15 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make

15 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make

Have you ever looked at a book about the stamping trade? In this art form, you will find designs and ideas that you might not have thought existed. The art of stamping has not existed for a long time. A few years ago you could only find pretty primitive designs in hobby shops – one or two flowers, teddy bears, and maybe a rudimentary human form. Things have evolved so much in the meantime. Every hobby shop with stamps has complicated, truly artistic stamps that eventually began to qualify as real art. Stamping is a simple craft, as it can be a very satisfying do-it-yourself project. If you want to go further, you could make progress in cutting your own stamps. Then the art of stamping becomes the art of stamping.

So what do you need to really make your own stamp art? For the stamps themselves, you need a pair of erasers, a linoleum cutter, a sharp pencil, ink, and paper. You will also need some craft glue and a piece of wood to stick your stamp on. You can actually use most normal erasers. You can usually find them in any dollar store. Pink or rubberized ones are usually not good enough. Try to buy the biggest ones you can buy. You will cut them with your linoleum cutter. Try to buy a very thin cutter. The thinner it is, the more filigree your patterns can be.

When you have everything prepared, all you need to do is decide what kind of pattern you want to cut on your stamp and start drawing your pattern on the rubber with a sharp pencil. You’ll probably need to practice on a sheet of paper first so that you don’t make any mistakes. To make sure you don’t draw a pattern that ends up being bigger than the eraser you have, start by drawing the outer edges of the shape you’re looking for.

When you take your linoleum cutter, remember that you are working on it as if you were carving a statue. You are not really carving the shape you want. You are carving the surrounding space. When you try to carve the shape you want, you end up with only the surrounding space in contact with the ink or paper. This is not what you want. You basically have to remove all the material that does not look like the shape you want. You will probably make some mistakes at first. Once you get the hang of it, all you have to do is finish it carefully, glue it to your woodblock and start printing.

15 Lovely Paper Crafts – DIY Craft Ideas – Very Easy To Make
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