all of your topics by clicking the link above. They can be small treats or just gifts for yourself!

38. Mini game teens

Save these cans or just buy them in bulk on Amazon. We can use these free printouts to create games here.

39. Healthy snacks

You can find dozens of cute and adorable snack ideas on Pinterest, and your students will love them all. It’s one of our favorite winter treats – and a healthy snack option.

40. Thank you notes

We know that a simple thank you letter is often the best Christmas present for teachers. This also applies to children! For some children, knowing that their teacher sees them for them can make all the difference. There are several printable thank you cards available to print for free, including the ones mentioned above.

41. Motivational stress ball

These are a little more expensive than other stress balls available from Amazon. But these are great. They give a nice message of encouragement and the reviews say they are really strong. These make a great gift for a small group.

42. Flour light behavior

Small cans of game meal are extra cute with these free printable tags!

43. Snowman bath bomb

Bath bombs are everywhere these days and they are great fun to make yourself. These are great gifts for students or co-teachers. Learn how to make these from Happiness is Homemade.

44. Candy cane mouse

These little rats have been around for a long time, and they make a great and widely available gift. Felt, glue, googly eyes and candy cane – it couldn’t be easier.

45. Holiday straw

You can find adorable Christmas straws all over the Amazon. There are snowflake straws, wrapping paper straws, and candy cane straws. You can give these yourself or add hot chocolate or any other simple pack. This is such a cheap and beautiful gift idea.

46. ​​Handle roles

What you give the students doesn’t take into account, it’s as clever as the packaging. Great idea from One Creative Mom. Visit his website to see how he made them.

47. Mini notepad

You can get 60 notepads with one purchase when you visit Amazon. Amazon has many more editor options. We just love them and how colorful they are.

48. Superhero bangle bracelet

Amazon has many options for slop bracelets, but these can be our favorites. You can get 38 of them at really affordable prices.

49. Empty little book

Let your students write their own stories. Or, write a story for everyone with these colorful mini-books. If you order in bulk, you will receive 55 books.

50. Slim putty dinosaur eggs

We know one more is going to be a favorite of your students here. It’s a mix of putty and slime and the colors are great. Get 24 in this listing