If you’re looking for this fun way to earn extra money, then carpentry is the right choice. With carpentry, you can make a variety of wooden materials, which can be anything from wooden toys to furniture. To help you get the most out of woodworking, you may want to develop custom products.

There are many woodworking plans on the Internet; you should use them. Of course, you will find plans that you will have to pay some money to access, but some other plans can be downloaded for free. If you are just starting out in woodworking, you can have a good experience with free plans. However, if you are looking for large plans to help you make a fully customized woodworking, you can get rid of these plans for a small fee, which will get you into good customizable plans.

There are so many things you can do with wood, and if you really want to make a difference, it is better for you to concentrate on a few areas. If you are interested in toys, making custom toys will help you fill your niche. So you have your own woodwork, how can you sell it?

To get the right market for your woodwork, advertising is very important. There are many ways to advertise your products. You can choose the more traditional way and put ads in the newspapers, in the classified section or you can go to the modern way and create your own website and put ads there. You can also choose a combination of different ways to promote your products.

Since you are focusing on marketing, make sure you protect your products with copyright. There is a price associated with editorial products, but in the end, it is not too high. Once you’ve copyrighted your woodwork, it’s protected by law, and someone can’t reproduce the exact same product without your knowledge, and if they do, they can easily take legal action.

Visit the different art and craft exhibitions and if possible bring your own works to the exhibition. This is a great place to meet and learn from great carpenters. You can also get first-hand information from your customers about what you can improve and what is good.


Flowers are perfect for decorating something. However, natural flowers don’t last long. In this video, you’ll see a lot of crafts with natural and artificial flowers. They are beautiful, easy to make, and they would make you happy for a long time. Watch it 19 WONDERFUL FLOWER CRAFTS TO MAKE IN 5 minutes and enjoy it!

Do you want to surprise everyone at the dinner table? Learn how to make a flower out of napkins. It looks really awesome and it’s very easy to make.

Did you know that a bouquet would last longer if you wrap a wet wipe around flowers’ stems? Use this trick for the next time you get some flowers and have to keep them fresh for longer.

You can make cool accessories with flowers – learn how to make awesome headbands, rings, and hairpins.

Another awesome idea is making a DIY flower-printed scarf. It’s very easy to make it – put some colorful flowers on a white scarf and hammer them into the fabric – as a result, you’ll get a printed scarf. It can be a cool present for someone you like.

Learn a few creative ways to keep flowers in vases. You can make a fruity vase or an awesome flower bowl.

To make your flowers last forever…make them yourself out of paper. In this video, there are many variants of making paper flowers. Choose your favorite!

Make sure to watch the video till the end and find out how to turn an ordinary T-shirt into a creative masterpiece. Have fun doing all these crafts and share your flower ideas and tricks with us in the comments!


0:41 – A ribbon flower
3:12 – A plastic bottle flower
6:31 – Keeping flowers fresh for longer
8:48 – Paper flowers

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