Christmas means spending valuable time with your loved ones. It’s also one of the few times you show your appreciation by buying them gifts for Christmas. This can only mean one thing: more money, more expenses, more shopping. Shopping is not a real problem for most women and some men, but dealing with the holiday stress of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be exhausting and stressful.

But what if you want to save your extra money for the new year? Creating some DIY gifts will not only melt the hearts of your loved ones, but it will also prove that the hard work, not the money, is worth it. A Cricut machine is a perfect tool for making and designing. Basically, a Cricut machine is used to make blank paper and cardboard. But what makes it interesting is the variety and range of designs you can create with the Cricut machine.

One way to use the Cricut machine is to create Christmas cards to make yourself. You can let your children help you create your own Christmas cards. Emails and text messages are so common and impersonal these days. A handmade greeting card, especially one you make yourself, will always show how much you care about your loved ones to make them a greeting card this Christmas season. Get inspired, be creative, and create a personalized holiday greeting card design to match your mom, dad, boyfriend, or best friend.

With the Cricut machine, you can scribble for the holidays during the holidays. Party gifts, dresses, wedding gifts, and party bags can be more interesting and fun with Cricut cut-outs. Think of all the fun your kids can have during the holidays by cutting, pasting, and designing souvenirs. Stimulate their creativity, generosity, and appreciation of the holidays


If you are tired of boring phone cases but want to protect your expensive phone, we will show how to keep your cell safe and how to make colorful and inexpensive phone cases. All the supplies you need are very cheap and you can find them in any craft store. Besides, it’s a cool way to personalize your phone and create something unique. Be crafty and follow our easy step by step tutorials!
The first idea is really cool! Let’s make a liquid rainbow phone case together! You will need a clear phone case, 8 of 10 clear drinking straws. Using scissors cut drinking straws to match the size of your phone case. Next, take pliers and lighter to seal straw. Melt the straws from one side as you can see in our tutorial. After that mix water with food coloring and using syringe fill the straws. Don’t forget to leave some space in straws. When the straws are ready to glue one by one straw to the phone case.
Girls, you will love the next idea especially if you love flamingos. I love crafts and artworks with flamingoes and ready to share an easy tutorial on how to make a phone case with flamingo. Use felt to make and cut out a flamingo. Use pink yarn to make a pom-pom and glue it to the felt flamingo. Let dry and then glue the flamingo to the phone case.
As a bonus, you will find a tutorial on how to make a phone case with a galaxy print. You can create this phone case using nail polish! The supplies you will need plain black phone case, blue, pink, and glitter nail polish. Use a sponge and add spots in different colors. Be creative and look at a picture of the galaxy for inspiration! Paint the finished product with glittery nail polish.

00:19 Liquid rainbow phone case
01:02 Flamingo phone cover
02:16 Phone case with noodles
03:03 Squishy egg phone cover
04:59 Galaxy phone case

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