Christmas Gifts To Make

10 Homemade Christmas Gifts That Are Actually Useful

A hug in a glass

Perfect Casey has six great recipes for homemade soup in a glass. Help the children measure the ingredients, write the label, and pick up some festive ribbons. This gift idea may not be easy to create and will surely be appreciated on a winter day.

I’m stuck with you

It’s hard to believe that Universal Mom’s adorable photo magnets are made from recycled mason jars. We like this idea for Christmas gifts and really believe that no one can have enough magnetism; Particularly personalized.

Encourage one to cook

It has always been the case since autumn that we can’t get enough of this clever idea for handmade kitchen towels. What a great gift idea to add Christmas cheer to your kitchen.

Your kids will love drawing their hands and creating these creative gifts for your loved ones. To create this craft you will need a white kitchen towel, acrylic craft paint, foam brush, and a star stencil (which is provided on the blog).

The beauty of the bees

Kristen from Live Simpy gives a great picture of how she made these gorgeous wax candles with the kids at home.

Making candles is a very nice, kid-friendly activity, they’re very simple (real “no” crafting experience required!), And they smell great (and help purify the air) and of course, because they’re absolutely awesome.

Crunchy and sweet

The private cook and dinner blogger Sarina then has a great recipe for crispy peanut crumbs in dessert. This peanut crumb is extremely easy to prepare and will be cooked by your baby. After cooling, it is cut into pieces, cut into pieces, cut into pieces, cut into pieces

Early bloomer

Maya * has created great and simple tips for Christmas gifts that you can use to plant white paper bulbs and give away to family and friends. Keep in mind that these bulbs will take around four to six weeks before they bloom into beautiful flowers. Hence, you may want to speed up your process earlier in the month. But boy will these flowers ever get dazzling?

Christmas Cookies Amusement

Here are some of the best gifts we’ve received over the years.

Needless to say, we like this idea from Sally’s addiction to baking to the super chunky Christmas cookie recipe in a jar. Check out the material! Just look for a nice glass, help your child measure and add ingredients and stick a nice card with the recipe on the glass with festive ribbons or strings. So absolutely simple and yet a fun gift idea.

The patchwork is beautiful

Jazz is a simple notebook with beautiful fabric and up-da-da! – You have a personalized diary that is perfect as a gift for friends and family.

Amber Crazy Little Projects has great tutorials for this quick and easy kid-friendly project. And we have a feeling that the writer or journalist of a lifetime would love to receive one of these beautiful patchwork notebooks as a Christmas present. That is, if you can take part yourself!

Block printing masterpiece

GuitarGood’s Seattle mom blogger Darya has a great tutorial on how she created this stylerphone block print piece of art that she did herself with a group of kindergarten teachers.

We like how they included some of Seattle’s funniest landmarks in the pictures (we can now see Space Sui and Smith Tower). To create such works of art, you’ll need scratch foam or style foam trays, very sharp pens, and block printing ink. Overall, Artsey is a great gift idea for families and would love to personalize your little one.

DIY bath bomb

Part science experiment, part craft, DIY bath bomb is a craft that kids will love to create. Maggie from Red Ted Art offers this amazingly simple recipe that uses essential oils and dried lavender. Wrap these beauties in pastel colored tissue paper and you have the perfect gift for grandma.


25+ Christmas Gifts Anyone Can Make!

Who doesn’t love homemade Christmas gifts?

This is the time when homemade gifts (like these Christmas lights!) Fill our stockings and line our pantries.

I love Christmas gifts that are made with love, don’t I?

If you’re all DIY, homemade, made with love, super scary Christmas gifts, you’ll enjoy carving on this huge list of Christmas gifts!

Even busy mothers can whip them up!

Let me know which ones you tried and liked!

You can get 25+ Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas cookie set

This DIY Christmas cookie cutter on Yellow Bliss Road is perfect for the unemployed friend in your life!

Christmas decorations at home

How cute are funny deeply scattered ornaments ?!

DIY Christmas card holder

Candy cane is better than just eating!

DIY Candy Cane Slag gift card holders from Dear Chrissy are sure to be a hit this holiday season!

DIY Christmas gifts with essential oils

I have several friends who have tormented Bappi with essential oils from Anskini for this simple Christmas gift.

Homemade spa gift basket

Busy mothers need time to be exposed, relaxed, and wet.

Definitely consider giving this pastel and macaroon DIY spa gift basket to a mom who is fed up with your life!

DIY Christmas bath ornaments

DIY ornaments are the best!

Cant wait to make these peppermint bath salt ornaments from local sayings!

More DIY Christmas gifts friends will love!

Homemade winter market

When the weather gets colder, keep your loved ones warm with this DIY winter hat from Wellesting.

DIY Christmas tree tea bags

Bring tea and I’ll make a tea bag Christmas tree of my choice!

Christmas bath salts at home

Mmmm … I smell those peppermint bath salts with the greatest excitement of Frugal Girls!

DIY Christmas tile photo coasters

Great. Things. Never.

The PopSugar Smart Living DIY tile coasters are great, unique, and thoughtful – and it’s pretty much my book!

Homemade apple seed mix

My favorite drink on the holidays – apple cider!

This hot apple cider cinnamon spice looks great and is free to print by Savory Nothing!

And free printable ones add a cute touch!

DIY fly sheet

These DII fly rugs have always been mom’s best friend since autumn!

You can’t believe how simple they are!

Homemade shaving cream

Great gift for guys!

DIY Shaving Cream and After Shave from Life pave the way for perfect hosiery!

Personalized soap bottle

Nice! Nice!

This personalized vacation soap bottle from Idea House wows with vacation excitement!

Rudolph towels for Christmas

The handcrafted Rudolf Towel from Hello Creative Family gives the home of a friend or family member holiday warmth!

I love one of these myself!

DIY fire starter preferred

This DIY pine cone fire starter is desirable – a little turquoise is too beautiful to miss!

Of course, you can make a creative Christmas present!

Chalkboard Christmas tree

From Ginger Snap Crafts to Chalkboard Christmas Tree is perfect for fans of all of the chalkboard decorations of your life!

Homemade holiday sugar scrub

Homemade sugar scrubs are best for super-smooth skin and a luxurious bath or shower experience.

These ginger jiggerbird sugar scrub cubes of a pumpkin and a princess are the perfect DIY scrub pick for the holidays!

DIY Christmas basket

Delicious, u, u!

Kitchen Christmas Gift Baskets from DIY Network Any Foodie Smile!

Holiday survival kits

For your friends out in the cold, consider this Snow Day Survival Kit from DIY Mummy!

Homemade S’Mor’s Jar

Very pretty!

Ss Morse mason jar gift from a night owl makes a great but great looking gift for this holiday season!

DIY Christmas shower bomb

While pink to peppermint snowflake shower bombs are simple, you can make super creative Christmas gifts yourself!

Homemade, simple Christmas decorations

Love these DIY ornaments from Country Living!

DIY Christmas hand warmer

These reusable flannel scrap hand warmers from Saadi Seasongoods will come in handy during the winter months!

Christmas cookie jar at home

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies?

This Christmas present from Lil Lunar takes the love for cookies and turns them into the perfect Christmas present!

Enjoy some wonderful DIY Christmas gifts! Merry Christmas!