There are many DIY and simple art ideas that anyone can make without spending a lot of money. With a little creativity and a little effort, you can achieve a lot in creating artwork for your home.

The art of fabric framing

Framing the canvas is such a simple art idea that anyone can do it without a lot of money. If you already have fabrics and frames around you, this is a FREE way to add artwork and change the walls. Simply attach your canvas to a piece of cardboard or paperboard with spray glue or fabric adhesive and place it in the frame. Buying fabric for this project shouldn’t cost much as you don’t need a large amount of money. If you have an old frame that doesn’t match the fabric you want to use, you can convert it with a few spray paints for a few dollars. Thrift shops are also good places to find cheap frames to paint. Create a coordinated group of fabrics, use a mat, or leave a frame all to yourself. Use your creativity to create your own unique and affordable DIY artwork.

Books and calendars

Books and calendars are a great place to find cheap DIY art. If you don’t mind tearing pages out of a book, you can find some incredible treasures to decorate your walls. Just rip them out carefully and cut them to size. Put it in a frame and you’re done. The same goes for calendars. Use the books and calendars you already have, or buy them in the clearance section of any bookstore. This also works well for children’s rooms. Just frame the pages of a popular children’s book. Try using something that looks old or a theme book with nursery rhymes to add some charm. If there is a particular artist or piece of art that you love but can’t afford, find a book with pictures of those artists and frame them instead. You will save money and still be able to enjoy beautiful works of art.

Use the painting

It is not necessary to hang something on the walls if you dare to paint. The art of do-it-yourself is not much easier than that. Create a pattern of painted squares on your wall or let a single square stand alone. Use masking tape and a spirit level to create a pattern of even squares. You can be very creative in different colors, sizes, and arrangements. If you want a variety of colors, but don’t want to spend money on so many paint cans, try one pattern size. They usually cost only two to five dollars per sample and come with more than enough paint for the project. Most of them have a smooth finish, but if you want something a little bit lighter, before removing the tape, carefully rub a small polyester cloth (available at any hardware store) over each picture.

Pressed Botany

Just take a walk outside and you will find everything you need to create your own pressed botanical artwork. This project could not be easier. Try to find the greenery, leaves, and flowers that stay flat. Place the green in your frame and pick it up as needed. Then place it between two pages of a book (preferably between two pages that you don’t mind too much, as the pages can easily warp or crease). You can play with the botanist’s shape by bending it to the right or left before closing the book. Stack many heavy books on top of it and leave them for a week. Remove it carefully and fix it to the backing paper with some rubber glue. Use enough to prevent it from sliding into the frame. That’s all there is to it. Pressed plants look great and are more effective when hung together in a group. So go out and collect all the FREE DIY artwork you want. To save money on frames, replace the photos on the existing frames, or use spray paint to give thrifty frames a new look.

Foam Core Art

Instead of using a frame for your photos or artwork, try mounting them on a foam core for a simple, modern look. If you have not yet discovered the beauty of the foam core, a fantastic discovery awaits you. It’s a very inexpensive alternative to traditional picture frames and can save you a lot of money on very large photos that you want to hang up. Simply place your photo on the foam core and draw a line around it. Cut the foam core into the lines with an x-acto knife. Apply spray glue directly to the foam core and press your photo in place. Use plastic or metal hangers to hang the picture on the wall. You can find large foam-core panels in any craft shop for just a few dollars. So take out all those old photos you want to frame and try this foam-core DIY art project.


No childhood is complete without some good, old-fashioned, messy, squishy, colorful finger painting!

And with school season just beginning, I thought it was a great time to share some wonderful finger painting ideas with you.
Trust me, the paint will wash away in no time (well, perhaps a little time) but the memories will stay forever!

Ready to let them get messy?
And because I can see a few of the cringes all the way over here I have a few suggestions for making this LESS messy:

Use a plastic table cloth from the dollar store underneath your painting (or better yet take the project outside).
Add some dish soap to the paint – this makes it wash off very easily.

Have a big towel and some washcloths handy.
And finally wine. A glass of wine or two and the mess really won’t feel like a big deal! ; )

Now let’s get to the finger painting ideas for kids!
These little soccer players are ready to play! Color them, cut them out, and slide them on to your fingers. Find a friend to play with and see who can score the first goooooooooooooal!

You Will Need:

cardstock or thin cardboard (I used a granola bar box)
markers or pencil crayons
ping pong ball, cotton ball, toy soccer ball or another round object to use as a soccer ball
paper or styrofoam bowl (optional)
masking tape (optional)


1:04 Magic eggs
3:23 Number candles
6:00 Cat print

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