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33 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Neighbors That’ll Show How Much You Appreciate Them

Here’s a little-known fact: Christmas gifts for neighbors don’t have to break the bank, and neither do they! Here we’ve rounded up the best neighborhood gift ideas so you can fill your entire block with Christmas party ideas this season. From homemade gifts to store-bought finds to mason jar gift ideas, our list includes inexpensive Christmas gifts and easy-to-assemble items that are sure to put a smile on the faces of all your friends next to you. What better party than the one you see every day to celebrate the tuti?

Of course, just because a gift isn’t DIY doesn’t mean it can’t be very sincere. Our quick ship picks, most of which are available on Amazon, are equally meaningful and offer you both sensitivity and convenience. You will love our seasonal “Hello Taking” candle concept, which will delight in combinations of vanilla, sandalwood and amber. Our list includes a fun greyhound “Amazing Grace” that will fill all of the music with beautiful music.

Still interested in getting on the DIY route but still short on time? We packed you up there! Our personalized cookie cutters are a simple and effective way to get tons of gifts at once – and we’re not sure if someone will say no to Christmas cookies.

1 Oven meat gift

Fill these lovely pot holders with freshly baked cookies (or a packet of cookie mix if time is short) and a bow for a thoughtful and easy presentation.

2 Hello candle

If you want to give away the whole neighborhood, your choices should be at a very low cost! We like this vanilla candle as an affordable alternative – there is a “welcome to the neighborhood” design too.

3 Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box

“I got it as a birthday present from my husband and I absolutely love it,” said Varna in a colorful review of this recipe box. “… I can’t wait to fill out the delicious recipes that I can avoid for years to come.”

4 Amazing grace chimes

Yes, these carillons really do coincide with the opening notes of “Amazing Grace”. How amazing is that? It has spread more widely, but we think this gift is suitable for any long-term neighbor.

5 Jacobson Salt Co.

With so many great reviews, we don’t think you can go wrong with a ton of these salty caramels. These are delicious and beautifully packaged!

6 Paint by number set

Turn this neighborhood into a personal work of art for your neighbor with our paint-by-number kits.

7 Route ‘Hirsch’

Cheers to the best neighbor ever! Put together a six-pack (regular or original beer) inspired by Santa Lead Reindeer.

8 Snow globe mason jar

9 DIY gift, 3 options

Our sister site Good Housekeeping has found three talented ways to make smart and affordable gifts this season.

10 Cross-stitch snowflakes

Using needles and thread, the whip is one of the cross stitch patterns in this artwork.

11 Greetings from seasoning

Just add all-purpose homemade seasoning to a mini mason jar and your gift is ready!

12 DIY sugar scrubs

Encourage self-care with one of these homemade sugar scrubs courtesy of Redbook.

13 Muse stage

Bloggers Christine Popcorn, Harry, and Davids Moose Manch were recreated using easy-to-find ingredients like vanilla, mini marshmallows and of course butter.

14 DIY cups of hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is a must! These sweet homemade treats with hot chocolate on a stick look adorable on the mug decorated with free printable ones.

15 Cookie cutter set

This Christmas gift idea is perfect for the baker who is always trying new recipes.

16 Elf Christmas Mason Jar Gift

Get a bag of green M&M and pour it into a mason jar. Make sure to add a cute fairy-themed tag!

17 Gingerbread sugar cubes

Sugar scrubs are a great Christmas present for soothing dry skin from the cold winter weather. Your neighbors must thank you!

18 Cozy hand warmers

Keep your neighbors’ hands free of frostbite this winter with this comfortable hand warmer. Sew and sew two pieces of fabric together and fill them with boiled rice.

19 Homemade vanilla extract

Surprise the informal housekeeper in the neighborhood with homemade vanilla extract this holiday season.

20 Cinnamon honey butter

This delicious honey butter can be made with just four ingredients: salted butter, powdered sugar, honey and cinnamon.

21 “Thank you” apple bread

On this holiday, greet new neighbors with homemade apple bread. Nothing is more welcome than homemade products!

22 Homemade spa DIY gifts

On this holiday, do the things necessary to create a spa environment at home: DIY soap, lip balm, and of course, candles.

23 Mary and bright

This adorable serving lightbulb ornament is a perfect favor for a small holiday get-together with neighbors.

24 Nail stickers

Cute nail stickers from Zamberry – Free printable gift tags in Persia Lou make the gift suitable for beauty lovers.

25 Holiday Fragrance Mix Jar

The combination of cinnamon, cranberry, pine, nutmeg and orange creates a wonderful holiday fragrance.

26 Christmas memories in a glass

The secret to making this smart ceramic vessel? Extraction of spices from the Cost Plus World Market.

27 All mama wants silent night cups

For all of the hardworking moms out there, this is for you.

28 Peppermint Coco Christmas decorations

What could be cuter than a clean ornament filled with hot cocoa ingredients?

29 Homemade hot cocoa in a glass

Pour the hot cocoa mixture and marshmallows into a glass, then add a festive table label and candy cane – and congratulate yourself on the easiest Christmas present.

30 Shan and Cala pancake recipe

Make them better on Christmas morning with a ready-made pancake mix.

31 Summer mason jar gift

Sommers isn’t just for summer camps. They’re also great for setting fire to your living room.

32 Thank you for the herbal gift

Let your relationship with your neighbors bloom with a potted curly thyme, shiny Alter Shi, lovely lavender, and chocolate mint tendrils.

33 Gratitude in a glass

Fill a mason jar with flavored homemade goodies and attach a free printout to show gratitude on the front. Something simple!