In these times of savings, handmade gifts have experienced a renaissance. But it’s a real shame that there had to be an economic reason for the trend to become popular again. Handmade gifts should always be appreciated and not seen as a cheap way out. The effort and thought that goes into making these gifts should never be underestimated.

To avoid having to resort to hectic last-minute shopping in the run-up to Christmas, you should think about making your gifts unique now. 5 months is less time than you think, especially if you haven’t tried your hand at arts and crafts in a while – let the creative juices flow!

Think of some of these gift ideas for your loved ones for Christmas.

Photo books or calendars

Create a personal photo book or calendar to embody your friendship or love for someone. But don’t settle for just photos. Add appointments and reminders of your time together and meaningful dates when creating a calendar.

Write down why you chose each photo and what it means to you.

You can buy blank scrapbooks at stationery stores, but if you’re really creative, make the book yourself. The instructions are easy to find on the Internet.

Calendars can be printed at photoshops but can be complemented with markers, stickers, paint, and other craft tools.


With the advent of pearl shops across the country, making do-it-yourself jewelry has never been easier. They carry a huge assortment of pendants, beads, cases, brooches, and other small items you need to make your own necklaces, earrings, brooches, and bracelets. Some of them come in sets that you just have to put together, but this is kind of a pitfall, so why not put together something truly unique that suits the recipient’s personal taste and style?

Gift Baskets

If you know a person well, you can put together their last gift. Fill it with food and drinks you know they’ll like. Popular seasonal items include fruit pies, winter chutneys, chocolate, liquor, and cheese. You can also add some non-consumable items such as handmade soaps and bath bombs, wool socks, and gloves.

If you don’t have enough time, specialized companies can organize tailor-made Christmas baskets. You can choose the packaging and contents of the gift basket from their inventory. It may not be handmade, but it is personalized and there will be no one else like it.

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