Christmas Gifts Made From Wood

Wooden Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Boy I have something great for you today! I know you may not even know what Halloween is going to be like, but you are already looking forward (and sweating forward) to the ultimate stressful time of year – Christmas gift giving. Okay then you will treat my friends!

The collection of my favorite bloggers brought you a time-honored collection. The answer to your wild dreams and / or nightmares. How do you all know they have “something for everyone on your list”? With over 200 handcrafted gift ideas, I hope you have really found the perfect gift or ultimate inspiration for everyone on your list. My contribution to this list is a handmade wooden gift. I like the versatility of wood, no matter how handcrafted or store bought, even if everything is hand made. It can be fun, modern, vintage, and customized for select recipients! Let’s dive!

Gift ideas for presents

  1. Geometric wine stopper from The Mary Thought
  2. Mami Janes’ kitchen tablet holder
  3. Wooden spoon made by Design Mutter
  4. Serving trays from my altered state
  5. Pallet coaster from a woof dog


I mean jewelry, but there’s a twist here in this collection … for the man in your life. How about a bow tie made of wood and leather? Oh i love mixed media!

  1. Draw a wooden chain out of Gela Heart
  2. DIY wooden jewelry from there
  3. Wooden chevron earrings from Peter and Glink
  4. Wooden bow tie from The Mary Thought

Bring nature inside

  1. Everyone can give away a glass vase. Would you like to give away a homemade wooden vase?
  2. Scratch the wooden vase from the cool 2 chic
  3. Thin flower pots by Nini Max

Che and Pasha

What you can do with a piece of wood is amazing. I mean, it’s like having a blank canvas to work with. I’ll even look like a piece of paper … if they weren’t already the same … Anyway, here are some great ideas!

  1. Wooden disc magnet from suburb
  2. Wooden discs and burlap Christmas wreaths from Finding Home
  3. Design sponge for the wooden clock
  4. From String Art Suburbel
  5. Christmas decorations made from perverted treasures
  6. Tires made of wooden coasters with lace from small red windows painted

For the heart of youth and youth

Thus, the teaser has a certain age limit, but the ruler growth chart can be beneficial for everyone. I also think it would be fun to have a genomics ruler in the house!

  1. Ruler Growth Chart by Simple Kearst
  2. Goldfisch Tider crochet pattern from One Dog Woof

“Tease the season

I’ll admit, I looked around and found that I could get ornaments with an old chair if I used some creative ways to use wood for Christmas decorations and all the supplies around the house

  1. Wooden birth set from Ginger Snap Craft
  2. Clothspin Snowflakes from Owen Family Six
  3. Ornate ornaments from Lolita Jane

This is just an exercise

Ah, the power tools, how I love you and at the same time you are all scared. Do an exercise with your favorite power driver and see what to bring!

  1. Birch wood candle holder made from oleander and palm
  2. Wooden makeup brush holder from Brave New Home

Wooden sign

When all else fails, a wooden sign with a favorite sign or scripture or verse from a song always works. I always tell myself that I don’t need a wooden sign around the house, but then I have a tendency to buy a “beach, so -> sign” or some other “holiday reminder” sign at the fair. One day I’ll make one when I can decide what to put in.

  1. Annoying Sign of a Sunny Day by Happy Go Lucky
  2. DIY wooden pallet sign from Thinking Closet

Presents near home

These ideas turn pre-made wooden items into fun and unique gifts. I mean who doesn’t want a happy occasion in their house ?!

  1. Baseball wall decor from Benson Street
  2. Round book shelf from One Dog Woof
  3. Letter magazine shelves from Living Well to Spend Less
  4. Finally, a few ideas for fun.
  5. Easy to make and give away, fun!
  6. DIY scented wooden blocks from Northstore
  7. Bloom Kitchen by One Artsy Mama

Outdoor dominos from One Dog Woof

There you have it! My contribution to the ultimate library of handmade gifts. There is so much more to share from all of my favorite bloggers. It’s a great, invaluable resource, don’t you think so? Adding all of the ideas from here and from the collections below, we’ve gathered 200 great homemade gift ideas (200! Sacred Gift Giving, Batman!) To surprise and surprise you this holiday season.


12 Simple Woodworking Projects for Christmas

You pruned the tree, adorned your door with evergreen wreaths, and adorned the halls with perforated stems. Feeling a little warm at this time of year is not difficult. So why not take on the urge to be a little smarter with the elements of the best nature project?

Create a special advent calendar that will decorate and delight your entire home year after year. The little galvanized cans that hang over that one nail of sugar and the attractive joy hold the jewelry and the surprise.

Pepper strips by the candle

Cut a 4 “x 4” fence post into just the shapes you want and cast only, strip it down with a candy cane paint, and convert it into peppermint chandelier in the shape you want. Once the candles are dry, drill a hole in the top to have a tea light. This is the perfect accent to get you in the holiday mood indoors or out.

DIY birch vase

Make a vase out of birch logs and add something natural to your Christmas decorations. Cut the trunk to the desired height, then use a three-flute drill to drill a wide hole in the center. Sand the top like a Julie Blaner and use it as is, or put a glass vase in it to accommodate the new arrangement that water needs.

Not melting snowman

Greet your guests with a cheerful group of snowmen made from 4 “x4” fence posts. Just draw these, then grab flannel for hats and scarves for hats such as hats. B. the life of a mother with a hint of yellow snow. They fall on the entrance table, coat, or front all winter, even after the snow has melted.

Wood disc decorations

Nothing could be easier to achieve than this rustic, personalized piece of wood ornament. After you’ve cut a log into the slices, screw on an eye hook and thread with a few jute threads for a clothes hanger. Equip yourself with paint or metal markings, or use the inkjet printer transfer technique used by the upcycled treasurer for the ornaments shown here. A log creates gifts for your entire extended family.

Card holder

Display all of these beautiful Christmas cards in the woods. Cut the small planks into graduated lengths, draw them in the season two colors, and nail them to a center post to create a tree skeleton, as seen in Little Lucy Lu. Hot glue mini dress pegs on branches are a fun way to see your valued friends and family all season long.

Wooden wreath

A bouquet of pieces of wood looks good on the front door in any season. However, when you add some barlap and Christmas greens, you have a great natural alternative to evergreen Christmas. Screw the first layer of the round into a wooden wreath, glue the second layer on top and furnish it accordingly. Check out Home Search for inspiration.


With a little wood glue and imaginatively painted 2 “x2” pieces of wood with a wooden ball on the fabric and a thin shepherd’s hook. A small block of wood, piercing, and fabric make this 36th Avenue craft hole. Put it in a paper-lined box in the shape of a craft paper star and the real meaning of Christmas will quickly come to life.

Funny hangers

For a truly personalized holiday coat, these handmade stocking hangers also serve as photo holders for the Shanti 2 Chick. You will need 2 “x6” boards, some mode pauses, stain bottles, and some general hardware. Santa Claus will get to know the car right away.

Table tree

Set the table for the feast? Consider arranging Yellow Bliss Road around your own version of this adorable tree made up of just shimmers, stains, paint, and staples. First, place the glue and the treetop pieces from the skin side onto the stained base. Then draw and nail this little tree onto any tablet for instant Christmas cheer.

Boot rack

If you dream of a white Christmas, prepare your home with this practical and fun boot stand. Blogger Stephanie Lynn made this thing out of lumber and 2 inch dowels to keep slashes and mud out of this house. Tape the dowels to the floor or keep them dry so you can easily disassemble and store the rack during the summer months.

Wooden snowflakes

Larger wooden snowflakes hang on the porch or as a feature of any interior wall. My modified state plans only require simple straight cuts and building techniques so any wood novice can do this project. Display several snowflakes in a group for a wooden winter surprise.


10 Last Minute DIY Wood Gifts that you Can Make

I’ll be in the garage for a good part today after finishing the gifts. With just two days left until Christmas, that doesn’t mean you can still get some handcrafted wooden gifts to please your friends and family – and your wallet – too.

However, today I can share some amazing gifts that you can make quickly and mostly from reclaimed wood – so you don’t even have to choose new materials or spend a lot of money!

DIY Cheese Board Hostess Gift – How easy and beautiful is this DIY cheeseboard with a center board? Practice for Penis offers a simple tutorial on how to make this wooden cheese platter for around 10 10. If you have doors or handles that use ropes, you can cut that budget in half. Just add your favorite cheese and bring it to your next Christmas party!

DIY Barnwood Clip Frame – The perfect gift for family members! These beautiful photo frames only cost around 7 to 7 – and a ton of junk will burn if you have them. When you’re done, take a look and create this photo frame!

Beautiful Wine Bottle Rack for Wine Lovers – How beautiful is this wood and rope wine bottle rack? The tutorial is very simple and you can do it with just scrap wood and a rope.

Rustic Wooden Beer Bottle Holder Made Of Wood – Turn a six-pack beer (or your favorite bottled beverage) into a nice gift when you receive this lovely wooden beer bottle holder with side opener.

Simple DIY Wooden Crate Centerpiece – This simple wooden crate centerpiece is beautiful and will be appreciated by most of the people. For the holidays, fill with gourmet meats, cheese, crackers, or fruit or Christmas flowers. Easy tutorial on Love Gross Wild.

DIY wooden tray – I like wooden trays. These are so useful and beautiful and like the files of your life. You can put different things in the trays to make your life more beautiful and decorated. I especially like Liz Mary’s coffee service tray.

DIY Family Tree Sign – Just use clitoris behind a bunch of nails on the board together. Then draw the trunk of the tree and use a sponge in the shape of a leaf to make all the leaves. Easier than cake!

DIY Wood Tablet or iPad Stand – I love how easy and beautiful this iPad or tablet stand is made by Artful Desperado! All you need is a few pieces of scrap wood to make it! Suitable for kitchen countertops for recipes.

Reclaimed Wood Car and Truck – This DIY car and truck made from scrap wood is a great way to enjoy even the smallest of favorites.

DIY wooden crane holder – All you need is 1×3 scrap to make this beautiful wooden crane holder! I put this tutorial together with my letter for this handmade Christmas series.

Hopefully I lost you in a great project, but if I didn’t thank you! And please let us know when creating, we’d like to see how your projects turn out!