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Christmas Gifts for Nurses – 10 Best Nurse Gift Ideas

Whether it’s birthdays, holidays, or something special to show off to someone you care about, here are some gift ideas for the nurse of your life! With gifts for every budget, you can definitely find something on this list that will bring a smile to your face.

1. A professional white lab coat

The symbolic white coat is no longer reserved for doctors! Although lab coats were only worn by doctors in the past, more and more nurses are turning to high quality medical lab coats to complete their professional look. With custom name and title embroidery, they can issue their care certificates and proudly wear their white coats. Opt for a lab coat made from high-performance fabric that removes fluids and sweat, is generally low-maintenance and has a longer lifespan.

2. Personalized care peeling

Care peelings that are soft with every wash? I would dare to find a nurse who doesn’t dream of it. Exfoliators are a nurse staple – they can never be too much! However, these care scrubs are second to none for comfort (important for 18-hour shifts), durability (100 washes can be maintained without frowning or fading), and fit (objective cropping is flattering and offers unlimited movement). Give the lightfast thread a special touch with personalized embroidery!

3. Audiobook subscription

Nurses are always on the move and don’t have that much time to do the things they enjoy, such as happy reading. Give your loved ones an audio book subscription as a gift. These services enable the nurse of your life to get on the summer reading list, run errands, or complete chores while traveling.

4. A stylish new ERKA stethoscope

Every single handcrafted ERKA stethoscope is a unique masterpiece: It has been extensively polished and chrome-plated by a master. With multiple models for every level of care and specialty, these stethoscopes are unmatched in terms of quality and optimal integration. For that extra touch, you can also choose from a variety of different tube colors and chest pieces to add a little more color to the nurse’s daily life.

5. A versatile endcrub tee

Most under-scrubs are just meant to give you an extra layer of protection under your own scrub, but it’s not. As soft and comfortable as the Core One Endcrub is, it’s the perfect gift for a nurse who needs to be seamlessly taken to the hospital, grocery store, and even the gym. Will work as hard as a nurse.

6. When I started I wasn’t that strong: the real story of being a nurse

This book contains true stories of nurses remembering the problems they faced when they first entered the profession and thinking about how they made their careers so fruitful and what they gained by making it toughest have moved. Perfect for a nurse who may be feeling discouraged. The stories in the book will renew her personal strength and remind her why she became a nurse in the first place – to help her.

7. Prescription coffee mug

All nurses need coffee and lots of it. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this 12 oz mug will make the nurses who received it smile. It looks like a large prescription bottle with coffee details will make the mood in any hospital or private practice!

8. The Weekend Survival Cookbook, written by Dena Irwin, R.D.

With a little expenditure of time, it can be difficult and expensive for a nurse to prepare healthy meals, even if they are delicious to themselves during the week. A cookbook full of easy, nutritious recipes that can be prepared in 10 minutes is absolutely perfect for saving time and staying healthy.

9. Fitbit

Give them the gift of keeping track of this practice as they walk miles on a nurse’s busiest day! In such a demanding career, it can be difficult to set a working time. However, wearable devices like the Fitbit let you keep track of how much activity you actually have during the day. It also tracks your sleep and enables the nurses in your life to monitor their own health records and stay motivated with their health.

10. Keurig coffee maker

For those short on time, another time-saving Keurig machine is a must have. Give them a gift with a box of their favorite coffee brand’s K-cups, or get them a Keurig My K-Cup reusable coffee filter so they can brew their favorite gourmet coffee into an easy-to-clean, reusable filter. This saves time and money as opposed to!


24 Christmas Gift Ideas for Nurses (must read before Christmas)

Nursing is a lifestyle. . . It’s a lot more than a job. If someone becomes a nurse, he is stingily involved in a secret society. . . And we think we are very special.

So here it is: the definitive list of gifts for nurses and nursing students.

We have our own language, our own jokes. . . We even have our own sleep schedule.

Nurses are a breed of their own. So I thought it would be nice to compile a list of a number of nursing student gift ideas to help that particular nurse in your life’s work join the RN position.

Gifts for nurses are divided into 4 categories (in order):

  1. Equipment
  2. Fashion
  3. Books
  4. Fun

Equipment: gift ideas for care devices


Scrubchetis is the answer to our thousands of emails and conversations with nurses and nursing students around the country who are struggling to have the information they need on hand on the hospital floor.

These pocket-sized, layered, compressed reference sheets for nursing make a great gift for a nurse or nursing student looking to put their clinical game together.

The pages are colored (Heart, Neuro, OB, Pads, Firm, Labs, Fundamentals) for quick reference and removal so the student can take the sheets they need in the given shift.

Nursing student toolbox

The Nursing Student Toolbox is a collection of worksheets, clinical tools, and study materials that I have found for my work as a nurse over the years.

I started doing nursing school a few years ago because I discovered some tools that work and others that don’t help at all.

This toolkit is great for any nurse or nursing student. . . Think of it as a smaller version of Scrabchiats.

Care clipboard

Being organized as a nurse is probably a nurse’s greatest struggle. One gift that can help a nurse is a clipboard specially designed for nurses.

Our favorite clipboard is the one with 1 inch of storage space, plus tons of reference materials for maintenance, printed on the front.

For nursing students who need to bring 1,560,435 pages to the clinic, this can be a great solution.

Nursing school starter kit

Nurses or students who want to worry about what to buy for this premium option include instructional and clinical materials.

  1. Includes: Litman Classic II SE Stethoscope, Nursing Clipboard, Nursing Report (Pack of 25), Nurse Flashlight with Neuro Badge Card, Trauma Scissors, and Hemostat.
  2. Plus: 4 books (140 Must-Make Medicines, 63 Laboratory Values ​​for Nurses, 108 Nursing Memories, Nurses for Nurses), scrubchiats and NRSNG pins.

Care bag

For example, nurses usually wear shoes, scrubs, notes, books, stethoscopes, name tags, pens, etc. . With them is work, home and school. It’s hard to find a bag that can hold all of this gear, especially a bag that can hold work shoes.

There are many options for bags for nurses. Some prefer just a backpack while others prefer one in nursing. They give great gifts because they can be a little expensive, but being a nurse is important.

Portable pulse oximetry

Again, this may seem like a narcissistic gift. . . But I promise you . The nurse who has her own portable Dal calf is going to be the most popular nurse on the floor!

It’s a tool I always want to have in my pocket. Nurses examine patients and 2 SATs at least every 4 hours and possibly every hour or more in the ED or ICU.

Although hospitals have the equipment to do this, it’s easy to keep your hands off the pinch.

Care penlight

Accurate assessment of your patient is important for universal patient care. We have developed a pen light that contains 4 tools (penlight, pen, pen and Neuro-Badge reference card) in one.


You’re welcome. . . You’re welcome. . . You’re welcome. . . Never let a nurse you know come to the hospital without a decent stethoscope! It can feel a little gray, anatomically. . . But nurses should always have their stethoscope with them.

One of the problems (joy) of working in a hospital is that you never know what will happen next. A good stethoscope can get a nurse out of a really difficult situation.

Fashion: clothing gifts for nursing students

Care socks

Definitely a good pair of nurse socks. How many miles did I run once during a single shift in my ICU? . . It’s 7 miles in 12 hours!

I’ve used a lot of socks in my years as a nurse. Here are my favorite sports socks that I have been using as a nurse for many years.

But. . For a bit more fun and having a nurse-themed nurse as a gift for a nursing student, here are some things to try.

RN Charm Necklace

I have never worn jewelry myself. . . I may not be the best judge for this, but a lot of my colleagues wear beautiful RN necklaces like this one.

These make very beautiful jewelry and are a great way for nurses to show pride.

EKG breastfeeding compression sock

Walking around in a busy care unit puts a strain on your legs and feet. . . Take it from me

To cope with this fatigue, many nurses rely on compression stockings. Graduation socks can be a great brand for some nurses who enjoy breastfeeding. . Good used gifts for nurses.

Comfortable care peeling

Yes Yes Yes. . . Nurses always hear it from their friends: “I wish I could wear an scrub to work like you!” . . . Exfoliators can be good to wear, but if you make the mistake. . No, Bueno!

Our friends at Benefit Medical Apparel have developed comfortable and effective scrubs for active nurses.

Nurse guard

Nursing Watch makes a great nurse gift that nurses need to check the time like every second!

Nursing t-shirt

If any. . . Nurses take pride in what we do! When you are off duty you are a nurse it is very good to have a way to show the world. This shirt here is a comfy graphite v-neck that gives the world a subtle little message that you are proud to be a nurse.

Books: Gifts for Nurses

N for the nurse

The Best Selling Nurse Is The Nurse For The Nurse John House RN CCRN is a “full color ABC book for adult nurses, it gives a strong message about the meaning of“ being a nurse. ”It’s not for kids, it’s for nurses and nursing students who pride themselves on being RN.

Maintenance mnemonics

Are you ready to take your studies to the next level? Memonics is a proven way to increase learning speed and retention time

This monomonic book for nurses and nursing students fills you with 94 memoirs with all the details and illustrations to accelerate your learning.

Priorities, delegations and tasks

Yes I know . . This isn’t the most exciting list of nursing student gifts, but let me just say one thing. . . I want every student to actually become a nurse and shake the clinical ground.

To this end, I have found several books that can help students skip them and prepare for nursing in practice.

Nursing wins

Juliana Adams tells of her journey as a nurse in this beautiful memory. This is great read for anyone considering nursing or a skilled nurse. I actually interviewed Juliana on the podcast which you can listen to here.

140 meds need to know

Pharmacology makes up 15% of the NCLEX® test plan. Medication and pharmacology can be a difficult subject for many nurses. But not anymore! When you’re finally ready to take your NCLX® Pharmacology Studies to the next level, this is the perfect book for you!

This book takes the guesswork out of your studies and allows you to focus on your valuable time learning what you need to know.


Morbid is still fun to take a look at the “curious life of human cadres”. I read the whole book on one flight because I couldn’t take it off. The book makes a great gift for nursing students who have already studied anatomy and physiology because they can see the full cycle of bodies being learned. . . I think it created new praise.

Intensive book

Put your hands down . . It is a must have for all beginners and experienced nurses. This one book by Dr. Merino offers so much information for nurses.

It is expensive. . . But it’s worth it! Given the value of the book, it made a great presentation for nursing students.

Fun: silly breastfeeding present

RN sticker

One of the first things I bought after graduating from nursing school was my bumper sticker.

Being a nurse made me so proud that I wanted to see the whole world. This little sticker is cheap and sends a message about who you are, who you are to. Makes fun stocking stuffers.

Prescription coffee mug

Caffeine, like everything else, plays a role in care. . I think when I started the night shift, my body composition changed to around 80% caffeine as I adjusted to the sleep schedule change.

This funny mug makes a great and practical gift for any nurse or medical professional.

E kg of toilet paper

Every nurse has to do two things. . . Learn EKGs. . . And poop!

A better place to learn your heart’s rhythm than sitting on a can. It’s a fun and silly gift for any nurse.

I’ll Stub U: Nursing Dead

That carefree / nasty ass nurse. . . It makes a perfect tip. This high quality bag is a perfect gift for a nurse in any season.

Nurse button

Little buttons with funny sayings to keep nurses everywhere. It’s fun and fun for any nurse.

Care shot glass

Sometimes the only thing that gets a nurse out of Hell is knowing there is a shot glass waiting on the other side!

For just a few dollars, it’s a great graduation or recreational gift for a nurse.


So there you have it. . . A solid list of ideas for gifts to nurses and nursing students.

It can be difficult to please a nurse (just ask my wife). However, I hope this list gives you some inspiration.