25 DIY Miniature Hacks and Crafts for Barbie! High-heel golden shoes

25 DIY Miniature Hacks and Crafts for Barbie! High-heel golden shoes

Does your bedroom need a personality? Have you ever longed to do something with your eggshell walls and empty space? Decorating your room doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s just a matter of finding the things you already have and using them in a new way. Finger-painting your mother’s new Philip Stark chairs is not what I’m suggesting. But if you have a room that can stand to be stimulated with a little creativity, then there’s no reason to hold back. Some ideas include:

1. painting the walls

Painting something straight up like a wall can be very rewarding and can be done by yourself. But don’t be fooled, getting into these hard-to-reach corners without stepping outside the lines has its own challenges! A new coat of paint gives your room a fresh look and is a good place to start. If you feel like something weird, try a wall or two of a different color, or dip a sponge in a second color and dip it into your first coat of paint.

2. Make the most of your throws

If you’re interested in textiles, chances are you’ve bought some in your lifetime. Maybe you like ethnic prints from Bali or Mexico and picked up some blankets on your last visits, or maybe you prefer something chicer like Missoni quilts. It’s time to get them out of storage and start decorating your room. Use them as a runner at the end of the bed, as a tablecloth, as a blind or maybe just as a blanket.

3. Make a fun skirt for your bed

If you have a bed that’s on a block of wood or on feathers, you’ll probably want to cover it up. You could probably go to the store and buy a skirt, or you could make one yourself. A friend of mine once took big pop-up ads from a fashion magazine and stapled them together to make a skirt. The colors were vibrant, the idea creative and the result really great.

4. Advertising your favorite pieces

What makes your room your room is the things that are in it, and they go way beyond the selection of the sheets. Make your books visible on the shelf, stack your favorite magazines next to your bed, hang necklaces on the mirror, and wear your perfumes and nail polish. That way, when people come into your room, they realize who you really are. What you read, the perfume you wear, how you’ve organized your life. Your room is personal, so do it like this.

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DIY Barbie high heel golden shoes
DIY Barbie hacks and crafts

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