Christmas Gifts Not Toys

Non-Toy Christmas Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

If your toy box has turned into a toy room and that toy room has become a whole toy room, this holiday season may be looking for other gift options for your kids.

And of course, you probably know that museums are great gifts for passes, swimming lessons, and concert tickets, but it’s best to wrap something up and put it under a tree (more your relatives may ask for a list of physical items to send their grandchildren) .

So we got creative and got the best toyless gifts we could find for kids. From kitchen utensils and kids’ cameras to the awesome backpacks we’ve seen, your kids will love each of these ideas.

1. Radis Kit

At this subscription cooking club for kids (four to 14 years old) kids and tweets can pique their culinary curiosity. A new kit comes out every month with recipe guides, activity cards, kitchen utensils, dinner talk startups, shopping lists and a unique theme.

2. “The Elf Who Saves Christmas” is a personalized book

Miraculously, the same company that brought us the hugely popular personalized book “The Little Boy / Little Girl Who Got Haste / Her Name” just dropped a Christmas version of a glamorous man who saved that day. For 0-8 year olds.

3. Storabo Rage

It’s a rug for your house and there are play mats to practice driving your sports cars and trains. For 18 months or older.

4. The original Waldorf Rocker Board

These boards encourage open play and facilitate development. A board can be a balance board, a sa-sha, a balance ray, a bridge, a slide or an oscillation cradle. Age 1-6

5. Moonlight

Space-loving kids will love this night light that turns their bedroom into a night sky. It has constant brilliance, is handcrafted, and is both practical and fun. All ages.

6. Jetpack backpack

Shut up and accept our money. Can you believe this adorable backpack? Children can pretend they are traveling into space every day on the way to school. Age 3+

7. Cinemaplex Christmas gift package

Take your gift kids to a movie date (some great family movies will be released this season) with this $ 40 gift card bundle that is free with the purchase of a £ 50 gift card. The package includes four rounds of each screening of the family’s choice.

8. Slipover kit

Start with an adorable baby sleeping bag like Melissa and Doug and drop a few essentials like toiletries, flashlights, backpacks and coupons for grandma’s trip (again, who is this gift?)

9. Wooden jewelry box (decorate your own)

Children can decorate their own jewelry box with gemstones, stickers and glitter glue. And inside they can keep all their wealth. Age 4-7.

10. Birdfeeder Kit

Setting up a bird feed like bird watching can be a lot of fun for the little ones. Older kids can try making their own using this kit and signing in to what they see on the Wildlife Tracker (sold separately). Age 5+.

11. Balance the blade

A gift kids make for fun family activities is always a great idea, and the Balance Blade will help young children learn to skate quickly and easily. Sizes Y8 to Y11 or Y12 to J2.

12. Singer EZ stitch sewing machine

Teach your little one to sew this starter sewing machine (with needle guard). This kid-friendly machine is battery operated and comes with three bobbin threads, tape measure, plastic needle and needle threader. Age 8+

13. Kidzum Action Cam 180

Give the children their first camera (so they won’t play with you anymore) and let them record their own griefs. Weatherproof, waterproof, fast and slow, this Vitek camera can be mounted on a bike. Age 4+

14. World map Colorful tablecloth

Learn about the wonders of the world with this fun and truthful hand-painted tablecloth that children can color by themselves at the dining table. Comes with 10 washable markers so kids can dye it over and over again. Age 3+

15. Hop Ho Zoo Drop gift sets during winter meals: bears

This festive dinnerware set will make kids enjoy a hot snack in the snow. It’s dishwasher safe too. Age 6 months +


20+ Non-Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

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The idea of ​​toyless gifts for children 20+

1. Tickets for an event

One of my favorite birthday gifts was when my dad took me to Symphony. Give your child tickets to events that they want to grow up with, that are special or that they can look forward to. After all, it’s something you can do together.

2. Magazine subscription

One of the most thoughtful gifts we’ve received since our first child was a subscription to Babybag Magazine, which dies of ladybugs and spiders as we age. Not only does he look forward to receiving mail every month, but these national magazines add a fun dose of high-fluff, high-quality learning to a child and promote their learning skills!

And there are a lot of great magazine options these days – my husband maintained Ranger Rick’s gift subscription for several years when he was younger (he still has these magazines and shared them with our * kids), but now there’s Ranger Rick Jr .. Ask (arts and science for kids), click (“open windows for young minds”), museums (by Smithsonian – for kids), cobblestones (American history for kids) and faces (people, places, and culture), just some of them Enter the name.

3. Grade

Encourage what your child likes and dislikes. Whether it’s dancing, art, athletics, horse riding, music, storytelling, or engraving – give your child the opportunity to hone their skills to do what they want or want to improve. The only precaution is to book courses before it is given away. It’s very easy to promise, give, and then not follow up after you’ve posted it.

Teaching together can be a turning point in this idea – it’s time together, it’s a great way to show that you never feel like learning anything new, and – depending on the subject – a way to teach deeper life skills, mine evergreen favorite. , Like Kids Cook Real Food, is a class that you do at home once a week and your children finish the program to demonstrate their newly acquired cooking skills.

4. Membership

If there is a zoo, aquarium, museum, theater, or music venue near you, give your child a membership gift so they can attend regularly. Not only does it offer ongoing events together, but it also allows you to go deeper each time. These are particularly suitable for large families, as it is usually much cheaper to get a “family rate” than to buy a day pass once or twice.

5. Clothes Up Dress-up

The clothes used to be passed on from grandma. So stop by your local thrift store and stock your wardrobe with affordable prices (not cheap, Disney ready-made items that are just yours). Allows the child to pose as a movie character. Our favorites are aprons, vintage fashion shoes, feather bosses, fans, hats of all kinds, vintage prom dresses, scrubs and more.

6. Play

Recovering player food and kitchen items. Collect empty kitchen utensils from your own kitchen utensils like spice jars, salt and pepper shakes, and empty boxes (like baking soda, cornstarch, sugar, and baking soda), then clean them well and glue or sharpen them carefully. Loose edge. If they are already “pretty” enough as a gift, leave them alone. However, if you want to “fake” them, draw and decorate them to make them more colorful.

7. Provide your own trip

Regardless of whether they keep a toilet bag for a toothbrush, in the future they will cut a rural or their own backpack on the street, have their own travel bag or provide street gear for children for adventure and help protect unknown fears through the freedom campaign. If you’ve ever traveled away from home, you can give away a few photos from the trip as a gift.

8. Monthly mail

My daughter’s favorite present of all time was when my overseas sister gave her a Christmas present to send her a monthly postcard for the following year. My sister was dying to choose cards with fun pictures that reflect the place she lived and my daughter still appreciated each of these postcards. Kids love receiving mail, and it makes a great, lasting connection between donor and recipient.

9. A piggy bank

Help your child learn key budgeting and saving skills with a piggy bank. We especially love that there are separate sections for expenses, savings, and tithes (parts). If you want, you can sow piggy bank with a cash gift!

10. Music

Music can evoke the language of the soul and heart, soul and mind. So whether you want to give your child a classic skirt or a classic accompaniment, give a gift that can inspire year after year. Our husband and I still return to the music we first heard decades ago when we could sing loudly while doing family homework – and our kids do the same thing that everyone loves music.

11. Listening to musical music is important

But creating it and creating your own sounds, melodies and rhythms is much more. Whether it’s small eggs, shaker eggs and maracas, or large eggs like guitar or keyboard, the ability to create music informs and shapes the mind and soul.

12. Audiobooks

A good story enlightens the mind and inspires discovery. And sometimes it’s much better to hear than to read a story, especially if it’s read by a master of storytelling. Give your baby a gift to keep him curling up over and over again. Some of our family favorites are the Classical Kids series, The Children’s Homer, Jonathan Tomir’s Christmas Miracle, The Magic Tree House series, and every book in The Chronicles of Narnia.

13. A photo album

Whether empty, filled with photos or equipped with a small camera – a photo album helps to create a person’s life story. When children use it to tell the story of a single event or event in their life, it can become a valuable item over the years.

14. Together abroad

Do an activity along with your child’s choices like skating, swimming, skiing, bowling, painting – you gave the name! Consciously having fun one at a time is the best part of this gift.

15. Nature up close

Give a gift that will help your child regularly observe and interact with nature. Some of the ideas include a butterfly garden to see the butterflies in the form of caterpillars (you can order them here), a bird supplier + bird seed + bird field guide (like this one), a beetle house, even just a fancy glass, binoculars, or telescope. If your child or grandchildren are really into learning and learning, a quality baby microscope is also a great gift for studying granular water.

We also love this catch-and-release aquarium – it was created critically for observation by the creatures Mars and Kidos. You need nets too – we just use inheritance.

16. Your own kitchen equipment.

This kept surprising me, but some of my kids’ favorite gifts were their own tools that they used in the kitchen when helping with the cooking. Invest in simple but firm shaking, wooden spoon, cup and spoon measurements. These can make great hosiery if you think they’re too small a gift to give yourself. (We just introduced this simple set that looks great, but we haven’t tried it yet.)

If you want to combine it with a cookbook, Chef Jr. is great for kids 10+, and the kids step-by-step cookbook is a favorite for younger cooks.

17. Your own work and outdoor equipment

Give your child their own garden tools, workshop equipment (these are awesome!), Their own fishing rod, walking stick or gardening gloves. These mum and dad type tools give them a sense of uniqueness while simulating their role models and literally give them the tools to explore the world.

18. One clock

A clock not only helps a child get a sense of time and how quickly a certain time goes by, but it also gives a sense of freedom. Knowing when an event is going to happen or if they have 15 minutes to finish an activity and the responsibility to finish the time can be a very empowering and encouraging thing for them.

19. A calendar

Whether it is a calendar with kittens or a self-made calendar with family photos, the calendar gives a sense of connection to what goes on in the family. This can be an especially fun gift for kids 6 to 9 years old who have long been starting an idea and who know until the start of the holidays or when it’s someone’s birthday or when a certain friend comes to play .

20. A fun or fancy bath towel

It’s simple, but with your own designated super-amazing hooded bath towel that turns you into a shark, beach, frog, or duck, bathing is fun year after year.

21. A sleeping bag

Not only can the sleeping bag be a fun new place to sleep, it can be a cave wonder to explore with a flashlight, a place to escape alone to read a book, or the top of a castle in a living room. We have the choice between Mountain Equipment Co-opt and RII’s Kids Size.

22. Personalized recipe card + date of cooking a special dinner

If your child likes to go to the kitchen with you, give them a packet of recipe cards on which you can write: “Your child’s name comes from the kitchen.” Maybe you want to add a cookbook near you and a favorite or a kid-specific cookbook how you like our four year old boy. By the end, you may want to have a special dinner in honor of your child. If so, set a date and topic, and schedule a menu on that topic. Clear your calendar and cook meals together, then serve and celebrate!