There seems to be a widespread view that the children and youth of America are selfish and spoiled. While this may apply to some children, they need not apply to yours. By setting an example, talking about people, animals, and things that need help, exposing your child to charitable opportunities and emphasizing the importance of community, you can raise children who are empathetic, generous, and kind.

The most important role model

It is almost impossible – not to say unfair – to expect your child to be loving and caring if you don’t do it yourself. On the other hand, when your children see you donate canned food to a food drive, clothing to a thrift store, and toys for needy children at Christmas, they are more likely to consider good deeds as the “norm. They will only see volunteering as something that needs to be done and donating as the only way to do it.

Talking about what it’s worth

The opportunity for charity is everywhere. Depending on the age of your children, you can talk about those who need our help, whether it’s abandoned pets, the environment, or families living in poverty. When your children are teenagers, you can watch international news programs and reports that show how desperate the situation is for many people in this world. Attention must be given not only on a large scale. Small acts of kindness make a big difference, and you should be sure to let your children know it. Keeping the door open for someone, picking up something that someone has dropped for them, smiling at someone who seems to be having a bad day, these are all small ways to improve the lives of others while showing children that doing good for good can give a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Simple Projects Of course you will want to tailor your childcare project to the age of your child or children. For children not yet in school, consider activities where you pick up or sort things. Recycling projects are good for preschoolers.

Children ages six to nine enjoy collecting donations, picking up trash at parks and beaches, and making crafts for charity.

As children grow, they can plan and sponsor more events. Volunteering at a shelter, after-school club, or senior center can be a rich and rewarding experience for teens and preteens alike. There are many Web sites on the Internet that can offer age-appropriate volunteer opportunities for your children.

Caring for DIY Finally, your child will bring up a topic or issue that affects him or her. At this point, it is important, even vital, that you encourage your child to do something to help you while supporting him or her in any way you can.

In all the news there are stories of children from age six to college collecting pennies for clean water in Africa, of schools for children in impoverished countries, of a neighborhood playground, of protection of the rainforests, and so on. Children everywhere do great things, and the only thing they have in common is that someone believes in them and supports them. Be that someone for your children.


Today we prepared a ton of lifehacks that will blow your mind! You can make a lot of things using only one tool – a hot glue gun! Did you know that glue gun is one of the best purchases you may have? The hot glue gun is the King of all craft supplies. If you already have a glue gun you gonna totally love our collection of lifehacks with it! By the way, our awesome glue gun hacks that are actually insanely helpful and will totally change your life! These glue gun items can be used indoors at home and outdoors.
Watch our video and you will find out how to:
– how to make a phone case with a hot glue gun. Wrap your smartphone with sandpaper and easily make a phone case
– you can make sink strainer by your own hands using a hot glue gun
– super cheap phone holder
– apply a bit of hot glue near the striking end of a match. Light the match and allow the flame to reheat the glue on your matchstick
– if you have old t-shirts you may redesign your t-shirt yourself and apply every picture
– create the hot glue waterfall that will be a great decoration hack for your home
– make super cool high heels cap to run on the grass like a rabbit
– create a cute rose – incredible nail polish remover hack – you can create jewelry that will suit your personal taste and style – add grip to the bottoms of slippery shoes
– make your own pair of flip flops, just take your real slippers to make a contour
– Are you ready for a super easy DIY jewelry tutorial? You will learn how to create fabulous necklaces in minutes! Create a pattern with a glue gun, paint it with any color you like. We have chosen black and red colors. Add twine or ribbon to wrap the choker around the neck. Ready!

00:09 Hot glue phone case
01:50 Protect your computer
03:09 Organize your makeup tools
09:37 Hot glue jewelry
15:08 Hot glue basket

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