Christmas Gifts Made By Kids

Awesome Kid-Made Christmas Gifts You Would Be Thrilled To Receive

Do you and your children want to make handmade gifts together? Children’s gifts are always special to share with friends and family. Below is a great list of gifts made by great kids that everyone would look forward to.

We enjoyed making all of these items and happily gave them away and of course used some of them ourselves!

Baby gifts to look forward to

The Most Adorable DIY Unicorn Notebook

This DIY unicorn notebook is so easy to make and absolutely adorable! The perfect unicorn craft for kids and tweets and a great handmade gift idea.

Kid Made Jewelry Dishes

These jewelry dishes are bright and fun and so easy to make for kids. To prepare these gorgeous handmade dishes, all you need is a few simple supplies that will delight any mom, grandma, aunt, or friend. Both me and my daughter use and love these.

Superhero Trinquet Dish Fathers Day Crafts & Gift

Use this fun dad or grandpa hunt tricket or gathering to create fun cartoon-style paper and bold colors. My son has these 2 dishes on his bedside table and loves them and my husband has a great dish on his desk.

Create An Easy Father’s Day Keychain Craft

Kids will have fun making this super easy Father’s Day keychain craft with compressed dink! Free printable template included.

DIY Unicorn Necklace Kids Craft

These unicorn necklaces are just adorable and make such a great handmade gift for kids to give to their friends. My daughter made several of these to give to her friends. Easy to customize with a wide variety of shiny and colorful colors. You also get free printable labels for glasses!

Lava Bead Diffuser Jewelry for Children

I love this Lava Bead Scattering Jewelry Set! I’m my daughter and I always wear ours, I like to use lavender oil with me. These are easy to make and offer endless possibilities including your choice of colors and beads. Combine them with some essential oils for really unique baby gifts that anyone can love!

Easy fairy houses for the garden

Is there anyone on your list who enjoys gardening? These painted fairy tale houses are such adorable and perfect gifts for kids who want to invite some fairy tale friends to their garden. We enjoyed it and made some for our neighbors.

Easy DIY Painted Flower Pots for Kids

These painted flower pots are so fun and colorful, and will light up any patio or outdoor area! Who better to resist the fear of plants ?! These make a Mother’s Day gift, a compliment for a teacher, or just a special handmade gift for a great occasion.

Make fingerprint art on adorable mini DIY notebooks

These mini notebooks are simply the most beautiful! The use of fingerprint art makes them the perfect handmade gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any occasion. We had a lot of fun with this project and came up with beautiful and colorful designs to decorate the covers.

Gorgeous handmade coasters with pressed flowers and washi tape

Doing anything with washi tape is a hit with my daughter. Add in some pretty pressed flowers and you can’t go wrong with these handcrafted coasters. Kids can create a set of these and personalize them with a variety of washi tapes, as well as flower and leaf colors.

How to Make Stamped Polymer Clay Necklaces for Kids

These stamped polymer clay necklaces look like fancy carved looks, but at a fraction of the cost and with a special handcrafted touch! Kids will love making these gorgeous necklaces (they are very easy to make!) And come up with unique words and phrases to give to someone special.

Mother’s Day Bookmark and Card Watercolor Project for Kids

This Mother’s Day Bookmark and Card Set is a lovely handmade gift idea to make for kids! This project is easy enough for older preschoolers and a great idea for older kids.

Painted Rock Crafts for Mother’s Day with Fingerprint Art

Kids will love creating these painted rock crafts for Mother’s Day! This craft can easily adapt to children of all ages and gives the idea of ​​this kind of cute gift.

Simple Leaf Printing on Stones

There are many uses for these beautiful leaf printed stones. You can display them in a bowl, use them as a room setting, as a holiday table or even as a garden decoration. Crafts of such a fun nature as a special gift for children.

Colorful Beaded Friendship Bracelets For Kids

These somewhat friendly bracelets always make me laugh, they are so bright and colorful and have a positive and friendly message that everyone would love to receive as a handmade gift. My daughter made these as part of her lucky bags for her 8th birthday party. You were a great success!

DIY Jane Garden for Kids

Another great gift idea for kids! These zen gardens can be customized with different colors of sand and different types of shells and stones. Makes a great gift for someone who sits at their desk at work or in the home office.

Adorable Polymer Clay Best Friend Necklace

Kids love to work with polymer clay and these best friend necklaces are fun and easy and a great kid gift idea to make for their best friend.

Clay jewelry dishes stamped with spices

We use colorful air dried clay and spices to create these beautiful jewelry dishes that create the idea of ​​a unique gift for mom or grandma.

Mini Plant Pots – A simple upcycling craft for kids

These are the requirements to make these adorable mini plant pots out of washi tape and recyclable containers. A simple gift idea for kids that kids like preschool can create by themselves. This little container looks amazing on a window seal and lights up any room.

Cookie Cutting Process Art Made Falls in Falls Playmates

These cookie cut fall playmates make a great gift idea that preschoolers can create themselves. This is a simple craft project that you can turn into lovely playmates who will look great on any table. My son made these for Grandpa for Christmas a year, they turned out beautifully.

Unique Watercolor Bookmarks

Kids will love exploring different watercolor techniques to create these one-of-a-kind watercolor bookmarks. A great idea to make a kid for someone who enjoys reading.

How To Make Simple Mistake Paperclip Bookmarks

Use These Simple Shapes To Make Fun And Colorful Felt Paperclip Bookmarks! School Craft includes great free printable templates for older kids and tweets.

Adorable DIY Polymer Clay Owl Necklace

Another great gift idea kids can create for their friends. These owl necklaces are a very nice and fun polymer clay project for kids.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Envelopes

If you’re looking for a unique way to gift some of your children, these Printable Christmas Envelopes are for you! They are big enough to hold some of the handcrafted jewelry ideas listed above.

I hope you found inspiration for children’s gifts in the ideas above if you and your children want to try gifting friends and family.


10 Beautiful Homemade Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make

Sometimes the most meaningful and precious gifts are homemade and come from the heart. These homemade Christmas gifts that children can make themselves should look beautiful and well-groomed year after year in the future. You might even want to keep it to yourself!

10 Christmas presents everyone would like to receive:

Child-made wind chimes

It’s great intelligence, but such a simple project even kids can create with a little help from parents. This would be a cute addition to hanging on a porch, garden, or classroom. See instructions on sugar, spices, and glitter.

Christmas peppermint sugar scrub

Who doesn’t want something to feel good and smell at the same time? This peppermint sugar scrub is a versatile gift for everyone. If your child continues to learn math and measurement, they’ll take care of measuring and adding all the ingredients. This is also a little learning experience. Take a list of recipes and supplies in Emma Owls.

Nail polish DIY coasters

These look great and must be a fun art project! These are great gifts too, and you can read the tutorial on how to make your own nail polish coaster at The Mad House.

Handprint Mason jerseys

These hand-printed mason jars are extremely easy to make, but can also be made for almost any holiday – Christmas, birthday, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day and much more! Read the instructions on how to make these at home by Fun-A-Day.

Putty bracelet made of wood

Rhythm is one of my favorite activities and crafts websites. These wooden putty bracelets are adorable, don’t require a lot of accessories, but your kids will likely love making them, they will make them for everyone they know!

Tea towels made by children

You can either theme these seasonally or let your kids’ imaginations run wild, but these gifts can be suitable for grandma’s house. I can teach supplies and instructions to my children.

Heart leaf lantern

These will give stunning and beautiful gifts for a long time. Take your children for a walk in nature around you or in the park and collect a row of colorful leaves. When you get home, cut out their little hearts (or other shapes) to fit in a mason jar. See the rhythm of the game step by step.

DIY clay necklace

Sometimes wearing children’s artwork doesn’t make the fashion statement you like, but this DIY clay necklace looks great and any teacher, father, grandfather or husband-grandfather can happily wear it in a modern look. Read the instructions for making your own clay chains in Hello Glow.

Abstract art coffee mug

Everyone who accepts this gift will proudly use it for coffee or tea! Check out simple instructions for making your own abstract art coffee mug at Works Works.

DIY bead and stone photo holder

This is the perfect gift for Christmas … or a fun day craft for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or kids! Check out Buggy and Buddy to find out how to customize this craft for kids of all ages.